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A Day in the Life by [ profile] rimedio Rec
2200 words. G. Just your everyday guy, er gal, er whatever, going to work, sitting in meetings, crushing on their co-worker... it's starting to sound familiar.

This is the fic that was written for me. I requested some sort of queering of this song because I really love it a lot, it's so catchy, but the lyrics just give me the eye-twitch. Tech guy and receptionist girl? Really? And she says no to his offer of soda because it will make her fat? Ugh. And the whole tone of it is very Nice Guy TM. So I wanted something that would fix that. Making the characters queer in some way or at the very least switching up their jobs and leaving out the line about getting fat. This does just what I was hoping my author would do if they chose this fandom. Very cute.

Hark! A Vagrant

I Am Acton Bell's Metaphorical Manhood by [personal profile] xenakis Rec
1600 words. Teen. "Is interpretive dance the new hot thing in Gothic Literature, and nobody told me?"

OMG BRONTES!!! This was pretty hilarious.

The Squid Is a Metaphor by [personal profile] newredshoes
2300 words. G. There can be no secrets on a pirate ship. Nor, perhaps, should there be.

Oh, I love the pirates. This was funny, but I found it hard to follow, so I didn't feel like I was really getting it.

Well This Is Just Weird by [ profile] snacklepop Rec
3300 words. G. Holmes needs Watson's help with a very strange case indeed.

Watsons! This was fun and very meta. I especially loved Holmes mistaking Watson for Gay Watson.


Routine by [ profile] rushin_doll
1700 words. Teen. Helen/Deneve. Even the most comfortable routines can stand to get shaken up from time to time.

I liked this okay, but it felt like it didn't know what it wanted to be. It was a modern-day AU, but that wasn't explored at all. It was clearly some sort of modern story where they were still Claymores, but most of the word count went to describing things like their clothes and Deneve's apartment and ordering Chinese food, stuff to convey the modern-day setting. The actual story could have easily been set within the canon universe, so it felt kind of odd and pointless. I also wasn't that fond of the style (I have little patience for description unless it's coming from the POV character).


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