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This morning I went to the store and saw they had brownie mix on sale for $1, so I got one, along with a thing of frosting.

1. Though the box claimed to be chocolate chunk brownies, there were no chunks, not even tiny ones. I was not terribly annoyed because it was just $1 (and the plain ones were the same price) and I wasn't dead set on having chunks, so whatever. Still, I should have taken it as a sign.

2. The tasted the frosting and it was nasty. I haven't had canned frosting in a long time, but I used to like it. This was just gross, though, so I tossed the whole thing (at least it was only $1.79).

3. I put the brownies in too big a pan and they were so thin about an inch around each edge was hard as a rock. The middle was okay, but by then I was pretty disspirited.

But when I told Bruce, he said he'd make me homemade brownies when he got home. :D He did and they turned out really good. I had a smallish one, probably less than 2" square (and about an inch thick) and it made me a bit queasy it was so rich. I'll have to have a smaller one next time. Really, really delicious, though.


[ profile] busaikko made me audiofic of Life!! She also recorded the sequel, so I linked to the post, which has mp3s of both.

This is very exciting! No one has ever made audiofic of anything I wrote! (I have only listened to the first couple minutes, though, because it was surprisingly embarrassing to hear someone else read my writing! I will have to ease into it.)

This story has prompted a whole host of firsts. If I'd known it would be so popular, I would have written about transgender homeless kids ages ago! XD I mean, come on, this is fandom. This is exactly the sort of story I would have thought would be met with dead silence outside of my flist, but it's officially my most popular story. O_o Comments are onto the third page and it's approaching fifty saves on I mean...this is not anywhere near normal for me. I'm excited when one person saves something on!

Also, I tried doing a phone post of me reading a bit of Life and it was as loltastic as I'd anticipated, so I deleted it (also 'cause it cut me off in the middle of reading, wtf). I appear to be physically incapable of enunciating, run words together, and drop the s and ed off the ends of words, among other bad habits. And that's just how I talk in general. With reading, you have to add nervousness and not knowing when to pause for breath (I move away from the mic to breathe).

Though it anyone's really interested, I'll record it again, and just make sure to read a shorter section so it doesn't cut me off (I guess maybe the limit is five minutes or something).


And speaking of wriitng, this is the Official September Fic Request Post. The deadline for my last script here is Wednesday, so I figure later in the week/this weekend I can relax by writing some ficlets.

I cannot guarantee I will do everyone's request, depending on how many people comment. I won't be doing first come, first serve, though, so don't think you can't comment if you see a lot of others already have (normally I think first come, first serve is fairest, but because of time differences, eh, not so much). I think what I'll be doing is just picking at random and trying to pick a variety of fandoms and pairings (I was pleased that last time out of nine requests, there were seven different fandoms and the two SGA ones were different pairings).

Last time I asked for no angst because I felt like I'd done nothing but downer fics for the past few months, but this time there are no such restrictions! Just give me a fandom, character or pairing, and some sort of prompt (it can be vague or very specific). However, while I was able to write a fic using Grindelwald/Dumbledore, kittens, and rainbows last time (and was actually pleased with it), please, no deliberately difficult requests. XD

So request away and give me something to look forward to once I finish this script (which is actually more interesting than the previous two, to its credit).


Oh yeah, and I made this icon the other day.


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