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I have, in the past, been assigned people I have never heard of, people whose names I've seen around fandom, and even people on my flist with whom I am not particularly close. Until this year, I had never been assigned a close friend, much less someone with whom I am in chat for a good chunk of the day every day. [personal profile] telesilla is one of my closest online friends. I was in chat with her the very moment the assignments arrived in our inboxes. Of course she immediately told me who she'd gotten. I said "oh, I got someone I've never heard of" and then proceeded to not talk about my remix at all all those weeks except in the vaguest of terms (it's not going well! I started one idea and then switched back to the original idea! etc.), and let me tell you, it was hard. While I of course don't talk publically about secret exchange assignments, I always talk about them with my close friends in chat (that is one reason [personal profile] telesilla, [profile] codenamecesare, and I all made sure to get on the same McShep Match team).

So I was worried that Ruth would be suspicious of me. Apparently she wasn't, though as soon as she read the remix, she guessed it was me. I wasn't surprised about that. I never try to hide my style in secret exchanges, and Remix in particular is to me about redoing someone else's story your way, so of course it's going to be pretty obvious. But I am pleased that I managed to keep the secret the whole time.

I'm not going to do line-by-line commentary for this, but I do want to talk about it. This will probably get long. XD

It did indeed get long. )

Oof. I can't believe I just rambled for 1700 words. Why can't I bang out fic that fast...? XD

Anyway! [personal profile] telesilla and [personal profile] secondsilk both guessed it was me, so please give me a fandom/pairing and prompt and I will attempt to write you something of an indeterminate length, but probably under 500 words.

And anyone has questions or comments on the fic, please feel free to ask here. :)

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