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Lots of short reviews. Mostly [community profile] kink_bingo and [ profile] lgbtfest this time...

Chronicles of Narnia

Putting the Natives at Ease by [ profile] burntcopper
2300 words. No parent wants to know this about their children.

Hmm. So, okay. It's been like twenty years since I've read the Narnia books, but didn't the kids die at the end? But this is a story about them as adults... I followed someone's rec because it was said to be a fic about the kids through their parents' eyes, and it is, but it's not what I expected and I kind of want the fic I actually expected, which was something less AU. Anyway! This is still interesting. ETA: Okay, people tell me they were late teens/early twenties when they died, so this is not AU, but it is still not what I wanted, either. XD

due South

Thirty-Two Mississippi, Thirty-Three Mississippi by [personal profile] helens78 Rec+
1100 words. Explicit. Ray's not good at being patient at the best of times, but with a full bladder and the promise of upcoming sex, he's less patient than usual. Fraser may look patient, but that doesn't mean he's looking forward to the payoff any less.

Really hot watersports fic. I loved this.

Moving Towards by [personal profile] helens78 Rec
1000 words. Explicit. When Ray's desperate, he's willing to beg. And when Ray's begging, it makes Fraser desperate.

IMO begging is always good and this has lots of it. :D Also I have to say, betaing all these due South fics has actually made me start liking due South a bit. I still don't really like Fraser, but while I really, really like Ray K, or at least [personal profile] helens78's Ray K, since I can't actually compare it to canon characterisation.


Texts From Last Night - I'd Gouge Out my Eyes If I Thought It Would Make Your Clothes Less Heinous by [ profile] ohladybegood Rec
800 words. PG-13. Kurt and Mercedes text throughout the day. They pretty much hate everyone, except each other.

This is a story told all in text messages between Kurt and Mercedes and it's just adorable. I really love their friendship.

Harry Potter

If You Can Keep Your Head When All About You... by [ profile] verus_janus
4700 words. Mature. Severus uses will and magic to bring body and soul together when he is very young, but then he needs to negotiate his fearful secret.

I am very interested in ftm!Snape, so I was hopeful about this, but while it was interesting, it was often so vague I really couldn't tell what was going on. Just not a fan of the writing style at all.

On Paper by [ profile] atdelphi Rec
1400 words. G. The curious authority of paper and ink.

N'aww! Alastor Moody as a wee trans boy.

Cast Your Own by [ profile] minkhollow
3900 words. Teen. Blaise doesn't fit in anyone's boxes.

Interesting fic following mtf!Blaise through all seven years at Hogwarts. I liked the look at canon events through Blaise's eyes, though at some points it felt a bit summaryish.

Wilby Wonderful

If You Have a Hammer by [personal profile] helens78
1100 words. Teen. It might just be time to start building a life again. Fortunately, Dan knows a very good handyman.

I wouldn't have read this if I hadn't betaed, because it's not a fandom I know, but it's a cute fic and I want to watch the movie now. :D


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