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A few more from the awesome ladies ficathon, along with some racebending revenge stuff! Also Sherlock Holmes BB is live! So I will probably be reading from that next.

Captain America

Trembling On with Steady Aim by [personal profile] gloss Rec+
3700 words. Teen. Bucky is Nisei. This is his war.

This is for the Racebending Revenge challenge. I don't know Captain America at all. In fact, until reading this, I had no idea what comic Bucky was from, despite hearing numerous mentions of him on my flist. Now I know! Anyway, this was very awesome and you totally can (and should!) read it without knowing canon. I love the gutpunch ending. Also I especially love this bit )

Harry Potter

The Existential Pleasures of Engineering by [personal profile] naraht Rec+
1100 words. General Audiences. Arthur Weasley has always wanted to be an engineer.

Oh, this is awesome. Wee Arthur, just as obsessed with and confused by Muggles as he is as an adult, only so much more endearing. (Adult!Arthur's obsession just annoys me.)

Blow Me Bluebell Bubbles by [ profile] chaletian Rec
200 words. She has bluebell bubbles the boy brings (he's a sweet boy). She blows them, big and round, and fills them with the noises in her head.

Alice Longbottom at St Mungo's. This is so short, but so awesome.


And So On and On and On by [ profile] hyacinthian Rec+
600 words. When she was six, her parents let her see The Wizard of Oz, and she remembers, the Scarecrow may have been the dumbest, but he was the one everyone loved the most, and well, she wonders if that's not an exchange she's willing to make.

This is such an awesome look at Daphne. ♥

Sherlock Holmes

The Third Student by [personal profile] schemingreader Rec+
1400 words. G/PG. In order for you to understand how I came to join the Indian National Congress, I must first tell you of how I met Mr. Sherlock Holmes, the famous consulting detective, and how I came to study Law.

This is a response to the short story The Adventure of the Three Students (which I hadn't read, but which is only 6500 words, so it is now the only Sherlock Holmes story I've read completely...I really need to get on with that reading canon thing) and just really complements and critiques it perfectly.

Also if I ever get to writing the half-Indian-and-passing!Watson fic I wanted to write for the Racebending Revenge challenge, I could set some or all of it during this same story and then it would fulfill the "show how it changes canon" part.

By Sun and Candlelight by [ profile] captanddeastar Rec+
1600 words. General Audiences. "If this is in regard to Clark's comment, Holmes, I urge you to give it not a moment's thought more – I assure you that I have not," I lied.

Another Racebending Revenge fic and eee! Watson is black! Oh, and this is so good! I especially loved this bit )

Whip It

Rollin' With It by [personal profile] livrelibre Rec
2400 words. General Audiences. Bliss has learned to roll with a lot of things, but now she's deciding who she admires and who she wants to be.

This is another one for the Racebending Revenge challenge. I love the subtle and not-so-subtle changes with Bliss being black. Like this bit, which was one of my favorites: She knew her mom had wanted to be Miss Blue Bonnet but hadn't been able to enter the segregated pageant in her day (though she'd been Miss Black Texas in the run up to the Miss Black America contest) but why did that mean that Bliss had to live the dream?


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