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Do You Know What I Know? by [ profile] devildoll 4/5 Recommended
2900 words. John announces he loves Rodney; Rodney didn't even know they were in a relationship.
Cute and funny. )

But Why? by [ profile] telesilla 4/5 Recommended
200 words. Rodney never really knew why Teyla just came up to him late one night in the lab and kissed him.
So cute! )

Inside and Out by [ profile] helens78 3/5
900 words. In which it turns out that spanking has very different connotations for Teyla than for Rodney.
Funny and hot. )

Do No Harm by [ profile] alizarin_nyc 3/5
1300 words. After Carson's death, Cadman tries to lose herself in sparring, and then in Teyla.
Enjoyable. )

Small Mercies (Filling the Empty Spaces Remix) by [ profile] ekaterinn 3/5
1000 words. Remix of Do No Harm. Laura's trying to win back the empty spaces around her.
Also enjoyable. )

Well, You Didn't Make It Easy by [ profile] helens78 3/5
2800 words. Cameron's determined not to do something he shouldn't, but life--or something--keeps throwing wrenches in the gears.
Funny. )

The Bright And Hollow Sky by [ profile] helens78 5/5 Recommended
4000 words. Cameron Mitchell breaks in five different ways.
5 Things = yay. )


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