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Battlestar Galactica

Into Your Hands by [personal profile] helens78 Rec
2900 words. Explicit. Sam's been locked up in this prison with Leoben for weeks, but he's running out of denial--and Leoben is very, very good with his hands.

This one I feel like I am missing quite a bit because I don't really know BSG (though I have picked up quite a bit through fannish osmosis), but I still really liked it a lot. I think if I had actually watched the show I would rate it even higher.

Big Bang Theory

Kiss a Guilty World in Love by [personal profile] gloss Rec+
400 words. He gave her pale-green plastic clip-on earrings, then a blue scarf, next a sample size bottle of Jean Nate bath splash.

This was written for my prompt of "Sheldon and Meemaw" for the transfic fest, and I was totally thinking of Sheldon as trans, so something like this never even occurred to me, but it's so, so awesome. I love Sheldon and his Meemaw and I love that he's the one to see her for who she is.

Your Logic Is Flawed by [personal profile] glinda Rec
1300 words. She’s not surprised by his reaction, she purposefully hadn’t told him because she knew he’d take it like this. She’s dated a grand total of one guy who took it well and then he went and screwed it up by writing about their sex life on the internet. After that she felt Leonard couldn’t exactly talk about feeling betrayed and having his trust abused.

Another one from the transfic fest. I love Penny & Sheldon friendship almost as much as I love Sheldon & Meemaw and this is just perfectly them.

due South

The Perfect Evening (That Much Is True) by [personal profile] helens78
6600 words. Mature. When Ray meets a really good-looking guy at a Las Vegas bar and agrees to go upstairs with him, he knows there are going to be complications, but he doesn't realize how deep those complications go.

This is one that really needs more fandom knowledge than I have to be appreciated. I definitely recommend it to due South fans; it just didn't really do anything for me.

Sherlock Holmes

It Comes Naturally by [ profile] sinuous_curve
25,400 words. Teen. On a cool Thursday in early September, Watson descended the wide stairs of 221 Baker Street, still yawning away the last of a fitful night's sleep, and found her friend and partner, Sherlock Holmes, sitting at the breakfast table and intently reading a letter. The missive was several pages worth of cramped, dense handwriting and was already spattered lightly with what, at a cursory glance, appeared to be tea.

Watson is a women who has chosen to disguise her sex and live as a gentleman.

This is a gen casefile story with a subplot about Holmes finding out Watson is a woman. Unfortunately the case is not that interesting. The Watson plot is, though, so I think it's worth reading for that if you find that sort of thing interesting. It's tagged as "genderqueer character" and in their author's notes on LJ the author said they thought if Watson were alive today she would ID as such, but I couldn't tell from the text what made her genderqueer as opposed to just living as a man for the freedom it provided. Either way, I do like this Watson a lot.

The other thing (besides the mystery being meh) that keeps me from full-on reccing this is that it had a lot of typos (there's even one in the summary...). :-/

Roll Away Your Stone by [ profile] foxxcub
40,000 words. NC-17. Seventeen-year-old John Watson is set to finish his final year of school with a flourish, until the headmaster assigns John as a "tutor" to an arrogant, yet brilliant new student named Sherlock Holmes. Holmes is not about to be put in his place by this popular rugby player with the too-blue eyes, and John isn't going to let this impulsive fifteen-year-old get away with anything. Neither expects to become friends, but a series of unexpected events and a possible murder mystery bring them closer together than either of them thought possible.

This is cute. A bit of a slow-starter, but once it got going, I enjoyed it quite a bit. It felt a little too modern and I'm not sure I totally bought the characterisations of Holmes and Watson, but neither was enough to really interfere with my enjoyment.

Stargate: Atlantis

When God Left the Ground by [personal profile] busaikko Rec
7800 words. PG. Non-Stargate high school AU apocafic. Ronon thought his world had ended in the outbreaks, but then he was sent to Atlantis Academy.

For a post-apocalyptic story, this was surprisingly cute. XD I'm really glad to see more John/Ronon AUs like this lately.
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Battlestar Galactica

A Difference of Two by [personal profile] helens78 Rec
3300 words. Mature. When one of the Leobens challenges Anders to a one-on-one game of Pyramid, Anders takes him up on it. But Pyramid's a contact sport, and bruises aren't the only marks Leoben's leaving.

I'm not really familiar with BSG and only read this because I was betaing it, but I enjoyed it quite a bit. Someday I should watch BSG.

due South

You Don't Hate It (Then You Don't Hate It) by [personal profile] helens78 Rec
6500 words. Explicit. When Fraser and Ray need information about a missing musician, Ray sneaks them into a party where some old friends of Ray's are hanging out. It turns out one of them might have some information, but Lew Ashby isn't the kind of guy to let information slip without getting something of his own, and Ashby doesn't want money. Problem is, Ray doesn't trust Ashby completely, so he asks Fraser to step into the room with them and watch his back. And Ashby says Fraser can watch anything he wants...

This is a crossover with Californication, which I am also unfamiliar with, but you really don't need to know any canon there, except that Ashby is played by the same actor who plays Ray. Anyway, this is a sort of "undercover gay" scenario, which is not usually a cliche I like (both because it often goes hand in hand with Gay For You, but also because like Aliens Made Them Do It, it's them being forced together by circumstances, which is not my preferred way of getting characters together), but while the undercover sexing is what gets Ray and Fraser together, they are both already queer, so perhaps that's why I enjoyed this more. Also I was surprised by how much I liked Fraser here. It's in his POV and he's actually really funny.

Sherlock Holmes

Ablutions by [personal profile] damned_colonial Rec
950 words. PG. Holmes hasn't been home for two days. When Watson finds him, he's a mess, and Watson won't be seen in public with him unless he cleans himself up.

Yet another installment in the asexual!dom!Holmes series, though this one focuses more on Watson's desire to serve Holmes rather than Holmes actually being dommy.

Stargate: Atlantis

Constructing Wings to Fly by [personal profile] reddwarfer Rec
1400 words. PG. John never expected a disastrous job interview to be one of the best things to happen to him.

Cute high school/college AU where John and Rodney are both trans guys. :D

Want You (To Find Me) by [personal profile] busaikko Rec
1800 words. NC-17. The beer and the game and this conversation are exactly the terrible kind of seduction he would have expected from John.

Oooooh, non-AU fic where Ronon is ftm. I enjoyed this story a lot, but it also made me really want to know more about Satedan culture in this regard. So someone should write that. :D

Culture Thing by [personal profile] sabinetzin Rec
800 words. NC-17. Dating an alien: it's harder- and easier- than it looks.

Another John/Ronon fic. I liked this a lot. I love stories where people aren't perfectly in sync, but they make it work anyway.

Sarah Connor Chronicles

Out on the Wire by [personal profile] lithiumdoll Rec
60,600 words. Teen. Post-Born to Run, it's a long walk home.

This is a really amazing (and really long) fic that essentially functions as a third season. I enjoyed it a lot and found it fairly plausible, but as it neared the end I was feeling more and more dissatisfied. I am still reccing it because I think it's very much worth reading, but I feel like the ending was kind of a let-down.

Spoilery stuff I liked and disliked. )

Hmm. I don't know. I did like it, but I think I went into it hoping it would be The Fic, the one that wrapped everything up for me and felt enough like canon that I could be satisfied, but instead it was just a fic. A well-written one, and an interesting one, but not something that had me going "omg this is my canon now!"

The Simpsons

What Remains by [personal profile] geonncannon Rec+
600 words. She closes her eyes and imagines she was sitting on the stairs again, watching her father sit with Mr. Flanders in the living room. She remembers her father's anger. "What happened to Marge, the thing that killed her! You won't find that in some book!"

Yes, it's a Supernatural fusion and it is so awesome. Very Simpsons. I love the little meta bits.


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