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due South/Castle

Thanks for Everything by [personal profile] helens78 Rec
6100 words. Explicit. When Fraser has a strange reaction to a Richard Castle book, Ray's determined to figure out why. Castle's in Chicago on a book tour, so Ray can even ask the man himself. But Castle doesn't just want to talk about Fraser... in fact, he doesn't just want to talk, period.

Me? Reccing a crossover? Yes, I am. And for two shows I've never seen, no less! Maybe that's why I was able to roll with it so easily, though there's also the fact that they're both pretty much set in the real world, so having people meet up is not as odd as for many fandoms. Anyway! I like both the characters here, and really enjoyed it.

Jude Law/Ewan McGregor RPF

Backup by [personal profile] cesare Rec
700 words. Explicit. Possibly the late hours, the gentlemen callers and the tight and shiny tops ought to have been a bit of a giveaway, but Ewan honestly didn't twig to it that his flatmate was a rentboy til he walked in on him sucking some geezer off.

This was written for me! :D (Sadly, this is a fandom which is almost entirely written by me or for me. Why do they not get more love!?) Anyway, this is angsty! And has rentboys! And I loled at Jude's "Look at me. Why would I ever take a day job?"


John and Sherlock Make a Baby (From Stuff They Find Around the Flat) by [ profile] annlarimer & [ profile] crantz Rec
2500 words. PG-13. Jesus Christ, it's a babyfic - GET IN THE CAR.

I'm really not reading Sherlock for the most part, but I couldn't resist the combination of this title and [ profile] annlarimer, who is always hilarious. Anyway, this is total crack and there is no actual mpreg involved. Just Mycroft.

Black Hole and Revelation by [ profile] unsentimentalf
5600 words. R. John finds out something about his flatmate that he really didn't want to know.

Apparently I also had one more Sherlock fic bookmarked to read! Anyway, the plot here is that John finds out Sherlock is gay and has a rather homophobic overreaction. I like the premise and found it quite plausible thanks to the way the show is always reinforcing how totally not gay John is. The writing left me underwhelmed, though. I didn't like the style (too many pretentious sentence fragments) and found it overall to be rather heavy-handed, so although there are a couple sequels, I don't think I'll be bothering with them. I was really glad that neither this fic nor the sequels have John and Sherlock getting together, though.

Stargate: Atlantis

Watch and See by [personal profile] secondsilk Rec
1200 words. Explicit. John asks, so Ronon acquiesces, but he hadn't been expecting this.

Ooh, I really liked this! I love that John is trans, too, and that they've found each other. I also really like the hints we get at Satedan culture. I'm definitely interested in seeing more of these two.

If We Were a Movie by [personal profile] busaikko Rec
2600 words. Teen. Jennifer and Rodney don't want to take the next step in their relationship without John, which is perhaps not the best conversation to have while babysitting Madison.

Awww! This is cute and funny and awkward (negotiating a relationship with these three should never be other than awkward). ♥


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