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Stargate: Atlantis

What It's Made by [personal profile] bluflamingo Rec
7700 words. Life is partly what we make it, and partly what it is made by the friends we choose.

Oh, I liked this a lot. I don't like everyone's gay fics when they're set in canon (unless the canon is, like, QAF or something!) because it's just not believable that everyone in a random group of people would be gay. But I do love fics like this, where everyone's gay because it's about a group of friends and their community. (And I liked Rodney being John's one straight friend, too.) Plus! Jinto has a minor part as a trans student at the school where John teaches. Yay! :D

And there is imperfect sex, which is another favorite of mine. A story that starts off with John whacking his head with his surfboard could easily go to the H/C place, but instead it went to John having a concussion and a headache and not being able to get it up when his boyfriend gets back in town and they have their big reunion. Hee. I love it.

Living Is a Gamble by [personal profile] telesilla Rec+
2900 words. Ten years after the Plague, life's a little like an RPG. Or is it more like a comic book?

Wow! This is such an awesome idea and really well executed. Lots of stuff there in only ~3000 words, and aside from a small bit of exposition towards the end, you really get all the info you need about the universe through the events of the story itself. I love being dropped into the middle of something and having to figure it out, especially something like this where there's a lot of stuff going on and a lot of difference from canon. Spoilers ) Just really awesome overall.

All the Colours Came Out by [personal profile] fizzyblogic Rec
3900 words. John and Ronon navigate Earth life.

This is just quiet and sweet and I really liked it a lot.

Synthesis by [personal profile] thingswithwings Rec+
1100 words. Because they have the technology, Rodney's rebuilding him.

Wow, this is so cool! Atlantis finds an Ancient lab with tech that lets them make fake body parts, skin, organs, everything. But the story is about how that begins to change Atlantis. Or how John feels it's changing them. It's not an action story at all, and it could easily feel summaryish, but it doesn't. It feels complete as it is. Just very cool and very well-written.

Big Bang Theory

Moonpie and Meemaw by [ profile] damalur Rec+
3200 words. Meemaw came through the front door Velociraptor-first.

Oh man, this is awesome. It's 100% pure crack (Meemaw has a pet velociraptor!), but the voices are spot-on (I could totally hear Sheldon in my head) and despite being Penny/Sheldon, it actually works (seeing it was Penny/Sheldon in the headers, I had braced myself for some sort of romance, but it wasn't like that).

Supernatural, Sherlock Holmes, The Simpsons

Three untitled ficlets by [personal profile] bossymarmalade Rec
300 words, 400 words, and 300 words respectively. Three ficlets based on icon keywords for Supernatural, Sherlock Holmes, and The Simpsons.

I wasn't sure if I should write up each of these separately or what, but in the end decided on this format, since there aren't individual cut tags or anything to link to, so it would be the same URL three times over. Each of these is based on someone's icon keywords. The SPN one is all right, just a little Sam and Dean interaction/banter, but the Holmes and Simpsons ones are really great. The Holmes one is based on everyone's favorite Hark! A Vagrant "new Watson likes jam", and the Simpsons one is a very cool look at Patty. I really, really want more fic about this Patty!

Sherlock Holmes RPF

Down the Rabbit-hole by [personal profile] gloriamundi Rec+
600 words. "He sits there, pretending to be Holmes who's pretending to believe that the cocaine is going to open doors."

This is really amazing. I have stayed away from RPF for this fandom because so much of it is so, so bad, but I really do want to read fic for it! This has tiny hints of RDJ/Jude, but is mainly just about RDJ and Holmes and what it's like for him to be playing an addict. Really good stuff.
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Wow, four posts in the less than a week and a half since I saw the movie. XD And there is still more to read! I haven't even touched the one author I keep seeing recced (can't remember her name at the moment), because all her stuff is longer and I keep getting distracted by short fics.

Infinite Variations Upon a Single Moment by [personal profile] lisztful Rec+
3200 words In which Holmes presents both the case of Dr. Watson and his lady love, and the case of Sherlock Holmes.

Oh man, this is so awesome. I love the way Holmes lays everything out and I love that Watson is convinced (Holmes's logic is infalible!). would be so easy for a scenario like this to be done badly. With a Watson who is going to marry Mary in order to try and hetify himself and get away from Holmes, some writers might have him think "oh, it's all right, Holmes is really a woman" (even if he was eventually convinced that Holmes was really a man). But there's none of that here. I also liked that it was made very clear that it wasn't just Holmes Watson was attracted to, that he'd always been gay. (I don't like WNGWJLEO at the best of times and it takes on an even skeevier undertone when one of the characters is trans.) I liked how this dealt with Mary, too.

Change of Plans by [personal profile] blue_soaring Rec
3800 words. "Gently, gently!" Holmes rocked nearly up onto his toes with the force of it, his hand grabbing in a most satisfying way at Watson's forearm.

Hot. Great banter. Nice accompanying fanart.

Roped In by [personal profile] thingswithwings Rec+
1000 words. Above him, Watson blinks twice and flushes red, and his hands on the rope are slow and tremble slightly as he cinches it tighter around Holmes' throat, leaning down with his hand to add pressure to the constriction.

Hnnngh. I have had the idea in mind for Holmes/Watson breathplay since I saw Holmes hanging from the ceiling, and this is exactly the sort of thing I wanted to see.

The Sun Never Sets by [personal profile] bossymarmalade Rec+
700 words. Holmes finds out something unexpected about Watson.

Oh, oh! I really loved this. It's a perfect little gem of character development.

The Things We Say with Our Hands by [profile] ariadnes_sting Rec
1600 words. Watson has trouble with his leg on a daily basis, and he tries to downplay it, to Holmes and to himself. Holmes, however, is too observant to miss anything, but he humors Watson and pretends he doesn't notice...but he's sneaky and makes everything easier for him, when he can.

This is another one I was a bit leery of for being labelled H/C, but it was good! I need to remind myself that not all H/C needs to be overblown melodrama and stop being so afraid of it. XD Anyway, I really liked the way this dealt with Watson's disability.

Making an Ass Out of You and Me by [personal profile] helens78 Rec
900 words. Robert has no problem being on his knees, but Jude is a little bored of this sort of thing.

Oh, this is great. So often you have magical porn land where everyone knows exactly what everyone else wants and people mesh perfectly. I love the wrong assumptions and awkwardness here.
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Haven't been reading as much the past few days, but here are a handful of short fics, including one Jude/RDJ.

Desperate Measures by [ profile] mific
1600 words. Holmes resorts to desperate measures.

I love the idea of Holmes getting addicted to a device meant to prevent masturbation. XD This is quite funny.

Quite Enough by [personal profile] circadienne
2600 words. Holmes and Watson patch each other up after foiling Blackwood's attempted attack on parliament.

I'm glad I clicked on this despite the H/C label. It does have them cleaning each other's wounds and such, but it's not the sort of thing I think of when I see "H/C". I wish there had been a bit more acknowledgement of Mary there, but I do like Watson wanting to break away from Holmes and not being able to (that is totally right up my alley).

Impecunious by [personal profile] damned_colonial Rec
600 words. So alarming did the state of my finances become, that I soon realized that I must either leave the metropolis and rusticate somewhere in the country, or that I must make a complete alteration in my style of living. -- A Study in Scarlet

Another rentboy AU! This one is much better written, plus there is the promise of more to come! (I am not sure if that means this is a WiP or if it will have a sequel, so I hesitated to include this if it is just part one of something, but it does read fine as a stand-alone, so I decided to include it anyway.)

Naming by [personal profile] fizzyblogic Rec+
300 words. Sherlock Holmes finds his name.

Bweeeeeee! It's wee!ftm!Holmes! For MEEEEEEE! Wee!Holmes is completely and utterly adorable and I can't wait to see more. :D (This is your cue, people! Everyone should write some!)

Slack by [personal profile] cesare Rec
500 words. "Honestly," says Jude. "Can't two men just be friends these days without everyone reading homoerotic subtext into it?"

Ces excels at banter and this is 500 words of pure awesome banter. I loved it.


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