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So apparently I've felt like reading fic a lot lately? idk.

Harry Potter

Souvenirs and Lost Luggage by [personal profile] girl_tarte Rec
5900 words. PG. In 2003, Petunia leaves Little Whinging for good. It is four years before she can talk about it.

The Dursleys are so over the top in canon, they really don't fit with the rest of the story. It's like for those sections, she's telling a fairytale, but for the rest it's a more realistic story. It's not just that the Dursleys are bad people, but they're bad people in a way that is ver cartoon-y, so I really like fics that try to humanise them. Not erase all their flaws and make them perfect, but make them more realistic. This does a really great job of that with Petunia.

Dudley Dursley and the Elusive Difference by [ profile] kahvi Rec
4800 words. R. Dudley is intersex, outwardly appearing male. Vernon and Petunia choose to keep this fact from everyone. Even Dudley.

Another one that doesn't make the Dursleys less horrible, just makes them more human. I liked this a lot, and I especially like that things aren't wrapped up all neat and tidy at the end. (And I'm always amazed at fics (especially this long!) that manage to avoid using pronouns altogether and still feel natural.)

Unity by [ profile] notalwaysweak Rec
4400 words. Teen. Scorpius feels more at home in his Animagus form than in human form. Al likes boys instead of girls. And Rosie's more in love with knowledge than with people. Sometimes people don't fit into the places expected of them.

Having a boy/boy/girl friend trio feels kind of like trying to do Harry/Ron/Hermione all over again, but I do like these three together, and aside from Rose being The Smart One who helps the two boys with their studies, their personalities are different enough that it doesn't feel like a clone of H/R/H. This has a bit of Al/Scorpius, but mostly it's a friendship story touching on various issues of growing up. I enjoyed it.

Sherlock Holmes

Intemperance by [personal profile] basingstoke Rec+
17,800. Mature. "Intemperance," a story from the secret journals of Doctor John H. Watson, intimate friend and long-time companion of the infamous Sherlock Holmes: A most curious and instructive report of the great man's improbable fecundation, gestation, and parturition.

The fic already has well over a hundred comments, so I'm sure most people who might be interested have already read it, but I will rec it all the same! I clicked on it because I am interested in Holmes transfic, and it was excellent in that regard (I really love how everything was handled), but my absolute favorite part was Mary. How so awesome? This Watson is prudish and easily shocked and Mary is just the opposite (omg the ending, ha; I love the idea of Mary going off and having adventures with Holmes, too). This is such a great mesh of books and movie, too. It's not Holmes/Watson, but Holmes is queer and while John is straighty mcstraighterson with eyes only for Mary, the story is from his oblivious POV, so there is certainly room to see Holmes as having a thing for Watson (and I can't see movie!Holmes not). Anyway, I highly recommend this to anyone with the slightest Holmes knowledge. It's a really great story.


I'm Your Villain by [ profile] fleshflutter Rec+
2900 words. NC-17. The only thing of the old life that Dean keeps is Crowley, and that's only because he can't figure out how to get rid of him.

Wow, this was very cool. I haven't seen more than a couple eps of S6, but so I haven't been too interested in SPN fic lately, but this seems to be written just after the end of S5. I love how things slowly progress between Dean and Crowley as Dean makes deal after deal.
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Iron Man

Successful Secrets of the Sexual Kind by [personal profile] atrata Rec+
2800 words. Five times they don't have sex, and think about it anyway.

This is cute and hot and pretty much the best thing ever. This is totally my canon now. They totally fantasise about each other like this.

Almost No One Makes It Out by [personal profile] atrata Rec+
28,000 words. What would have happened if Tony hadn't been born filthy rich? A military AU.

Okay, everyone and their mother has already recced this fic, and for good reason. It is just that awesome. It's an AU of the first movie, and Tony is not the wealthy playboy of canon, but just an ordinary guy. He's still Tony, though; there's just a lot fewer people willing to take his shit. I really loved how well thought out this was, how everything is different, but the same. And most of all, I loved the scene with Tony's trial, which had me literally laughing out loud.

Foundation by [personal profile] musesfool
600 words. "I like your freckles."

Adorable Tony/Pepper UST.


If On a Winter's Night a Fangirl by [ profile] trinityofone Rec+
12,300 words. "Chuck," Becky said, slowly and carefully and very, very seriously. "I think someone is trying to communicate with us through the fanfic."

Wow. *flails* This is seriously like one of the best things I've ever read. It's hilarious and meta (not just meta in the whole Becky and Chuck way but about fandom and the internet in general) and so, so good. XD I love Becky here. Even if you cringed at her on the show, she is awesome here. The first half of the story was funny, but it's not til the big reveal that things really get going. I want to quote so many things, so many spoilery things! This is best read unspoiled, though. Seriously! (Or should I say srsly? LOL)

Spoilers!! )

Original Fic

Define Me with a Knife by [personal profile] eisen Rec+
7100 words. Teenage girls are petty creatures. And I'm definitely including myself in that statement.

This is very awesome. It reads just like a shounen manga, to the degree that I was actually envisioning page layouts as I was reading it. It's a harsh post-apocalyptic world filled with odd creatures and a dwindling band of teenagers, including the narrator, who died and was brought back by a creature called Gev in exchange for her eye. It's really well-written and sucks you right in.
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Harry Potter

By Sulfur and Salt by [personal profile] elf Rec
16,000 words. Snape's idyllic life with Lily is disrupted when the Ministry of Magic takes an interest in them.

This is a really interesting premise and it's one of those things where I really wish I could have gone into it completely unspoiled, but the pairings, tags, and fest info in the header give enough info that I could guess what was going on very quickly. Spoilerish ) I really liked the details of the potions and the minor characters (who weren't onscreen very often but were well-characterised when they were there). Not sure why Snape was randomly alive and no one thought it odd; that was never explained, so I guess just one of those random AUs (why was that not tagged for? Or is Snarry fandom like TPM where it's so common to AU that you note when he does die? I don't think I've read a lot of Snarry that was written post-DH).

The reason I clicked on it was that it was tagged transsexual and I check through the trans tags on AO3 every once in a while to gather new fics for my master list. Not everything people tag as trans* qualifies for my list. A lot of times it's clear from the summary or characters that it's appropriate, but other times I have to read or skim the fic to figure it out. In this case, it turned out that no one was trans (I had hoped from Petunia's wording at the beginning that maybe Snape was ftm, but no), so I am a little irked that the tag was used, but on the other hand, I likely would not have seen it if it hadn't been tagged like that, so...

Stargate: Atlantis

Dulce Domum by [personal profile] busaikko Rec
2600 words. Jennifer would be the first to admit that she'd never planned on a life that looked like this, but it worked.

I really liked this. It's John, Rodney, and Keller in a poly relationship, but John is asexual. And it's not about trying to make it a sexual relationship, just about John living with them and them being a family. It's one of the most canon fics I've ever read.


Gunning for the Buddha by [personal profile] busaikko Rec+
1500 words. "Ain't gonna be no redemption," Dean said, breathing in long. "Reckon I. Well." He waved his hand, describing a circle. "End of the world, right. So put them on." Episode tag for 5x04

This is hilarious and hot and just really, really awesome. I love Dean's voice here. I love the little details. (I loved this line: Maybe older Dean did guys a lot more often, but he should remember that the 2009 model of him was in a pretty much long straight phase ever since Dad had -- ever since Dad.) And I really loved the ending. I'm even more impressed that such a well-written fic was done in such a short time (within hours of the episode airing). I'm not normally one for doppelganger sex, but this really worked.

Ask What Answer Can I Find by [personal profile] alexseanchai Rec
500 words. Susan Talley remembers her brother.

This is just a quick glimpse at Jake's sister's reaction to his death, but I really liked it. It makes me want a whole bunch more fic about her and about Jake.

Winnie the Pooh

And Is There Honey Still for Tea? by [ profile] tryfanstone Rec
19,000 words. If you happen to have read another book about Edward Bear, you may remember that he lived with his friends in a wood called the Hundred Acre Wood. It was a small wood, and small things happened, the kind of things that happen to bears in places where even if elevenses are late there is always a little something for tea. This isn't that story.

Wow, this worked really, really well. When I first saw there was a Winnie the Pooh apocafic, I was like um, okay, but then I started reading and was like ooh, yes! It makes perfect sense for the time period.

I was eyerolly at the footnotes, though.
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Hmm, I'm tired of long fics. Time to take a break from Big Bang and read some Remix maybe.

I've Seen the Future, Brother (It Is Murder) by [ profile] kroki_refur 4/5 Recommended
37,500 words. It’s May second, and tomorrow is the first day of the end of the world, but Dean doesn’t know that.
Awesome. )

And God, I Know I'm One by [ profile] newredshoes 1/5
20,000 words. So Sam is willing to let his younger brother find their missing dad all by himself, but when his fiancee Jessica disappears, he'll drop his position at a D.C. law firm and hit the road to hunt again? Fine. Whatever. Dean can deal with that, just like he can deal with the strange dreams and crippling headaches. The demons, though? That part he doesn't want to do alone.
Nothing more than a 20,000 word partial summary of a promising AU. Why is there not a warning for THIS? )
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One Big Bang and a couple others. All recs! Amazing.

As I Descend the Stair by [ profile] busaikko 4/5 Recommended
5900 words. Life, as it flashes before the eyes: "I don't know how to be what anybody expects --" and Sam's hand draws a sharp head-to-toe line -- "but I was halfway to figuring out how to be me."
Finally an SPN transfic that's not about Dean! )

Dead Soldiers: An Oral History of the End Times by [ profile] fryadvocate 5/5 Recommended
43,400 words. Although much has been written about the sociological and theological importance of the "End Times War", there has been much less written about the individuals directly involved. Using interviews with primary sources, this paper seeks to examine how Dean and Sam Winchester, two criminals with a history of violence and petty theft, became commonly known as a prophet of the Lord and the Anti-Christ.
How could you not want to read it with that summary? In a word: awesome. )

Accidents Will Happen by [ profile] holli 4/5 Recommended
6400 words. Some Goth teenagers accidentally resurrect John Winchester. No, seriously.
Hilarious. )
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Black Soul Choir by [ profile] busaikko 5/5 Recommended
Supernatural. 25,400 words. The Winchesters' dying thoughts on shaping your own destiny and making deals; in which Mary is a hunter, John is a father, Dean is a transsexual man, and Sam is pretty happy being Dean's B-side. Featuring 4 hunters, 3 deals with the devil, 2 brothers, 1 blessing, and 1 curse.
This is just amazing. )

The Violet Hour by [ profile] zooey_glass04 3/5
5500 words. In the bright glare of the overhead light it's impossible to ignore what he's been seeing all along: the broad, masculine shape of his sister's shoulders underneath the jacket.
Better than the other one that used this prompt, but my like never quite became love. )

Three Shots Fired by [ profile] jargonelle 2/5
3000 words. Jo tries to find her place in the hunting community.
I wanted to like this more, because Jo! But alas. )

Bloody Knuckles by [ profile] chasingtides 2/5
3800 words. Sam never figured a bar fight in Nowheresville, Tennessee would lead to learning so much about his brother - or the hunting community.
Exactly the sort of thing I dread from this fest: the exposition-heavy coming-out story. )

Caught My Heart in the Middle of a Feeling by [ profile] beckaandzac 4/5 Recommended
5900 words. Sam goes looking for new friends and finds something he never would have expected.
Cute. )
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Just a handful of short fics here. I really have not been reading a lot of fic lately. I need something to suck me back in...

Untitled by [ profile] lunabee34 3/5
300 words. Most of Eldon Thompson's left cheekbone is ground into Jo's low ponytail.
Enjoyable. )

Wind from the North-North-West by [ profile] tabaqui 5/5 Recommended
300 words. Megan scrubbed the towel through her hair - looked at the girl in the mirror. New girl - pretty girl. Girl who was going places, doing things - not running away, just....
Oh, oh, oh, love. )

Lazarus Falling by [ profile] rivkat 3/5
1300 words. Castiel smiled, dimpled and guileless. Dean wished he hadn't. "I am commanded to make you fit for what is to come."
Interesting, though not as much so as I'd hoped. )

Family Resemblance by [ profile] fryadvocate 3/5
1400 words. Dean's first three years of life.
The summary talks about Dean, but this is really a story about Mary (incorporating the new info from S4). )
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All right, I had a request to do some [ profile] spn_j2_bigbang stuff. I read three and didn't get any recs and by then I really wanted something shorter, so I read a couple of old ones I had tagged on delicious for ages (I really like being able to reverse sort). And wow, the one rec I did find is one of those rare stories I'd rate higher than a 5+ if I could. So awesome.

Into His Hand by [ profile] drvsilla 3/5
50,500 words. JR Ackles is a professional bullrider at the top of his game. He's got one thing on his mind: winning the championship belt buckle and the right to call himself the best in the world. His unwavering dedication and focus is finally put to the test in the form of JT Padalecki, an up-and-coming rider new to the professional ranks, who has his sights set on winning the PBR finals - and Jensen. Cowboys ride and get by on grit and tough determination - the question facing Jensen is if they have to do it alone.
Reads sort of like a modern day, happy ending Brokeback Mountain. Interesting look at cowboys, but it never really hooked me. )

The Learning Curve at Wakefield High by [ profile] aynslee 2/5 - Didn't finish
22,200 words. When Jared accepts the job at Wakefield High, he expects the usual problems: lazy students, meddlesome parents, and an air conditioner that barely functions in the Texas heat. But he doesn't expect his biggest problem, which comes in the form of his new boss - Principal Jensen Ackles.
I love school AUs in theory, whether they're about students or teachers, but in practice they're often not my thing, so while I was hopeful when I bookmarked this, I'm not terribly surprised that I didn't end up finishing it. )

Receiver by [ profile] dotfic 3/5
21,700 words. In the wake of the events of "Fresh Blood," Sam and Dean find a hunt: a family whose youngest child has a monster in his closet. The Winchesters know exactly how to deal with monsters, but this hunt is a little too familiar. Sam starts to unravel while Dean's show falters.
Felt like it could be an episode...but one of those episodes I don't like quite as much. Too much emphasis on family/brothers and too little on horror. )

Skinning Schrodinger's Cat by [ profile] lyra_wing 3/5
3500 words. Sam travels back in time to try and fix things.
This is one of those rare fics that actually reads *better* after further canon, rather than getting jossed. )

My Mother Was a Tailor by [ profile] traveller 5/5 Recommended
2800 words. She checks her lips in the bronze mirror, makes sure the red is even and not bleeding out at the edges; she makes a pout and gets a blurry kiss reflected back. She dabs a little perfume on the beauty mark on her cheekbone, wets her hands with the pitcher and smoothes her hair.
Wow, this is so very, very cool. Love the writing, the atmosphere, the ambiguity. Should absolutely be read without spoilers. )
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True Blue by [ profile] firedragon9 1/5
Fall Out Boy. 1300 words. Patrick isn't thrilled with cameras in his face, but he does like being able to hold Pete's hand in public, so he figures it's worth it.
Oh man. Bad. )

Dorothy and Ozma in Oz by [ profile] biichan 2/5
Wizard of Oz. 1300 words. Dorothy finds out that there are still ways in which her best friend can startle her.
Doesn't really feel like a story. )

Immutability by [ profile] miramiraficfic 3/5
Harry Potter. 1200 words. Miss Bones has a problem Minerva doesn't think she can solve. She's more right than she realizes.
Enjoyable, though suffers a bit from the same problem as the one above. )

Like Any Other Night by [ profile] rose71 2/5
Harry Potter. 2500 words. Remus has just come out. So why is everyone still talking about Quidditch?
Cute, but clunky. )

Learn as You Go by [ profile] marinarusalka 4/5 Recommended
Supernatural. 2300 words. John comes home to find Dean on the couch with a boy.
Definitely believable. )
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Intersecting Circles by [ profile] amchara 3/5
1700 words. It might be a big country, but it's still small enough for Jo to run into Dean Winchester.
Enjoyable. )

Five Times Jo Almost Kissed Dean (And the One Time She Did) by [ profile] quiet_rebel 3/5
1600 words. What the title says.
Cute. )

Your Six Blade Knife by [ profile] niz4 2/5
600 words. Random Bela/Dean/Sam threesome PWP.
Disappointing. )

Proof That God Hates You by [ profile] sinuous_curve 4/5 Recommended
1900 words. It was in Stoneville, Missouri that Jo began to wonder if maybe she really was on God's shit list.
Great Jo voice. )

A Notch on the Bedpost by [ profile] queencria 2/5
2800 words. Sequel to Proof That God Hates You. Jo meets up with Dean again.
Not as good as the first. )
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Wow. All recs. O_o How often does that happen?

Five Times Dean Winchester Gave a Blowjob by [ profile] ifyouweremine 5/5 Recommended
400 words. What the title says.
Wow. Just wow. )

They Do Things Differently There by [ profile] kroki_refur 5/5 Recommended
2600 words. The future changes all the time, and maybe so does the past. And then there are some things that never change at all.
Awesome, awesome fic about memory. )

Flood of Water by [ profile] sevenfists 4/5 Recommended
10,000 words. Dean gets turned into a woman and nothing they do changes him back.
Avoids 99.9% of the horrid cliches of the genre. )

Freak by [ profile] zillah975 4/5 Recommended
3800 words. Sam wants to be normal; Dean can't understand why.
Great stuff. )

Cross-country by [ profile] zillah975 4/5 Recommended
4400 words. On their way back from a hunt, John and Dean discover worse things in the woods than a vengeful spirit.
Could totally be canon. )
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I've already been reading a bunch of Deathly Hallows-based fic, and it's all been great so far. I've put the entire section under a cut, and have whited out the reviews, so that if you want to read the fics without being spoiled by the reviews, you can.

But first, there's two [ profile] spn_j2_bigbang fics I read before Deathly Hallows came out. (I doubt I'll be reading anything not HP for a little while here - sorry, non-HP folks.)

The Knuckles of the Skinnybone Tree by [ profile] hansbekhart 4/5 Recommended
26,800 words. John wanders through the desert and finds himself in the future, where he meets two mysterious hunters.
Really neat story. I loved this John. )

Spark by [ profile] pandoraiam 5/5 Recommended
24,300 words. Dean Collins is a regular Chicago firefighter. Then he meets Sam, a mysterious guy who introduces him to a world he never knew existed. You can't run from the past, even if you've forgotten what it is.
Awesome AU which makes great use of canon. )

5 HP fics with Deathly Hallows spoilers. )
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But first, I have to share this. Bruce got a spam today, one of those that's just random snippets of stuff, that included the phrase, "Are you suggesting President psychosomatic Bush sees guarantee everything in black and white". If I weren't so enamored of, I'd change my journal title to President Psychosomatic Bush. Since I'm not, I'm throwing it out there in hopes one of you will take it. It really is a journal title waiting to happen.

And now, on to the reviews. Yeah, it's a random bunch of fandoms again, because I've just been reading here and there what I've seen on my flist or on delicious, rather than choosing a fandom and sticking with it. I don't normally like to do more than one fandom per post because the tags get a bit out of hand, but oh well.

Of a Sort and A Rough Start by [ profile] ignipes 5/5 Recommended
2300 words and 5400 words. SPN/HP. Dean Winchester goes to Hogwarts.
I love this Dean so, so, so much! *_* )

Once Upon a Time by [ profile] ethrosdemon 3/5
20,400 words. SGA. In which Elizabeth is captured by the Genii, Daniel Jackson comes to Atlantis, and John falls apart.
Loved the first sections, but not so much the last one. )

Fifteen Things You Never Knew About Hogwarts by [ profile] siriaeve 3/5
1100 words. HP. Exactly what the title says.
Interesting. )

iSex by [ profile] telesilla 3/5
700 words. Joe Flanigan/David Hewlett. Joe calls David on his new iPhone.
Banter and phonesex FTW. )
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I have bookmarked like twenty fics so far for [ profile] spn_j2_bigbang. >_< Here's the first three, though, all gen.

A Season for Crows by [ profile] fryadvocate 5/5 Recommended
32,600 words. Had me hooked from the beginning. )

Last Fair Deal Gone Down by [ profile] elanurel and [ profile] wenchpixie 3/5
28,000 words. Somewhat mediocre, but enjoyable. )

Occasional Demons by [ profile] marinarusalka 3/5
26,000 words. Feels like it could be an episode. )
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I went through the fics submitted for my Imperfect Sex challenge and read the ones in fandoms I knew (which actually turned out to be most of them). It was a pretty mixed bag, but there was some good stuff, and even the ones that had problems or I didn't like still had interesting ideas.

Wake by [ profile] cesperanza 2/5
SGA, pairing withheld for spoilers. 3400 words. Interesting and in many ways so much my thing, but had one thing that kept me from really liking it. )

Worst Second Base Ever by [ profile] shrieking_ell 3/5
John, Rodney, Teyla gen. 800 words. Rodney tells about his worst time having sex. Funny stuff. )

In the Morning by [ profile] helena_s_renn 1/5
Viggo/Bean. 2200 words. Props for the subject matter, but the less said about the writing, the better. )

Spur of the Moment by [ profile] brigantine1 2/5
Viggo/Bean. 300 words. This was so close to being a 3. I like the idea a *lot*, but the writing needs work. )

Full of Grace by [ profile] nixwilliams 2/5
Supernatural RPS. 700 words. Funny, but tell-y. )

Smooth Operator by [ profile] zillah975 4/5 Recommended
SPN, Dean/Jo. 2700 words. Hilarious. )

It Ain't Hay by [ profile] witchqueen 3/5
Original f/f. 1000 words. A perfect fit for the challenge. )
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*looks at massively long list of tags on this* Maybe I should keep to one fandom per post...

And now that I've finished Beggars Would Ride, I am really going to buckle down and finish those last four days of Smutmas! *buckles* I mean, seriously, we're half-way through March already. XD

Textbook Definition by [ profile] captainlaura 2/5
Due South. 1000 words. Interesting structure, but only makes sense if you know the show. )

Law of Conservation by [ profile] lucia_tanaka 2/5
Numb3rs. 1600 words. Fairly well-written, but requires more canon knowledge than I have. )

Five Have a Magical Time by [ profile] lazy_neutrino 4/5 Recommended
Famous Five/Harry Potter. 3300 words. Perfectly smashing! )

Unfolding Right Before My Eyes by [ profile] telesilla 3/5
John/Rodney. 1000 words. Cute. )

Planet of the Muddy Apes by [ profile] runpunkrun 4/5 Recommended
John/Rodney. 500 words. Hilarious! )

Beggars Would Ride by [ profile] musesfool 4/5 Recommended
Sam/Dean. 46,000 words. AU where Sam is a girl from birth. ) 4/5
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Okay, starting with my new ratings system today.

0/5 - Really absolute dreck. I can't imagine giving this rating too often, because I probably wouldn't click on the fic in the first place.
1/5 - Pretty bad. Had some major problems and not much to balance it out.
2/5 - Disliked it either because it had too many problems or because it really wasn't my thing.
3/5 - Liked it. Enjoyable, but just didn't excite me, or maybe had problems I couldn't quite overcome that kept it from being a four. Most fics will probably be a three.
4/5 - Liked it a lot. Really interesting things going on and I want to share it and think people should give it a try, but it's still not the best thing ever.
5/5 - The best thing ever. Okay, maybe not the best, but these are the fics that really excite me. These are the ones I think of as "recs", even though I would also recommend fours. These are the best of the best to me.

And now I'm still unsure what to do with all this. Should I keep crossposting my recs to delicious or just have them on my journal? It seems like with all the handy tags on LJ now, it's very easy to organise, and I don't have to limit my comments the way I do on delicious. I was briefly infatuated with the idea of delicious, but now I just don't know. Also wondering if I should go back through all my reviews and rate them, and perhaps add a tag for each rating (though I do batches rather than one entry per review, so that might not be much help). It's not like I need an extra project, but the lure of organisation is strong.

Ink by [ profile] makesmewannadie 5/5 Recommended
Sam/Dean. 5500 words. Really, really cool. Highly recced, even if you don't really know the fandom (I don't). )

The Way That Light Attaches to a Girl by [ profile] circe_tigana 3/5
Draco. Very funny crack. )

Sugar Moon by [ profile] alchemia 3/5
Remus. 3500 words. Really interesting (though jossed by HBP) story of how Remus was bitten. )

Twenty Four Hours with a Rodneysaur by [ profile] maryavatar 3/5
John and Rodney. 4200 words. Um. Rodney gets turned into a dinosaur. Cute and funny. )

At the Violet Hour by [ profile] linaerys 5/5 Recommended
John/Rodney. 3400 words. LOVED IT! )
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Laocoon's Children by [ profile] copperbadge Did not finish - 2/5
89,200 words. Ten years ago, Lucius Malfoy got to Peter Pettigrew before Sirius could, and the universe changed.
Wanted to like it, but... )

How Am I Gonna Keep Myself Away From Me by [ profile] ethrosdemon 5/5 Recommended
5000 words. Dean is a straight guy who loves his brother more than anything else, and then one day his brother is a girl and fuck, maybe that love isn't quite as platonic as he thought.
Loved it so, so much. )


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