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What are you currently reading?
Nothing at the moment.

What did you recently finish reading?
After people so kindly left recs, I plunged headfirst into Night Vale fic and read a whole bunch! (Well, a whole bunch for me. It was probably like ten fics or so and they were all quite short, but considering the amount of fic I usually read these days, it certainly seemed like a lot to me.

Here are some of the ones I really liked:

4 Night Vale & one SGA )

What do you think you'll read next?
More Night Vale fic, probably. I downloaded every rec people left, as well as everything a couple people had favorited on pinboard and delicious if they just linked there. So I still have a ton on my phone.
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Last night I couldn't write up my post when I wanted to because AO3 was down and I needed to link a bunch of fic, and then when it was back up I was tired and didn't feel like it, so here we are.

What are you currently reading?
I'm currently reading Find a Temple, Build a Temple by eggjam, which is a pretty famous Homestuck Dirk/Jake fic that I gather people either love or hate. So far I am enjoying it.

The criticism I've seen has mainly been about how you can't really have good characterisation in an AU like this because Dirk and Jake have such unique circumstances and the events of Homestuck are so out there that just being two guys in a high school AU could never capture their personalities. Or that their relationship in canon is so tied up in being the only two guys in the world that again, just being two guys in high school isn't going to cut it.

But I tend to be pretty forgiving of characterisation, I guess? They don't not feel like Dirk and Jake to me, so idk.

What did you recently finish reading?
Mostly a lot of fanfic. I finished up reading the Kindaichi case I was in the middle of last week and then rather than reading more manga, I decided to check out some of the fic I had loaded up on my ipod. I think I read over ten fics this past week, many of which were in the "long for me" range.

Five recs in Harry Potter, SGA, and Sherlock Holmes )

What do you think you'll read next?
More fic, almost certainly. I've loaded up all the rest of the fic I had in itunes onto my phone (I don't keep all my books on my phone because ibooks is not good for sorting, so I try to keep just twenty or thirty things that I think I might want to read in the near future), which includes a lot more busaikko (mainly SGA, I think), as well as some random other fics I've downloaded along the way. I should also go back and poke at Yuletide, I suppose, now that I'm in a fic-reading mood.
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Blessed Not Lucky by [personal profile] gloss Rec
900 words. PG. Mercedes/Quinn + Lauren. "A time to mourn/A time to cast away stones, a time to gather stones together"

Neat post-apocalyptic fic. I'm really curious about this world.

Son of a Preacher Man

Sweet Caroline by [personal profile] mjules Rec+
2600 words. G. A stomach full of fireflies, a house full of secrets.

Oh wow. *_* I would never have found this if not for going through the trans tag to find stuff for my master list, aince while I'm vaguely familiar with the song, it's not something I'd have otherwise clicked on, but I'm so glad I did because it was amazing.

Stargate: Atlantis

Dreaming I'm Alive by [personal profile] cesare Rec
21,000 words. When John is exposed to the Iratus retrovirus from "Conversion" again, the team bands to help. But there are some things John has to face alone.

This was written for [community profile] sgareversebang and based on this really cool drawing by [personal profile] chkc. This is John/Rodney, but the story itself is mostly gen. I loved the alien species and the details about John's transformation.

Ugly Betty

Ugly Betty Season Five: New York, New York by [ profile] yahtzee63 Rec+
Series. Takes off from canon during the show's penultimate episode, "The Past Presents The Future." Betty is about to leave New York for an exciting new life in London ... but fate has other plans. To Daniel's surprise, so does he.

This is the first "virtual season" of a show I've ever read, though I know it's a fairly common thing. Mainly I don't read gen that much, so I'm not as interested in it for other shows, but for Ugly Betty it's perfect. I had already read and loved one post-canon UB fic by this author, so when I happened across this virtual season five, I knew I had to read it. It is everything I could hope for in an Ugly Betty fic and really feels like it could actually be canon. All the wacky soap opera plot twists are here and so well done. One thing I really like about this series is that the whole season is not "will they or won't they?" Instead, once they realise they have feelings for each other, the problem is finding time to actually be together (and even that doesn't last the whole "season"). I love that Alexis is brought back, and also YOGA. My favorite minor character. And Yoga/Claire is strongly hinted at here, hopefully it will be more than hinted at by the end of the series.

Yes, that's the one drawback. This is still a WiP. There are currently twelve fics, over 150,000 words total, but it's not done (I'm guessing the author means it to be a twenty-ish episode season, as the show was). While the fics were originally being posted on an almost weekly basis, the last one was posted June 8th and the author seems to have discovered X-Men: First Class in the meantime, so I hope that doesn't mean they'll drop this. D: *crosses fingers* Anyway, I highly recommend it as-is, even if it never does get finished. But I have used the AO3 subscribe function (first time using it!), so I'll be notified when/if more is posted. (I hope eventually we'll be able to modify subscriptions so we can subscribe to just one fandom from an author, or one series/fic/tag/etc.)
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Fall Out Boy

There May Not Be Another Way to Your Heart by [personal profile] octette Rec+
2500 words. Teen. Pete is a trans guy, and that's not the point of the story.

What it says on the tin. This is about Pete and Ashlee breaking up, sort of, but mostly just about Pete trying to get through the day, as fucked up as he is. And he's trans. But that's not the point of anything. It is an awesome story and I love it so. (And I don't think you really need to know anything about Fall Out Boy to read it, either.)

Harry Potter

Black Coffee on a Lonely Night by [ profile] femmequixotic Rec
21,600 words. NC-17. Draco owns a café in the city. Harry's an MP who comes in every morning, newspapers in one hand, BlackBerry in the other, and orders a triple espresso macchiato.

I don't think I've ever read a non-magical HP AU, not because I'm necessarily opposed (I do love AUs), but they just don't seem that common. I liked the jobs she came up for with everyone, though idk how well the weird Harry Potter names fit in the real world, so that threw me off a little. Anyway, this was fun and I enjoyed it. Also big yay for Draco actually loving his wife and being bisexual. (Boo for badly-written kids, but at least Scorpius isn't on screen much.)

Being the Cool Uncle by [personal profile] melannen
1400 words. G. Uncle Charlie was great with patching up scrapes and getting back on a broomstick. Romance, he had less experience with.

This is cute. I had to look up the niece in question on the Lexicon (she's George and Angelina's daughter, if you're wondering, too), but it's nice to see fic about other Next Gen kids besides Harry and Ginny's (and sometimes Ron and Hermione's).

Iron Man

Horns of a Deer, Feet of a Tiger by [ profile] softintelligence Rec
6900 words. G. An origin story where Tony Stark is a Vietnamese-American person. "It's because baguettes and fried eggs remind him of being poor," his mom said, "and Ba only wants to be rich."

I liked this a lot. I felt like I was missing some of the references, having only watched the Iron Man movie and not knowing the comics, but not so much that it distracted from my enjoyment.

Stargate: Atlantis

Something in a Sunday by [personal profile] busaikko Rec+
3600 words. Explicit. John/OMC. After Enemy at the Gate, John has bad luck with a dating agency. Also, Rodney has issues.

I love this so, so much. In so much John/Rodney fic (including my own, I fully admit!) he's really toned down from canon, but this abrasive, obnoxious Rodney is just how I imagine canon!Rodney would be in this situation. I miss Ronon and Teyla here (especially Ronon), and am not sure why they weren't included, but even that can't dull my love for this fic.
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So, when I asked what I should post for 3W4DW, a couple people said fic reviews, and I haven't really been reading a lot of fic lately, but there is what I have read!

Babysitters Club

Accordingly Adorned (The BFF Remix) by [personal profile] velvetmouse Rec+
1300 words. G. Stacey & Claudia. Good fashion sense is gender-neutral. So is friendship.

OMG this is perfect! It's a remix of a fic that was written for me for Yuletide, so it feels like an extra remix present! I'm so thrilled to see more of Claude (or any trans!Claudia).

Full House

Round the Corner Straight by [personal profile] busaikko Rec+
1100 words. Michelle. The first two years, Glen doesn't want to see his family at all, not even cousins or people related by marriage. Joey jokes that he called in his debts, making his voice all Godfather-y, but Glen's pretty sure he actually had to go and explain things to Dad, and that there was a whole bunch of trouble involved.

I...did not know I needed Full House fic about Michelle being trans? (I mean, it actually took me a minute to remember which one Michelle was; at first I got Michelle and Stephanie confused.) But apparently I did, because this is awesome. It makes me want to watch Full House again (I loved it when it was running, but haven't watched it in years and years), but I know that Full House wouldn't be this Full House, so I guess really I just want more of this universe? XD

Harry Potter

Freaks, Geeks and Post-War Resolutions by [ profile] kaycee
3000 words. PG. Dudley feels out of place at Harry's party until a sweet girl asks him to dance.

I liked the idea of this a lot, but not so much the execution. Very tell, not show. Still, it's cute enough.

Hikaru no Go

Daylight (The Quiet Understanding Remix) by [ profile] hostilecrayon
200 words. G. Touya/Hikaru. Touya doesn't know, but he understands.

This is a POV shift of my one and only Hikaru no Go drabble. It works really well as a companion piece (and also stands alone, which is always a plus in a remix, IMO).


Nothing to Say but It's Okay by [personal profile] cesare Rec
500 words. Teen. Jude Law/Ewan McGregor. The man who wriggles out of the linens is every bit as wrecked as the room.

Ces was asking for prompts and I asked for sleepy morning-after-the-first-time sex with either Jude/Ewan, Dom/Elijah, or John/Ronon, and she chose Jude/Ewan, yay! :D It's more funny and cute than porny, which is just fine with me. ♥

Stargate: Atlantis

Ganymede's New Groove (The Erastes Expansion) by [personal profile] sabinetzin Rec
3900 words. Explicit. John/Rodney. It's hard to believe he's twice Rodney's age.

This is an expansion of a drabble I wrote a couple years back for the McShep Match drabble tree. I really like what the remixer did with it. I think I had a more predatory John in mind, whereas this John is just sort of sad (especially in the second and third chapters), but I like that reading a lot. It certainly works with John's character. And I like snarky, jaded teenage Rodney.
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Harry Potter

Strange Bedfellows by [ profile] casspeach Rec+
35,000 words. NC-17. Neville/Draco. 'Misery acquaints a man with strange bedfellows' – Shakespeare The Tempest

So having just finished rereading the books, I was looking for longer, canon-compliant post-canon fic to read and this turned out to be perfect. It is set before the epilogue and not totally epilogue-compliant, but that's fine with me. I just wanted something that was working from all of canon, which this is. And I was specifically hoping for post-Hogwarts-getting-jobs sort of fic, which this also is. Neville works at the Ministry and Draco is his new assistant. Anyway! I've never read this pairing before, but it really works. I love both Neville and Draco here. I love how awkward they are initially with each other.

Fatal Fascination by [ profile] grey_hunter
27,000 words. NC-17. Harry/Draco. Those who have followed the last couple of months' news might be acquainted with the astonishing story of Camélia Malfoy's mysterious death. Her husband and his family were prime suspects in the murder. Our readers were informed that after local Aurors investigation turned up nothing, the case was handed over to Auror Headquarters, with Harry Potter himself leading the investigation. Many of our readers are still reluctant to believe the outcome, especially after Harry Potter – whose domestic life is whispered to be turbulent these days – handed in his resignation to the Ministry two months later and has refused interviews ever since. Will the true story behind the scandal that had the wizarding world in upheaval for the last few months ever be revealed?

This was enjoyable, but I didn't find the ending satisfying. The thing with the children of Death Eaters being attacked was played up a lot and then never went anywhere, and the author said in comments that they didn't feel that thread needed to be tied up, but to me it was the most interesting thread, so I felt annoyed that it was just left hanging. Also, all the characterisations felt a little wonky to me (especially Scorpius, who was sometimes written as if he were much younger than twelve (food flying into his mouth? That's seems appropriate for babies or very small children, not pre-teens...)) and I didn't really buy the romance. But I still liked it overall.

Own Two Legs by [ profile] sparks_of_chaos
30,000 words. NC-17. Harry/Draco. Suddenly, he wants nothing more than to absorb her persistent ability to put one foot in front of the other and move forward. Not look back. He wants to be able, like her, to live.

This took me what felt like ages to read. It's about the same length as the two above, each of which I read in a single sitting, yet this one I'd read a chapter or two and let it sit for days in between, and I really had to force myself to finish. I thought of dropping it several times, but wanted to try and see it through. I can't really say why I didn't like it. The writing's not bad, but it just didn't grab me.


Sand the Rough Edges (Make the Pieces Fit) by [personal profile] lonetread Rec
1000 words He is as he has always been – a puzzle missing pieces.

Oh, this is a really awesome character study of Mal, who is intersex.

Stargate: Atlantis

Homework by [personal profile] busaikko Rec
1000 words. Teen. For some reason, after his father's funeral Dave Sheppard keeps getting e-mail from Ronon Dex.

This is just really adorable and sweet and I love it. There should be more Ronon & Dave fic!
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We Need the Storm by [personal profile] sparkay Rec
800 words. R. Azula/Zuko. It is not light that we need, but fire; ...We need the storm, the whirlwind, and the earthquake. - Fredrick Douglass

I hadn't really thought about this pairing before, but I think I will look for more. I really liked this. It's for Porn Battle, but it's not just a PWP. I like the hints it gives us about their past.

托夫 by [personal profile] eruthros Rec
300 words. G. The Ember Island Players did him a favor, really, when they took their show on the road.

It's ftm!Toph! I love it! (And it's written for meeee!)


All of Us Amazons by [personal profile] psocoptera Rec
1000 words. Teen. This is either a meditation on the social construction of the female body, or else the one where Alistair feels up Chloe's breast. (Don't worry, she isn't wearing it at the time.)

Oh, I really liked this a lot. It's future fic, in which Chloe and Alistair (now Alyssa) have a heart-to-heart after Chloe has lost both breasts to cancer. It's just such a great little slice of life fic.


Weltschmerz by [ profile] cobweb_diamond
14,600 words. Mature. How to come to terms with the unsatisfactory nature of physical reality.

I'm not really that interested in Inception fic in general or Arthur/Eames in particular, but I had heard good things about this one where Arthur is trans, so I figured now that I'd seen the movie I'd check it out. Like the movie, it was enjoyable enough, but I wasn't really wowed. One thing I really liked was Arthur not being able to make himself a functioning cismale cock in dreams, because he doesn't have the first-hand knowledge of what it feels like. That would definitely trip me up. For any change, really, unless it was something I'd once experienced myself.

Stargate: Atlantis

Kid by anon Rec+
1100 words. The guy always called John kid. John remembers this really clearly. Hey, kid the guy had said. That's a great skateboard, even though it was a crappy banana board, bought used. You like skating? the guy asked, and so on until he got to Skating's expensive, isn't it? and How would you like to earn a little extra money?

Wow, this is really good. The prompt is "John/any male characters, gangbang, first time. John hopes no one ever asks him how he lost his virginity, because no one would believe him" and it's not written in a porny way, but rather John thinking about how much it fucked him up (though it is definitely explicit). I really, really liked it.
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due South/Castle

Thanks for Everything by [personal profile] helens78 Rec
6100 words. Explicit. When Fraser has a strange reaction to a Richard Castle book, Ray's determined to figure out why. Castle's in Chicago on a book tour, so Ray can even ask the man himself. But Castle doesn't just want to talk about Fraser... in fact, he doesn't just want to talk, period.

Me? Reccing a crossover? Yes, I am. And for two shows I've never seen, no less! Maybe that's why I was able to roll with it so easily, though there's also the fact that they're both pretty much set in the real world, so having people meet up is not as odd as for many fandoms. Anyway! I like both the characters here, and really enjoyed it.

Jude Law/Ewan McGregor RPF

Backup by [personal profile] cesare Rec
700 words. Explicit. Possibly the late hours, the gentlemen callers and the tight and shiny tops ought to have been a bit of a giveaway, but Ewan honestly didn't twig to it that his flatmate was a rentboy til he walked in on him sucking some geezer off.

This was written for me! :D (Sadly, this is a fandom which is almost entirely written by me or for me. Why do they not get more love!?) Anyway, this is angsty! And has rentboys! And I loled at Jude's "Look at me. Why would I ever take a day job?"


John and Sherlock Make a Baby (From Stuff They Find Around the Flat) by [ profile] annlarimer & [ profile] crantz Rec
2500 words. PG-13. Jesus Christ, it's a babyfic - GET IN THE CAR.

I'm really not reading Sherlock for the most part, but I couldn't resist the combination of this title and [ profile] annlarimer, who is always hilarious. Anyway, this is total crack and there is no actual mpreg involved. Just Mycroft.

Black Hole and Revelation by [ profile] unsentimentalf
5600 words. R. John finds out something about his flatmate that he really didn't want to know.

Apparently I also had one more Sherlock fic bookmarked to read! Anyway, the plot here is that John finds out Sherlock is gay and has a rather homophobic overreaction. I like the premise and found it quite plausible thanks to the way the show is always reinforcing how totally not gay John is. The writing left me underwhelmed, though. I didn't like the style (too many pretentious sentence fragments) and found it overall to be rather heavy-handed, so although there are a couple sequels, I don't think I'll be bothering with them. I was really glad that neither this fic nor the sequels have John and Sherlock getting together, though.

Stargate: Atlantis

Watch and See by [personal profile] secondsilk Rec
1200 words. Explicit. John asks, so Ronon acquiesces, but he hadn't been expecting this.

Ooh, I really liked this! I love that John is trans, too, and that they've found each other. I also really like the hints we get at Satedan culture. I'm definitely interested in seeing more of these two.

If We Were a Movie by [personal profile] busaikko Rec
2600 words. Teen. Jennifer and Rodney don't want to take the next step in their relationship without John, which is perhaps not the best conversation to have while babysitting Madison.

Awww! This is cute and funny and awkward (negotiating a relationship with these three should never be other than awkward). ♥
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*flops* OMG I finally finished reading these fics!

The Payoff by [personal profile] neevebrody
6000 words. R. "Anyone worthy to follow my journey may discover these secrets. You will then see first hand how I spent my long hours here in the Valley of Rains." Minaeus made a slight bow and smiled again. "Shall I offer you more incentive?"

I enjoyed this, especially the first half or so with Rodney trying figure out Minaeus' puzzles. I also liked that it was mostly a gen story with an established relationship in the background and not yet another first time (which, don't get me wrong, I love first times, but I'm tired of the setup where some Ancient device or mission is the trigger to them finally realising/admitting their feelings and getting together, especially since those are so often Gay For You stories).

Operation Play Time for Rodney by [ profile] mikes_grrl
4800 words. NC-17. John just wants to help. Really.

This is one of those fics I never would have read if not for the fest because I just would not click on something called "Operation Play Time for Rodney", and sad to say, it wasn't a hidden gem. It was pretty much what I would expect from a fic with that title, which was a story that was really, really not for me. It's not horrible, just...generic and not the sort of fic I care to read.

But I Ain't Got Wings by [ profile] grammarwoman
3900 words. R. When Rodney finds some plans for a flying device in the Ancient database, John wants one... badly.

This is cute. The writing is decent, though a little more exposition-y than I care for (especially one part where John is thinking about various canon events and it felt like I was watching a clips show). I wish there had been more about the Ancient flying device, though, because it sounded neat.

Play(er) by [ profile] scarlettandblue
8500 words. R. "It was every bit as awful as he imagined it would be, talking about stuff, feelings. And yet now he’d said what he needed to, strangely he did feel better. Maybe that was the good part of this new thing he was trying. The more honest with himself thing."

Enjoyable despite the info-dump-y beginning. I liked how the author portrayed John coming to terms with his sexuality. It didn't feel like the usual Gay For You story, even though Rodney was still positioned as different to those other guys John had had sex with in the past. It didn't feel like his sexuality was tied to his attraction to Rodney.

Defining Shifting Boundaries by [ profile] mirror_mirrin
7400 words. NC-17. Rodney’s overactive imagination gets him into trouble. Again.

So, this was a sappy established relationship fic that took a turn for the angsty when they were having sex and tentacles suddenly came out of the bed and tied John up, and Rodney thought it was hot and let it go on a little too long even though he could see John wasn't enjoying it. Now after plot-device!Torren (whose lines such as "Momma was talking to Unca Wodney, and Unca Wodney said you’s angwy, so I wan away to find you. Why is you angwy at Unca Wodney, Unca John?" are a stellar example of how not to write kids) gets them to talk to each other, Rodney confesses to John "how his one and only encounter with bondage had been with a consenting past girlfriend in university, and that had led to her panicking and screaming for help halfway through. Her well-meaning housemate had used the spare key to unlock the door and she'd almost bashed Rodney's head in with a lamp before chasing him out. His girlfriend at the time, Julia, hadn't said a word to defend him, nor did she contact him after that. After a few seconds of silence, Rodney confessed that he’d thought that she was the one for him." Which pings me as both OTT and icky in that "mean bitch who is mean to ickle Rodneykins" sort of way. And then of course they go on to have ~healing~ bondage. So yeah, not for me.

Ain't That a Kick in the Head by [ profile] wojelah
6800 words. PG. Sometimes the only other option is losing someone important. Someone close. And if those are the only two options, John picks the one where he takes the hit. He's never been good about giving up a hostage to Fortune when she comes to collect.

Post S5, Jennifer and Rodney have broken up, the team is on a dangerous mission and Rodney needs rescuing, which leads to him and John getting together. It's not bad (I did enjoy it) and the writing is good, but it just feels like a million other fics and there isn't anything new or different about it.

Fore(tune) Play by [ profile] florahart Rec
6900 words. R. If they can't go back to Pegasus and they're going to be stuck on a nondescript base with substandard equipment and an inadequate coffee supply and idiots in charge, which is totally unacceptable, there had better be something really good waiting on the other... wait. Really? Okay, well in that case. (just don't tell Rodney this is making lemonade, because for one thing, it's really not, and for another, he probably wouldn't appreciate the metaphor).

This was fun! Great Rodney voice, and I loved the banter.

Wider Than the Sky by [personal profile] wintercreek Rec
4100 words. G. In which Ancient ideas for practical security are unimaginably weird, the security and structural integrity of field pack straps could probably use some more rigorous testing, and John and Rodney reach a new level of relationship security without ever really having much out-and-out discussion.

The end felt a little rushed, but overall I really liked this. Definitely one of the better fics of the fest prose-wise and I liked the teaminess of it.

The All American Road Trip Or How to Make Rodney Crazy in Two Thousand Miles by [ profile] secondalto
3100 words. PG-13. John takes Rodney on vacation.

There was some good banter and I like the idea of a road trip fic, but the whole thing with Jennifer meeting an old boyfriend and getting engaged to him within a week, while still dating Rodney, and then breaking up with Rodney via email just ruined the whole fic for me. I just skimmed after that, but the rest wasn't really my thing anyway.
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OMG just one batch of these left! And the rest are all shorter ones (or at least short enough to fit in an LJ post). I may actually make my goal of finishing all these in time to have a chance to read some other stuff before Yuletide. XD

Echoes in a Shallow Bay by [ profile] themostepotente
4400 words. NC-17. Stones, when dropped, make ripples. These ripples make changes.

This was interesting, but I can't say I liked it. I don't have anything against second-person POV, but it really didn't work for me here. The story is kind of confusing, hinting at a lot of stuff, and I found that the POV just made it that much harder to follow what was going on. I liked the John and Todd interaction a lot, though despite this being a Match fic, the John/Rodney left me cold, and stuff like this just made me roll my eyes:
Once there, Rodney lies back and lets you strip him of his fatigues. He's wearing faded boxers decorated in maple leaves, and when you pull them down over his hips, a flush spreads to his neck and he worries his bottom lip in nervous anticipation. Jeannie's lecture that Rodney hasn't your looks has made Rodney overly self-conscious, so you do your best to reassure him. Doubtful, he still shoves your hand away when you go to remove his t-shirt.

Lure of the Deep by [ profile] melagan
6100 words. R. When an alien sea pod follows him home, John Sheppard wonders if he's in over his head. When he meets Rodney McKay, he knows he's in too deep.

Pretty standard romance fic. Not that well written plus bonus misogyny (Larrin is a "leather spinster" Rodney is desperate to get away from).

You're Cool, I'm Fine by [personal profile] gblvr
2900 words. PG. Sometimes a misunderstanding can open the door to something good.

I had to look away from this so many times, it was really hitting my embarrassment squick hard. If it had been longer, I would have just backbuttoned out, but I knew it was short, so I soldiered through. This is just really not for me, though. I know a lot of people in fandom have no sense of boundaries; I don't need a fic to tell me so. I also didn't find Rodney's homophobic remarks endearing, and if he's going to turn Gay For You at the end, I need a little more than "oops, I'm sorry, I totes didn't mean to sound homophobic!"

Cloud Nine by [personal profile] cesare Rec
17,900 words. PG. "Well, look who thinks he's the sexiest person on The Weather Station," said Rodney.

This was really cute, very bantery. I loved it. :D

The Bestiary by [ profile] mific
11,600 words. NC-17. "Oookay, that was unexpected," said John. "And also, what the fuck?"

Rodney finds an Ancient device that lets you transform into pretty much any animal, which he then does. This was pretty cool. I definitely enjoyed it.

Not Without a Plan by [personal profile] argosy Rec
20,700. PG. Complete AU. John Sheppard, newly retired from the Air Force, is having difficulty finding his place in the world, until he begins an amazing project with Doctor Rodney McKay.

This is a fairly standard romance AU, but it's well written and I really enjoyed it. Rodney builds mazes, which was pretty cool.

I Spy by [ profile] keiramarcos
3600 words. NC-17. Wanting John was second nature to me but until recently I'd thought I'd buried the sex thing under a pile of friendship and shared traumatic experiences. I really shouldn't find the man sexy any more. We've shared a latrine off-world. I'd seen him bleed. I watched him turn into a big blue bug. John Sheppard shouldn't be sexy to me anymore. Really.

I couldn't take this seriously at all. I'm not one of those anti-first-person-POV people, but it did not work for me here at all (I have no problem with Rodney swearing in situations that call for it, but he really doesn't seem like the type to be constantly sticking in "fuck" randomly in his internal monologue). The style was very over-the-top, and I wasn't thrilled with the Keller-bashing, either.

Out of the Frying Pan by [personal profile] kate Rec
18,000 words. R. The only thing good about Rodney's new job (besides the fact that he has a job at all, considering the explosion at Doranda Enterprises) is the diner he discovered on his third attempt to find a route to get him to work in under forty minutes during rush hour.

Another standard romance AU, which I kind of thought I'd grown tired of, but I was surprised how much I enjoyed it. I really liked the supporting characters and the diner setting.
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Absit Omen (The We Gotta Get Out of This Place Edit) by [ profile] mirasol
3000 words. PG-13. "Abandon Hope All Ye Who Enter Here" ought to be carved in letters thirty foot high on the outside of all the temples, cloisters, caves, mazes and markets that the Team visit.

This day's theme was "trick or treat", so the story has a Halloween theme. It's enjoyable, though more in a fun way than actually being creepy.

Sweet by [ profile] shakespherical
4400 words. NC-17. John and Rodney baby-sit Madison.

This was too sweet for me. Way, waaaay too sweet. Totally serious talk of sex being spiritual and this being true love. Ack!

Mamihlapinatapai by [ profile] clavally Rec
3000 words. NC-17. A midnight festival with boats, meteor showers and personal revelations.

Very well written. I really loved the worldbuilding in this. I love to see Pegasus festivals and stuff that's not all wacky sex rituals or whatever.

Who Could Claim the Sky by [personal profile] lavvyan
17,700 words. PG-13. In a world ruled by the Wraith, Rodney McKay is just trying to keep his head down. When a new group of prisoners is sent out to build a supply road, events are set into motion that throw Rodney's life out of balance – and might force him to betray his greatest secret...

I'm not sure I've ever read an AU where the Earth folks are Pegasus natives. This was an interesting idea and the prose is good and I liked the worldbuilding, but for some reason I just could not really get into it. I would read a couple paragraphs and wander off, then come back again several days later to read a few more. It finally did pick up for me towards the end, but I found the first two-thirds or more so slow...

A Question of Quantum Physics, Molecular Attraction and Timing by [ profile] gottalovev
18,000 words. NC-17. Rodney tries to guess what his new neighbour does for a living. John is amused.

This was cute and I enjoyed it quite a bit, despite some of my pet peeves being present. It's nice to see a sporty!John story where Rodney doesn't instantly dismiss him as a jock and not worth his time (because of course he doesn't know until after he's already gotten to know John).

Five Times John Sheppard Won at Sports - and One Time He Lost by [ profile] valderys
7100 words. PG-13. There's always been times in John's life when he feels like he's losing, even when he wins. On Atlantis, it's even worse.

For the most part this was really well-written, but the section with Rod really tripped me up. Okay, it's been ages since I've seen that episode, but...he talked like Rodney, right? I know he had a different personality, but he didn't talk like this, did he? "I was clinging on to someone familiar, who isn't mine to presume upon. I must start moving on, however hard that will be." In fact, I just went on youtube and found clips of the episode and he sounded totally normal, so this was very bizarre and threw me out. Other than that, it's quite good, though.

As Sorrow by [ profile] ribbon_purple and [ profile] taste_is_sweet Rec+
12,900 words. R. In nature there is no evil, only an abundance of horror. —Isak Dinesen

Fuuuuuuuuck. Wow, this is really creepy and gross and awesome. I loved it. I admit, I felt a little cheated by the psych-out, but it was well done. I totally didn't expect that to be not John. When I got to the reveal, I went back and read the first part after the cave-in, up until Tanner starts to tell Rodney he's not Sheppard, and it all works really well (and switching the POV where they did was perfect, because that definitely leads the reader to believe it's John in there with Rodney). I didn't read any of the warnings, so after he shot John, I was expecting Rodney to shoot himself and was really surprised when he didn't. That would have been cool, too, but a much riskier story than this (which was already risky). Imagine Rodney shooting himself after he thinks he's killed John and then it switches back to John's POV and they come and find Rodney and Tanner.

Life in the Fast Lane by [ profile] ldyanne
16,300 words. NC-17. The day John died was just the beginning of the rest of his life.

I was going to say I disliked this fic except for some neat sci-fi ideas it had, but then I remembered it's a fusion with the movie Freejack, so all the neat sci-fi stuff is from that movie. As for the fic, the prose is all right, but it was a little sappier than I like. If it had just been that, I would have said it was okay. Cool sci-fi elements (dystopia! time travel!), but the romance was meh. However, I actually had to stop reading near the end, where Sam Carter was an evil villain who wanted to steal John's body for her own, so she could have Rodney for herself. Ick. I mean, it's a neat plot idea in and of itself. Just...I don't want to read slash where women are the villains trying to break up the guys. And this was even more of an affront, because it was just Sam Carter in name only, totally OOC. I mean, in canon, Rodney is the one obsessed with Sam! Anyway. So yeah. Also, there was a bit that really threw me out, where John is thinking of this ring he bought for Rodney, because they were going to get married in 1992!
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Now that we've had the big reveal and I can put names to stuff, I'll be posting my reviews in chunks (both to space them out and because I'm not finished reading everything yet, oops).

Sheppard's Pie by [personal profile] auburn
20,600 words. PG-13. Cooking is just chemistry, so pie should be easy, if Rodney could just figure out what Sheppard wants.

Oh man, this was just such a collection of things that irk me. Rodney is deathly allergic to citrus, Satedans are violent savages, Jennifer breaks up with Rodney because she's a meanie who doesn't really love him and it's a horrible burden for him to be nice to her, John must have been abused if he doesn't like to be touched...

The writing wasn't bad and it fits the prompt very well, but it is just a huge ball of Not For Me.

Sunday Morning Coming Down by [ profile] schmidttykr
5500 words. PG. Two years had passed since the expedition had been forced out of Atlantis, and most of her former citizens had started to move on and readapt to life on Earth, save John.

This, too, had a bunch of John/Rodney cliches I dislike, though it was cute enough (and short; my tolerance for clicheriffic fic goes up as the word count goes down). Loved the Square Pegs reference, though. That was an awesome show.

Tied to the Rocket by [ profile] meansgirl
13,900 words. NC-17. Rodney McKay meets John Sheppard in 1989, after which nothing is the same. Pre-series AU.

I enjoyed this one more than I thought I would. I'm not that big a fan of the "they meet early on and then something happens to separate them and the rest is the same as canon" AU. But this was well-written and cute. I wish there had been more acknowledgement from Rodney that he had been in the wrong back in the day. I mean, I know it's not like Rodney to admit he's at fault in anything, but it felt like he never did really grasp that being closeted in the military was an actual big deal.

A Fate So Sweet by [personal profile] telesilla
13,400 words. NC-17. Rodney McKay, owner of the exclusive brothel Pegasus House, doesn't usually train new workers. Former airship pilot John Sheppard, however, might just prove the exception to the rule in more ways than one.

Enjoyable and hot. If you like long fics that are pretty much entirely sex, you might like this even more than I did! :)

Circle Yes or No by [ profile] chellefic
12,100 words. NC-17. Vacationing with John isn't all Rodney thought it would be.

This is Pretending To Be A Couple, with a side of Gay For You, so I think if you've been reading me for any length of time, you can guess my opinion on that. The writing's good enough, so if you like or don't mind Gay For You, you might enjoy it.

The Number of a Man by [personal profile] busaikko Rec+
16,700 words. Adult. Rodney McKay will leave no man behind—especially when there's a simple solution involving nanites, alien technology, and Legos.

Oh, I loved this so much! I saw her talk about this a little bit on the team comm and wasn't sure whether I'd like it or not from the description, because idk the whole VR thing has never really grabbed me before, but I really liked it here and what she did with it. And I loved Xan. Kids are so often badly written in fiction, but Xan really felt like a real kid. (Though knowing the author beforehand, I knew he would be well-written, because she always does kids well.) And I loved John and Rodney's relationship history, how they'd tried and failed once, and I liked John's convo with Jennifer (yay for breakups that don't require bashing).

I think my favorite part of all was Rodney telling Xan that they were in a computer and they were going to move to Atlantis. I just love the way he handled that and the whole conversation.

Double Feature by [ profile] pollitt
1700 words. PG-13. It's movie night on Atlantis.

Okay, I am not one of those people who dislikes first-person narration on principle, but this was just bad. It was made even worse by the fact that there is a section in John's POV and a section in Rodney's, both first-person, and they are indistinguishable.

But aside from that, it's really the sort of fic that only a super-duper shipper could love. When you're desperate for any time with your OTP, even bland fic of them sitting around watching a movie and complaining is fun. (It's not even like MSTing or anything. That might actually have been interesting. But no, the complaints are just as bland as the rest of the fic.)

One Step Back by [personal profile] sabinetzin
2800 words. R. It's just over.

I like infidelity fic, but this wasn't working for me at all and I think most of the blame can be laid at the feet of two short lines:
It was Jeannie who actually put his shit out on the lawn. At least, she was the one who finished the process, hurling his suitcase at him with righteous fury and surprisingly accurate aim.

After she screamed at him and slammed the door, he stood there with his broken guitar in his hand and wished, for the hundred thousandth time, that they'd never come back to Earth.

It just feels so ridiculously over the top and cliched, and not at all proportionate to what happened. I don't think I would have been head-over-heels in love with it otherwise or anything, but that scene really did color my overall view of the fic.
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Haven't posted any reviews in a while because mostly all I've been reading is [ profile] mcshep_match and I'm not posting those reviews until after the fest is over. But I did read one SGA fic and one Sherlock, and already had another SGA review on my hard drive, so I figured I'd go back and finally review the rest of the fics I read during the Transfic Mini Fest and then I'd have enough for a post. And so I have!


Might Spit Like a Girl But I Hit Like a Guy by [personal profile] gloss Rec+
800 words. The best thing about being Robin is that he gets to fight (back). A bunch of thugs put their thick skulls together and decide to whale on a few of the kids working the stroll, waiting for johns? Robin can swoop down and take those motherfuckers to *school*.

I don't really know much about Batman, certainly not this incarnation or this Robin, but I really liked this a lot.


What if I'm a Mermaid? by [personal profile] starlurker
1400 words. Teen. Kurt is changing.

This is sweet and cute. I had misread the prompt as asking for ftm!Kurt, rather than mtf, and I actually really want to see that, but I liked this a lot, too.

Katekyou Hitman Reborn!

This Heart's Still Solid Like a Knife by [personal profile] eisen Rec
500 words. It is noise, but it is her name.

This was in answer to one of my prompts, "this has nothing to do with Mukuro; this is about me". I had in mind Chrome being ftm, but I really like this take on it! There is all sorts of interesting stuff that can be done with Chrome and Mukuro.


It's Not a Question (But a Lesson Learned In Time) by [personal profile] pixel Rec+
800 words. PG. He's just tired of waiting to be ready to do it.

I have wanted trans!Hardison for a long time and this was just perfect. It's gen with Eliot and Parker helping Hardison find some closure. I really loved this bit especially: " He thinks for a brief moment of keeping them, something tangible, he was here. The idea dies as soon as he flips open the top folder, wrong name, wrong person, wrong life scribbled all over the neat little lines and boxes."


'Cause You're Always Burning Up So Bright by [personal profile] agent_squeaks
100 words. He wasn't born right, he realized, right after he had evolved into a pikachu.

Aww, this is cute! I never would have thought about Pokemon transfic about the actual Pokemon, but this works.

Powerpuff Girls

From the Desk of Bubbles: Things I Will Keep on Doing as a Boy by [personal profile] dagas_isa Rec
500 words. General Audiences. Bubbles is a boy now, but he's still going to be himself.

I had asked for fic about Bubbles being ftm, but still being sparkly as a boy and this is just exactly what I wanted. I would love to see more of this Bubbles!


A Facade Faded by [ profile] starjenni Rec
2200 words. T. Alternate Ending. You know that person who we thought for a split second might be Moriarty? Well, he is.

Ooh! I really liked this. spoilers for the show ) But I really like the idea! And I think this did a really good job with it.

Stargate: Atlantis

A Mark in Time by [personal profile] busaikko Rec
2700 words. PG-13. It turns Rodney on; John gets something else out of it.

This is a very sweet and adorable fic about Rodney being a plushophile and owning a Hello Kitty costume. XD

Backdoor Baby by anonymous Rec+
12,300 words. "I'm sorry," she says again. "I'm afraid I have to tell you, um..." She pauses, her eyes on his. "You're pregnant."

Wow, I really don't know what to say. This is 12K of Jennifer/John mpreg crack and I started reading it for the lulz, fully expecting it to be badfic, but it's actually really good! Like, in every way. The writing is great. The characterisation is spot-on. It's hot. It's funny. It explains how the pregnancy works in a way that satisfies me (it's an Ancient machine, natch, but even then, a lot of stories don't bother trying to explain the mechanics and it frustrates me to have it be so handwavey). I was unable to see this pairing at all before, but it totally made me buy it (they weren't together at first). I am really kind of floored at how much I enjoyed it. XD
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Battlestar Galactica

Into Your Hands by [personal profile] helens78 Rec
2900 words. Explicit. Sam's been locked up in this prison with Leoben for weeks, but he's running out of denial--and Leoben is very, very good with his hands.

This one I feel like I am missing quite a bit because I don't really know BSG (though I have picked up quite a bit through fannish osmosis), but I still really liked it a lot. I think if I had actually watched the show I would rate it even higher.

Big Bang Theory

Kiss a Guilty World in Love by [personal profile] gloss Rec+
400 words. He gave her pale-green plastic clip-on earrings, then a blue scarf, next a sample size bottle of Jean Nate bath splash.

This was written for my prompt of "Sheldon and Meemaw" for the transfic fest, and I was totally thinking of Sheldon as trans, so something like this never even occurred to me, but it's so, so awesome. I love Sheldon and his Meemaw and I love that he's the one to see her for who she is.

Your Logic Is Flawed by [personal profile] glinda Rec
1300 words. She’s not surprised by his reaction, she purposefully hadn’t told him because she knew he’d take it like this. She’s dated a grand total of one guy who took it well and then he went and screwed it up by writing about their sex life on the internet. After that she felt Leonard couldn’t exactly talk about feeling betrayed and having his trust abused.

Another one from the transfic fest. I love Penny & Sheldon friendship almost as much as I love Sheldon & Meemaw and this is just perfectly them.

due South

The Perfect Evening (That Much Is True) by [personal profile] helens78
6600 words. Mature. When Ray meets a really good-looking guy at a Las Vegas bar and agrees to go upstairs with him, he knows there are going to be complications, but he doesn't realize how deep those complications go.

This is one that really needs more fandom knowledge than I have to be appreciated. I definitely recommend it to due South fans; it just didn't really do anything for me.

Sherlock Holmes

It Comes Naturally by [ profile] sinuous_curve
25,400 words. Teen. On a cool Thursday in early September, Watson descended the wide stairs of 221 Baker Street, still yawning away the last of a fitful night's sleep, and found her friend and partner, Sherlock Holmes, sitting at the breakfast table and intently reading a letter. The missive was several pages worth of cramped, dense handwriting and was already spattered lightly with what, at a cursory glance, appeared to be tea.

Watson is a women who has chosen to disguise her sex and live as a gentleman.

This is a gen casefile story with a subplot about Holmes finding out Watson is a woman. Unfortunately the case is not that interesting. The Watson plot is, though, so I think it's worth reading for that if you find that sort of thing interesting. It's tagged as "genderqueer character" and in their author's notes on LJ the author said they thought if Watson were alive today she would ID as such, but I couldn't tell from the text what made her genderqueer as opposed to just living as a man for the freedom it provided. Either way, I do like this Watson a lot.

The other thing (besides the mystery being meh) that keeps me from full-on reccing this is that it had a lot of typos (there's even one in the summary...). :-/

Roll Away Your Stone by [ profile] foxxcub
40,000 words. NC-17. Seventeen-year-old John Watson is set to finish his final year of school with a flourish, until the headmaster assigns John as a "tutor" to an arrogant, yet brilliant new student named Sherlock Holmes. Holmes is not about to be put in his place by this popular rugby player with the too-blue eyes, and John isn't going to let this impulsive fifteen-year-old get away with anything. Neither expects to become friends, but a series of unexpected events and a possible murder mystery bring them closer together than either of them thought possible.

This is cute. A bit of a slow-starter, but once it got going, I enjoyed it quite a bit. It felt a little too modern and I'm not sure I totally bought the characterisations of Holmes and Watson, but neither was enough to really interfere with my enjoyment.

Stargate: Atlantis

When God Left the Ground by [personal profile] busaikko Rec
7800 words. PG. Non-Stargate high school AU apocafic. Ronon thought his world had ended in the outbreaks, but then he was sent to Atlantis Academy.

For a post-apocalyptic story, this was surprisingly cute. XD I'm really glad to see more John/Ronon AUs like this lately.
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Battlestar Galactica

A Difference of Two by [personal profile] helens78 Rec
3300 words. Mature. When one of the Leobens challenges Anders to a one-on-one game of Pyramid, Anders takes him up on it. But Pyramid's a contact sport, and bruises aren't the only marks Leoben's leaving.

I'm not really familiar with BSG and only read this because I was betaing it, but I enjoyed it quite a bit. Someday I should watch BSG.

due South

You Don't Hate It (Then You Don't Hate It) by [personal profile] helens78 Rec
6500 words. Explicit. When Fraser and Ray need information about a missing musician, Ray sneaks them into a party where some old friends of Ray's are hanging out. It turns out one of them might have some information, but Lew Ashby isn't the kind of guy to let information slip without getting something of his own, and Ashby doesn't want money. Problem is, Ray doesn't trust Ashby completely, so he asks Fraser to step into the room with them and watch his back. And Ashby says Fraser can watch anything he wants...

This is a crossover with Californication, which I am also unfamiliar with, but you really don't need to know any canon there, except that Ashby is played by the same actor who plays Ray. Anyway, this is a sort of "undercover gay" scenario, which is not usually a cliche I like (both because it often goes hand in hand with Gay For You, but also because like Aliens Made Them Do It, it's them being forced together by circumstances, which is not my preferred way of getting characters together), but while the undercover sexing is what gets Ray and Fraser together, they are both already queer, so perhaps that's why I enjoyed this more. Also I was surprised by how much I liked Fraser here. It's in his POV and he's actually really funny.

Sherlock Holmes

Ablutions by [personal profile] damned_colonial Rec
950 words. PG. Holmes hasn't been home for two days. When Watson finds him, he's a mess, and Watson won't be seen in public with him unless he cleans himself up.

Yet another installment in the asexual!dom!Holmes series, though this one focuses more on Watson's desire to serve Holmes rather than Holmes actually being dommy.

Stargate: Atlantis

Constructing Wings to Fly by [personal profile] reddwarfer Rec
1400 words. PG. John never expected a disastrous job interview to be one of the best things to happen to him.

Cute high school/college AU where John and Rodney are both trans guys. :D

Want You (To Find Me) by [personal profile] busaikko Rec
1800 words. NC-17. The beer and the game and this conversation are exactly the terrible kind of seduction he would have expected from John.

Oooooh, non-AU fic where Ronon is ftm. I enjoyed this story a lot, but it also made me really want to know more about Satedan culture in this regard. So someone should write that. :D

Culture Thing by [personal profile] sabinetzin Rec
800 words. NC-17. Dating an alien: it's harder- and easier- than it looks.

Another John/Ronon fic. I liked this a lot. I love stories where people aren't perfectly in sync, but they make it work anyway.

Sarah Connor Chronicles

Out on the Wire by [personal profile] lithiumdoll Rec
60,600 words. Teen. Post-Born to Run, it's a long walk home.

This is a really amazing (and really long) fic that essentially functions as a third season. I enjoyed it a lot and found it fairly plausible, but as it neared the end I was feeling more and more dissatisfied. I am still reccing it because I think it's very much worth reading, but I feel like the ending was kind of a let-down.

Spoilery stuff I liked and disliked. )

Hmm. I don't know. I did like it, but I think I went into it hoping it would be The Fic, the one that wrapped everything up for me and felt enough like canon that I could be satisfied, but instead it was just a fic. A well-written one, and an interesting one, but not something that had me going "omg this is my canon now!"

The Simpsons

What Remains by [personal profile] geonncannon Rec+
600 words. She closes her eyes and imagines she was sitting on the stairs again, watching her father sit with Mr. Flanders in the living room. She remembers her father's anger. "What happened to Marge, the thing that killed her! You won't find that in some book!"

Yes, it's a Supernatural fusion and it is so awesome. Very Simpsons. I love the little meta bits.
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Summer Practicum in Women's Studies by [personal profile] gloss Rec+
1700 words. R. Possibly a summer fling, possibly something more.

Oh Shirley! Oh Britta!

I really couldn't picture this pairing in my head, because Britta is just so Britta (I actually like the character a lot, but yeah), but [personal profile] gloss really made it work. I'm so glad I read this.

"Please. I was macking on shorties while you were still figuring out that Barbie is --" Shirley trailed off, scowled, then grinned. "That Barbie is a tool of kyriarchical indoctrination!"

Heee! That is just so perfect.


Inscrutable by [personal profile] bossymarmalade Rec
500 words. The really stupid thing is that they hold off for so long, because they don't want it to look like of course the two asian kids would get together.

This is awesome. ♥

Harry Potter

No More Hiding From Yourself by [personal profile] queen_ypolita
2800 words. G. "For Merlin's sake Sirius, I know this year's been tough for you, but no, you'll always have to let Snape's little comments get to you. Why couldn't you put some of that energy into all those girls that can't take their eyes off you or something?" It's time Sirius stopped hiding from his confusion and did some hard thinking.

Oh man, this is exactly the sort of fic I dread from [ profile] lgbtfest. I actually thought the prompt ("Sirius Black, never looking back at all the girls ogling him is less to seem indifferent and more because their glances don't register") showed some promise, but it's 2800 words of tell, tell, tell, plus it's set right after The Prank and has this big long lecture from Remus to Sirius on How Wrong He Was, and dude, I totally think Sirius was in the wrong, but I also think monologue lecturing makes a really dull story and seems more like the author speaking than the character (partly this is because I really don't see them as having talked about it at all). Also the 2nd person POV really did not work here.

Sherlock Holmes

A Terribly Poor Understanding of Love by [ profile] candle_beck Rec
13,000 words. R. Mary awoke to John saying Holmes's name in his sleep. The shocking thing was how terribly unshocked she was.

Wow. This was great. And the 3rd person omniscient (not something you see often in fandom) works really well here. Also it's super angsty, yay. :D

I have to say, though, that at first when I was reading it, I thought they must be aware of what was going on, that perhaps they had even had some sort of relationship before Mary. But no, it was first-time, totally taken by surprise, never thought of Holmes that way (it was less clear whether Holmes knew he was attracted to Watson or not). So yeah. I really liked it, but I also really, really wished for more self-awareness, more queerness.

Anyone have any recs for first-time stories in this fandom that are first time with each other, but not first time with a man ever?

I feel like there was something else I was going to say, too...oh! There was a line that really gave me pause, when Holmes says to Watson, "it's not white of you" or something like that. I'd never heard the phrase before, but it certainly makes sense for the time period. Still, I cringed, and it also made me think about desi!Watson again (ngl, it does not take much to make me start thinking about desi!Watson) and how that would play out. (Whyyyyyy is writing historical fiction so haaaaaaard for meeeeee???? I have so many ideas!)

Delegation by [personal profile] damned_colonial Rec
2800 words. NC-17. I would have been mortified, but I realised that Lestrade didn't have the faintest idea what had just happened. I suppose he thought Holmes was simply being high-handed and rude, as he so often was, and under the circumstances I was hardly going to correct the misapprehension.

Yes, it's another in the awesome asexual!dom!Holmes/Watson series! This was an excellent use of the "authority figures" square.

Oh, and if you like this series, [personal profile] paperflower86 illustrated one of the previous installments. I like their art a lot. (This fandom has so many great artists.)

The Simpsons

I Recognize That Girl by [personal profile] bossymarmalade Rec
900 words. When Maggie came around, Lisa had been excited. That was when she was six. Now she was sixteen, and Maggie -- contrary to everything Lisa had ever seen or read -- seemed to have no real interest in her older sister, much less any inclination to copy her or be close with her.

Oh, this is so great! [personal profile] bossymarmalade writes such awesome Simpsons fic. The voices are just perfect.

Stargate: Atlantis

The Wave from Coast to Ocean by [personal profile] telesilla Rec
1000 words. NC-17. John's cold and Rodney's wearing warm, soft clothes. What happens is inevitable really.

Oh, how funny. This is for the same [community profile] kink_bingo square as the Community fic up above, rubbing/grinding. I didn't even notice that at first. This is from [personal profile] telesilla's Ventura Highway series (which, wow, I did not realise had that many fics in it), which I always enjoy. This reads well as a stand-alone, too, though.
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Trying to add in a handful of Transfic Mini Fest fics whenever I do a review post... XD

Iron Man

D-Seventeen-D-Zero by [personal profile] helens78 Rec+
1600 words. Explicit. Tony's testing out some new armor, but he's late getting home -- which means Pepper has every reason to experiment with some of his armor's more interesting systems.

Tony installs a dildo in the suit. Pepper finds out about it. Hijinks ensue. XD This is hilarious and hot.

Stargate: Atlantis

To Be True by [personal profile] helens78 Rec
2000 words. Explicit. Rodney and John have always made things work, even though John wanted kink and Rodney was only doing it to make John happy. But what if it isn't just to make John happy after all this time? That's a good thing, right?

This is a sequel to [personal profile] telesilla's Too Good (The YKIOK, IJNMK Remix), which is itself a remix of [personal profile] crysothemis's Too Good. I love that while Rodney's views are changing, things aren't just magically okay.

The Things You Can't Touch by [personal profile] reddwarfer Rec+
700 words. G. She hates being bitter, but can't seem to stop.

This was for my Rodney/Jennifer prompt of "missed opportunities/jealousy at a partner's early transition" and it's just the sort of thing I was hoping for. I especially love this bit:
"You could just use your--" Jennifer begins, but Rodney cuts her off by storming out of the infirmary. As much as she hates being called Rodney, she hates Meredith even more. Her sister's called her this for years, despite painfully worded admissions and outright begging. Meredith is the cruelest of jokes. It's a reminder of every painful moment of her childhood. Of people teasing her for her name as she desperately hated what she wasn't.

Midnight Heart by [personal profile] cesare Rec+
800 words. Unrated. Jennifer hangs in there after Rodney encounters an Ancient device that transitions Rodney from him to her. Jennifer supports her as she comes to terms with the sudden change, and reveals that she's always wanted to be Meredith, says to Jennifer, to her family, her friends, her colleagues, "This is me. I don't want to go back."

This was for the same prompt as the one above, only it put a completely different spin on it. I love how jealous Jennifer is of Meredith's magical transformation and I love Meredith's thoughtlessness.

Over, Begun by [personal profile] cesare Rec
800 words. Unrated. The love didn't surprise her; the pain did. Once she'd wanted to spend her life with Rodney. She was glad to know the truth about what happened between them, and she wanted to be a good friend to Meredith, but for now it still felt bittersweet.

This was for a different Rodney/Jennifer prompt on the fest, "it's not a bad break-up, but it's still a break-up". I love this look at Meredith and Jennifer after it's over.


Deep Breaths by [ profile] trollprincess Rec
21,800 words. Mature. Azazel offered Mary a choice, and she did what she had to do. She looked him in the eyes when he offered to bring her dead boyfriend back to life, and she told him no. Fifteen years later, she's divorced, a single mom, and living in the sort of quaint small town she used to dream about raising her family in. Enter a strange woman with a mute little girl, a woman who cracks through Mary's barely stable facade of a normal life. Featuring five tequila shots, four threatening angels, three fatherless children (maybe), two kickass women, and a platter of peanut butter brownies.

Wow, wow, wow. This is really amazing. I love the way things unfold and how things I thought were odd at first turn out to be odd for a reason. It's really well written and really well thought out. Spoileryish )

Supernatural RPF

I Wrote This Novel Just for You by [personal profile] secretlytodream
19,000 words. NC-17. Funny, they could be a perfect couple if one of them wasn’t a psycho serial killer and the other his biggest fan.

Wow, this was bad. I'm not bothering with spoiler cuts, because this is not a fic I would recommend to anyone and so I really don't care if I spoil it for you.

I thought, from the summary, that it would be a good kind of creepy, but instead it was a badly-written misogynistic mess. D: The author is clearly not a native speaker of English and I wish she'd had a better beta. The prose is clunky and just off in places. But the story itself is just not that great, either. This is the story of a guy who falls for a serial killer, yet we're never shown why. We're told that he does, and we're shown what happens when he does, but it relies on shippyness to explain why Jensen should fall for Jared. He does because they're meant to be, duh. And while I might be willing to accept that in a non-serial-killer AU, I really need a little something more here. Also the whole thing with Jensen's book was so vague it felt like the author had no idea what was going on. You don't need to know everything about your story, but make the audience believe you do.

But really, what pushed this from eh to ew is the misogyny. I didn't think, when I clicked, that serial killer!Jared would be one of those serial killers. You know, the kind who only kill (thin, pretty, white, blonde, able-bodied, young) women. Right away that puts a whole icky spin on this. And Daneel is a character in this (for those not in the know, this is Jensen's RL girlfriend/wife (I don't know if she was his wife at the time, but I believe they are married now)). Oh, I had a bad feeling. She's not Jensen's girlfriend in the fic, just a friend, but I still had a bad feeling. And sure enough, I was right to. In fact, it was even worse that I thought. I thought Jared would kill her. Instead, he kidnaps her and tells Jensen that Jensen has to choose: him or Daneel. And he can't just say he chooses Jared. No, he has to kill Daneel for him. And yeah, he's torn up about it. And at the end of the story he decides he can't stay with Jared after all. But that doesn't actually do anything to lessen the sliminess I feel for having read that.

I love dark fic. I love creepiness. This was the wrong kind of creepy.

Other RPF (Jude Law/Ewan McGregor)

No Faint-Hearted Damsel by [personal profile] helens78 Rec+
1100 words. Explicit. Head-to-foot, Jude is Ewan's girl. An evening that starts with a corset and ends in pleasant, sweaty fun for both of them.

It's Jude/Ewan! Transfic! With bonus D/s!
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Some [community profile] kink_bingo and Transfic Mini Fest stuff, as well as some random things.

Sherlock Holmes
The Imperative Voice by [personal profile] damned_colonial Rec+
1200 words. "Yes," said Watson. The word came more easily than he had thought it would, as if it had been trapped inside him just waiting to be released. "Yes," he said again, then turned quickly to look out the window, because he couldn't bear to see the triumph on Holmes's face.

This is the sequel to the previously untitled fic I recced the other day (now called Hypothesis) and is just as good (I actually think I may like this one even better). There's going to be a whole series of these (for a bingo, I guess)! This one has Holmes calmly discussing Watson's proclivities while Watson gets all hot and bothered. Mmm...

Quod Erat Demonstrandum by [personal profile] damned_colonial Rec+
1300. Watson gets all hot and bothered at the sight of Holmes all bruised and bloody.

Sequel to the above. This series continues to be awesome. I love how Watson is so confused by what Holmes wants of him, but is eager to do his bidding. And I love the bit at the end with Holmes doing up his robe. He totally did that on purpose. XD

Liability by [ profile] candle_beck Rec+
6400 words. Watson curls his lip, and shrugs. "I don't begrudge you it. Put me up against a remorseless killer, and I know where your priorities lie."

Ooh, I like this. Holmes sees Watson collapse and goes back to check on him, even though it means letting the criminal possibly escape. And Holmes hates himself for it and takes it out on Watson afterwards and there is ~tension~ and crankiness on both sides and it is just so good. And then Holmes realises what he's doing and why and it gets even better. :D

Stargate: Atlantis

Control Chair by [personal profile] busaikko Rec+
1900 words. John and Rodney talk about a fucking control chair.

I think if I were reading the actual story about John's non-con adventures with the control chair, I would be like, okay, this is good (assuming it was by an author I like/well-written), but wouldn't be wowed, because I just don't really see the appeal of those sorts of scenarios, popular as they are in fandom. But this is much more interesting to me. John tells Rodney his fantasy to get Rodney off...which also sounds like a fairly typical scenario, but I love how this is their way of being intimate. It's not in addition to sex. John just isn't interested in sex, but he'll do this for Rodney. And I always like fics where John's dislike of being touched is acknowledged, but not made into a problem that needs fixing. (One of my biggest pet peeves is John being "fixed". Note to touchy-feely types: not being touchy-feely is not a defect.)

Atavar: The Last Airbender

Sun Blast Your Shadow by [profile] pearl_o Rec
1700 words. Zuko had assumed, somehow, that the hard part would be over.

Zuko learns that ruling a kingdom is not that easy and sometimes you have to make hard decisions. Very hard decisions. Quiet and understated. I enjoyed it.

Iron Man

Untitled by [personal profile] helens78 Rec
1500 words. "You want me to shock you in the dick?"

Written for her last year's kink_bingo electricty square. Tony has a fancy new glove he wants Rhodey to try out. :D

due South

New Toys by [personal profile] helens78
3600 words. Fraser and Ray have played around with police-issue handcuffs and velcro handcuffs, but now they've got something better.

I betaed this, otherwise I wouldn't have read it because due South is not my fandom, but even so it was easy enough to follow. Well-written and enjoyable, and if you like bondage and you like due South, you will probably like it even more!

The Forbidden Dance by [personal profile] busaikko Rec
1400 words. A dancing lesson.

This was written for the Transfic Mini Fest. There is crossdressing and dancing and I really love all the little details here.

Harry Potter

Once Upon a Time by [personal profile] busaikko Rec+
1300 words. Some people find out who they really are at age eleven. For Dudley, it takes a little longer.

Another for the Transfic Fest, written for a prompt of mine. I love this so hard. Dudley! ♥♥♥
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Iron Man

Reconciliation by [ profile] thelma_lou Rec
7700 words. This is not the end-of-the-line scenario she’d always envisioned. This is not a drunken mistake or desperation or declining years or no one else left to fight.

Ahhh, this is perfect. I love how it really deals with their working relationship and doesn't just gloss over it.

People Who Know My Sins by [personal profile] atrata Rec+
2000 words. Dancing is not in her job description, but neither is mopping up blood at 4 in the morning. She does it anyway.

I always say I am not a fan of H/C, but I...I guess I am? If it's low-key and all OTT emotional and whumpy. (Totally a cromulant word there.) Just most of it that is labelled H/C tends to be way over the line for me into embarrassingly emotional, so. But this! This was so good! And the image of Pepper sitting on Tony's lap and patching him up when he's broken and it's all UST-y just makes me all sparkly-eyed. *_*

Turning Your Orbit Around by [personal profile] atrata Rec+
800 words. Five terribly inappropriate gifts Tony Stark has given.

Ahahahaha! This is perfect. I especially love Pepper and Jarvis's gifts (Jarvis's is really the very best).

Jupiter Crash by [personal profile] atrata Rec
1600 words. There's a bruise across his ribcage, a mottled purple mess, yellow-green around the edges.

HOSHIT this is hot.
She leans back to get a better view of his face, then lays her hand over his ribcage and glances down. One slight adjustment, and she's right: The heel of her hand does cover the worst of the bruise. She presses on it and Tony inhales sharply, his jaw clenching. He leans into it, though, bends his arms like he's doing a push-up against the glass, and Pepper keeps pushing. She doesn't jab or poke or thrust, just a steady unrelenting pressure until -- there. Until the pain on his face morphs into pleasure, until those harsh lines etched into his skin relax and his eyes fall shut and his mouth falls open, and then she leans in and kisses him, and kisses him, and kisses him.

Also there's pegging.

Stargate: Atlantis

Strong Enough To Be My Man by [personal profile] telesilla Rec
12,500 words. John can't really imagine safewording over anything that could happen in a spa, but then again, he has no idea what Rodney's planned for him.

I enjoyed this, but it's a little set-up heavy for me. Not in an exposition sense, but in terms of setting up for the scene. Fully half the fic is spent detailing how John gets ready for his scene with Rodney. It's not uninteresting or out of place, and it's well-written, but I'm more of a "cut to the chase" person. ^_^;; Still, very hot, especially towards the end when they're back in their room. And the whole thing gave me a sort of n'awww of nostalgia, because it all was very reminiscent of The Establishment (unsurprisingly).

Sherlock Holmes

Untitled by [personal profile] damned_colonial Rec+
800 words. "An interesting case. Are you aroused by anyone telling you what to do, or is it only me?"

For the obedience square on [community profile] kink_bingo. This is pretty much perfect.

Harry Potter

Five Times Hermione Granger Punched Draco Malfoy by [ profile] thelastgoodname Rec+
800 words. "That felt good."

Oh man, I really love this. Punching Draco gets Hermione hot and she goes off and has sex with Ron. I love how aware yet unaware she is of her kink and how Draco seems to know the game and keeps coming back for more.

Five Times Draco Malfoy Took it in the Face From One H. Granger by [ profile] lunabee34 Rec+
800 words. Draco watches as Granger gets a glazed look in her eyes and drags the Most Irritating Weasley off into the storeroom for what Draco can only assume is a session of connubial bliss. In Draco’s rather limited experience, it’s considered polite to ask the third party if he’s interested in joining one’s marital bed, but perhaps indiscriminate and sexualized violence is normal for mudbloods.

This is the same fic as above but from Draco's POV and it is exactly what I wanted when I finished reading the first one.
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A little more remix, one [ profile] lgbtfest from last year, one from the Transfic Mini Fest (man, I really need to write up my reviews for everything I read there), and one just because.

The Middleman

The Prurient Pollen Pollutant Proposition (The Classic Mirrorverse AU) by [personal profile] thedeadparrot Rec
1700 words. When you get right down to it, Wendy knows she's a totally bitchin' bad guy.

This takes what was originally just a Wendy/Middleman PWP and makes it evil!Wendy seducing the Middleman so she can get her hands on the HEYDAR. As I say below, the original didn't work for me at all, but this turned it into something I could totally believe.

It's Always the Classics by [personal profile] medie
1100 words. When you get right down to it, Wendy knows, she'd make a bitchin' bad guy.

This is cute and the dialogue was very Middleman-ish, but it's also Wendy/Middleman, and I just found myself going "but wait, what about Tyler? What about Lacey?" through the whole thing. I am already a pretty hard sell on this pairing, because I just didn't get that vibe from them at all, but I am not opposed to reading it. I just need to know what happened to Tyler and Lacey.

due South

Roll Back Down to the Warm Soft Ground (Dog and Butterfly Remix) by [personal profile] helens78 Rec
1200 words. Things have never been easy between Benton and Meg, and the morning after is no exception. A shared breakfast of muffins might help.

My due South fannish osmosis has not extended to characters other than Fraser and the two Rays, but this works well even without knowing the characters. I especially like Fraser's POV on the muffin scene from the original. (Fandom loves the whole "brocolli test" thing where characters are really in tune with each other, but I love stuff like this where they're just not on the same wavelength.) I also really liked the halting conversation at the end.

Makes the Beautiful World (In the Morning) by [personal profile] wintercreek
700 words. The barista winks at her, and Meg looks away and feels her cheeks heat slightly. It pleases her a bit for him to think she got lucky last night, even if it didn't happen the way he's probably guessing. She did get lucky, though - an intimate experience, fully clothed.

This is cute.

Stargate: Atlantis

Too Good (the YKIOK,IJNMK Remix) by [personal profile] telesilla Rec
3400 words. So apparently their whole relationship was based on a lie.

My thoughts on the original are here, but can be boiled down to "wow, that was really problematic for me". The remix keeps the part where John and Rodney are in a relationship based on mutual misunderstanding, but gets rid of the kink-negativity I felt in the original. I really liked it. And I love the whole discussion they have, and the way John gets angry, but realises he's partly to blame, too. Good stuff!

Iron Man

Walking in These Shoes by [ profile] redfiona99
7200 words. Pepper Potts is the woman she'd always wanted to be. It's probably not all Tony's fault that her well-ordered life has just been blown to pieces. But it's definitely mostly his fault.

I liked this, but not as much as I was hoping, considering it's mtf!Pepper and I was really looking forward to that. It was just kind of clunky and overly expositiony (not to mention a random two-sentence blip into Tony's POV) and I kept wishing the writing had been just a little bit better. Also...Gwyneth Paltrow does not have large breasts, so I was very confused as to why Pepper would have had to have implants to look like that.

Uncertainty Principle by [personal profile] lienne Rec+
1000 words. He is a boy in the process of becoming a man, and the process is almost—but never quite—finished.

This one I really loved! I really like the idea of Tony being trans and I love how much his confidence in himself is shaken by his feelings for Rhodey.

Concession by [personal profile] obsession_inc Rec+
26,400 words. An AU diverging from canon after the first movie: Christine Everhart investigates the disappearance of Tony Stark and Pepper Potts.

Wow. WOW. This is amazing. I don't know what I was expecting, but it wasn't this. If you like mystery/horror you might want to check this out, even if you're not really familiar with Iron Man. I really, really loved Christine here, and all the OCs.

Best read without spoilers, but... )


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