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I'm not doing these by day, since not every day has fics in fandoms I know, but I'll probably make a post every four or five fics I read. So far not bad. :)

Those People: On the History of Wizarding Britain's Attitude Toward Sexuality by [ profile] obfuscate3 4/5 Recommended
Harry Potter. 2800 words. The Wizarding World's LGBT history in a few thousand pointed words, patched together from actual history, canon history, and wholecloth lies. Covers Dumbledore, the Founders, the International Warlock Convention, Francis Bacon, Dilys Derwent, Daisy Hookum, Mumbilius Collins, Phineas Black, and others.
This could easily be done badly, but it wasn't. )

Walk Like a Man by [ profile] mmoneurere 3/5
Harry Potter. 2000 words. When you've forgotten how to be yourself, sometimes it helps to try being someone else.
Not great, but interesting. )

In Civilized Parts by [ profile] penknife 4/5 Recommended
Pirates of the Caribbean. 3000 words. It wasn't that Jack grew up without any rules, but he's not sure he likes these.
Very believable young Jack. )

Five Kinds of Bars by [ profile] sanj 3/5
Supernatural. 2100 words. Sam and Dean never like the same kinds of places.
Enjoyable. )


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