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Trying to post a batch of Yuletide stuff every day. :)

Better Off Ted

Mengage a Folle by [personal profile] minim_calibre
1800 words. Teen. Sometimes, things happen in ways that make perfect sense, if you've got the right metaphor to figure them out.

Cute. There were some bits that really, really sounded spot-on, but it was uneven, which really hampered my enjoyment. With a fandom like this you really need to have the voice down 100& of the time, IMO.

Veridian Beauty by [ profile] htbthomas
1700 words. G. At Veridian Dynamics, we're putting the future leaders of tomorrow to work!

Man, I love Veronica and Rose together, so I really wanted to love this, but it had even less of a handle on the tone than the previous fic. :-/

In the Middle of Everything by [ profile] stephmuji
1300 words. G. "Is it the fact that you have been watching us from the skies and now have come to take your revenge?"

That first fic is looking better and better. >_< This one was first-person POV and that just served to emphasise how off the writing was. There were a couple places that sounded like Ted, but mostly not. And the dialogue for other characters wasn't very good, either.

Advent of Veronica by [ profile] fresne Rec
2900 words. Teen. One first day of Advent, Veronica sent a memo because she loved Christmas. By which she meant presents. Rampant office supply re-gifting ensued.

This was definitely the best of the lot. It's Veronica's POV and the author has Veronica's voice down really well. I loved Linda and the creamer and Phil & Lem's themed gifts. Quite a few typos, though. :-/


Athena by [personal profile] callie Rec
400 words. G. “Ladies, ladies.” Amber’s voice echoed from the bathrooms. “I would like to introduce Athena.”

Oh, it's a Treat written for meeeeee! :D This is just the sort of thing I was hoping for with my prompt. I really loved this exchange:

“I just don’t see why being a girl makes you want to buy into all this patriarchal crap. You can be a girl without playing into some corporate driven ideal of beauty.”

Athena smiled at the mirror. “I don’t need it. I’m just experimenting. Besides, no-one’s going to doubt you’re a girl however you dress, but they will with me.”

Will would totally say stuff like that, but I'm glad that Athena didn't stand for it and Becca and Amber backed her up. ♥


Watch It Come Back Around by [ profile] miss_bennie
3500 words. Teen. Holly J. Sinclair tackles life at Degrassi without Jane - and it's harder than she thought it would be.

Jane is a character from previous seasons who's not on this current season, so I don't know her, but I still enjoyed this fic a lot.


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