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Number Thirteen by Lemuel Cork 5/5 Recommended
Arsenic and Old Lace. 4800 words. Dr. Einstein and Jonathan Brewster on the run.
So awesome! )

In Which Worlds Collide and Eeyore Investigates a Terrible Crime by [ profile] flambeau 4/5 Recommended
Discworld/Winnie the Pooh. 5400 words. In which worlds collide. Also, Eeyore investigates a terrible crime, with some unexpected assistance.
I don't usually like crossovers, but this is great. )

Miracle at 23 Meteor Street by [ profile] soupytwist 3/5
Spaced. 400 words. Tim is not pleased at the idea of Kylie Minogue on Doctor Who.
Cute little vignette. )

What Friends Are For by [ profile] spamala97 2/5
Spaced. 2800 words. Tim doesn't know what he wants. Daisy tries to help.
Wow, this was really horrible. )

It's Midnight and Daisy Steiner's Ex-Boyfriend is a Massive Wanker by [ profile] smithereen 5/5 Recommended
Spaced. 1200 words. Daisy's just got dumped, but Tim is there to comfort her.
Utterly perfect. )

Harry Potter and the Reluctant Fanboy by [ profile] puritybrown 3/5
Spaced. 3400 words. Tim's been a fan before. He's determined not to get burned again.
I really liked the beginning, but the rest not so much. )
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Ten more and I still haven't finished my first pass. I ended in the Bs, so unless there turn out to be a ton of small A fandoms I know, the final first pass batch will probably be smaller.

Tension by [ profile] lucathia_rykatu 3/5
Bakuman. 1400 words. Mashiro and Takagi argue over the reason for the popularity of their most recent chapter in Jump, disagreeing about the 'tension' between the characters.
Cute, though the writing could use some work. )

The Sandwich Story by [ profile] obfuscate3 4/5 Recommended
Calvin and Hobbes. 1300 words. Calvin grows up.
Loved the ending. )

The Tiger Song by [ profile] rabidsamfan 3/5
Calvin and Hobbes. 100 words. Hobbes makes Calvin sing a song about the awesomeness of tigers.
Cute. )

Heaven by LMT 4/5 Recommended
Closer. 1500 words. Larry comes to the strip club again, looking for Alice.
Great missing scene. )

Out of the Dark by [ profile] technosage 5/5 Recommended
Dr. Seuss. 1300 words. They shouldn't have been in the park that night. It came from out of the dark, into their lives, into their hearts.
Damn, this is completely awesome. Dr. Seuss horror. )

I Am Not Clark, My Name Is Pete by [ profile] googlebrat 4/5 Recommended
Dr. Seuss. 1200 words. These children found me, in the park. They took me home. They called me Clark.
Very impressive! )

There Is No I or You by [ profile] nyssa23 3/5
Frasier. 1300 words. Niles tries to communicate with Daphne using someone else's poetry.
Good voices for all the characters. )

What Happened After by [ profile] steelneko 2/5
The Dixie Chicks' "Goodbye Earl". 400 words. The police did find Earl eventually.
Very summary-ish epilogue to the song. )

Strawberry Jam by [ profile] vampedvixen 3/5
The Dixie Chicks' "Goodbye Earl". 1800 words. The story of Wanda and Mary Anne.
Fleshes out the song some, but doesn't add much )

Suddenly I See by [ profile] norah 3/5
So You Think You Can Dance. 6200 words. Being on the show is a journey, all right. But it's not just about dancing.
Cute. No canon knowledge necessary. )
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Still not done with my first pass through, but here are another ten. I might get a final first-pass batch up sometime later tonight before going to bed. I've seen lots of stuff I really want to read as I went through, but as I said before, I'm holding off on any larger fandoms and only reading stuff with one or two fics. (Also holding off on anything with fics that seem too long.)

Wind in the East 5/5 Recommended
Mary Poppins. 3200 words. Mary Poppins is magic. Bert has known this since he was nine years old.
This is totally my canon now. )

Overture 3/5
Mary Poppins. 1000 words. Bert and Mary's first meeting.
Cute, but suffers from being read after the one above. )

Audition 2/5
The Decemberists' "The Mariner's Revenge Song". 1800 words. The narrator of the song joins up with the pirates.
Didn't really feel anything like the song to me. )

Final Moments 4/5 Recommended
The Decemberists' "The Mariner's Revenge Song". 3200 words. After fifteen years of waiting, the widow's daughter finally gets her hands on the captain.
Now this one fits the song perfectly. )

Rarely Told in Full 4/5 Recommended
Lemony Snicket. 2100 words. And if a woman you loved for years says, "I love you, but I can not be with you and I hope this two hundred page book I have sent with your engagement ring explains why," you would likely look over the fact that she still loves you and instead focus on the fact that she is now married to another man and pregnant.
Great Snicket voice. )

All's Fair in Love 2/5
Kusatta Kyoushi no Houteishiki. 3400 words. Masayoshi wants something Atsushi isn't sure he can give.
Oh dear. Just bad. )

One Night at the Pizza Pizza 3/5
Moxy Fruvous' "King of Spain". 800 words. Life may never be the same again at the Pizza Pizza for this former King of Spain.
Great up until the super-rushed ending. :-/ )

Coffee with Membrane 1/5
Invader Zim. 1000 words. Zim and Professor Membrane chat.
This is like all those horribly unfunny Zim fics I found on FFN. )

Back to the Hideous Future 5/5 Recommended
Invader Zim. 1700 words. The more things change, the more things stay the same. Particularly Dib's unfortunately prominent forehead.
Best Zim fic I've ever read, hands down. )

Animals! Heed the Story of Kun 2/5
Wicked. 600 words. Students of Ozian history may be interested to know that the propaganda of the Glorious Wizard was not directed solely towards non-Animals.
Doesn't quite live up to its promise. )
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Hey, more reviews that have been building up for a while.

Lady in the Looking Glass by [ profile] jackandahat 4/5 Recommended
Breakfast on Pluto. 1300 words. You have to start somewhere, and in front of the mirror's as good a place as any...
Loved this look at young Charlie and Patrick. )

Making Changes by [ profile] jackandahat 4/5 Recommended
Breakfast on Pluto. 500 words. But there's still hints, the line of her jaw and the length of her hands. Nothing that can be helped, nothing she can't live with, but this... she touches her hair again, curling a lock around her finger as she looks in the mirror... this she can change.
Excellent. )

Talk of the Town by [ profile] makesmewannadie 4/5 Recommended
Cars. 5500 words. Everyone noticed Sarge was different when he returned to Radiator Springs. Only Fillmore said, if he was around to hear them, "Naw, man, he's not really any different." But that was Fillmore, and God only knew what he'd been putting in that organic fuel of his, so nobody listened. The thing was, Fillmore was right. Sarge wasn't really any different.
This is totally adorable and fits in perfectly with canon. )

Nova by [ profile] puella_nerdii 4/5 Recommended
Death Note. 2300 words. "This is different," Misa says. "People are watching us because they love us."
Exactly the sort of fucked-up dynamic I love about them in canon. )
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Today's [ profile] 14valentines theme is economics and work.

And my theme today is moar Yuletide! I was scrambling quite a bit here, as I read a ton that I didn't like well enough to rec, but finally I hit seven, huzzah (and luckily I had three already set aside from December/January). Tomorrow it's SPN, then back to HP again for the final day.

Fear the La Vega of Loathing by [ profile] dien 5/5 Recommended
Kingdom of Loathing. 3900 words. The tale of Bernice the Seal Clubber.

The Royal Tea-Party by [ profile] ladysisyphus 5/5 Recommended
Final Fantasy Tactics. 3500 words. Squire Agrias guards young Princess Ovelia for the first time.
Very well-written and poignant. )

Of Candlelit Rooms and Ambitions Too Great by [ profile] v_voltaire 4/5 Recommended
Final Fantasy Tactics. 4800 words. The rule of Queen Ovelia, from its greatest heights to its ending tragedy.
Interesting and well-written. )

I Know How You Feel, No Secrets to Reveal by [ profile] sundancekid 5/5 Recommended
Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew. 1900 words. Six months after Double Crossing, Nancy runs into Frank at a ski lodge.
Really read like the books! )

Q&A by [ profile] medie 4/5 Recommended
Batman Begins. 3200 words. Vicki Vale investigates Bruce Wayne.
Felt like it could be canon. )

Home for the Holidays by [ profile] googlebrat 4/5 Recommended
Discworld. 1500 words. That one Christmas Susan did get to spend at Death's house as a child.
So perfect! )

The Birthday of Eternity by [ profile] panjianlien 5/5 Recommended
Discworld. 4200 words. In which Death has a Very Difficult Client and appeals to Nanny Ogg for assistance.
Awesome Nanny Ogg voice. )
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Today's [ profile] 14valentines theme is reproductive rights and I'm back to recs again. In my mad scramble to find fandoms with female characters, I turned to Yuletide, especially since I already had several that I'd read and not yet posted reviews of! I'll have a couple more Yuletide sets over the next weeks as well, since it really is a great source of female-centric fics.

Perhaps thanks to the popularity of sites such as Claudia's Room, there was a huge surge in Babysitters' Club fics this year, most of which were totally awesome as you can see. (Maybe I should have saved these for tomorrow's theme of sexuality, since they're all totally queer, but I will have fic to post for that theme tomorrow!)

Look Up by [ profile] sprat 5/5 Recommended
Ma Vie en Rose. 2300 words. Ludo and Chris ten years later.
Awesome! )

Things Found by [ profile] llyfrgell 4/5 Recommended
Imagine Me & You. 1800 words. This is what happened next.
Very cute. )

Hydrangeas by [ profile] bluflamingo 5/5 Recommended
Imagine Me & You. 4100 words. Heck and Rachel and Luce and H after the film.
The perfect sequel. )

Claudia and Janine's Secret by greyathena 5/5 Recommended
Babysitters' Club. 1800 words. College-aged Claudia and Janine meet up for lunch.
Awesome sister story (that's totally not incest like the title makes it seem). )

Could Be Worse by [ profile] pocky_slash 4/5 Recommended
Babysitters' Club. 3000 words. Pamela Harding thinks that Barnard is the answer to all of her problems in Stoneybrook. Unfortunately, her biggest problem seems intent on following her.
Babysitter's Little Sister futurefic! Awesome! )

Abby's Hanukkah Tales! by [ profile] wisdomeagle 4/5 Recommended
Babysitters' Club. 3000 words. Isn't homoerotic bickering the true meaning of every holiday? Lesbian drama, terrible puns, and no one grows older but everyone's gay. In other words, just like canon.
Very, very funny. )

Kristy's Worst Fear by [ profile] tornyourdress 5/5 Recommended
Babysitters' Club. 1900 words. Kristy has something to tell Mary Anne.
This could actually be a BSC book. )
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Last batch from Same deal as before. I was going to do one batch a day, but I figured, eh, might as well get it all over with, so this is the last of it. :)

I'm now using to bookmark fics to read. Lookie, it's all nice and organised by fandom and length. And yes, that's all I want to know before clicking; if it's bookmarked, that means I've already seen the summary and found it interesting, so when I go to read, I want to go into it with as little info as possible. I don't really even need the fandom tag for reading, but it will help in organising the reviews (I want to start doing posts of just one fandom, if possible, so I don't have a zillion tags per post). Length is good for knowing whether I can read it right now or if it will take me weeks.

Anyway! On to the recs.

Dear Friends and Ruin by [ profile] mctabby 5/5 Recommended
A Little Princess. Crewe/Carrisford. Absolutely brilliant. )

Ordinary People by [ profile] daegaer 4/5 Recommended
Good Omens. Aziraphale/Crowley. Really neat human AU. )

Two Lane Highway by [ profile] almostnever 5/5 Recommended
The Faculty. Brilliant little Casey/Zeke fic. )

Freelancer by [ profile] helens78 5/5 Recommended
Gattaca. Eugene hires a whore for grate yay. )

Needing to Be Needed by [ profile] helens78 5/5 Recommended
Jude/Ewan. Fucked-up Jude/Ewan, with Ewan getting what he needs from Liam. )

Times Change by [ profile] helens78 4/5 Recommended
Jude/Ewan. Fucked up and dysfunctional, my favorite dynamic. )
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Today's challenge for Fandom Appreciation thingy was to rec five challenge fics. I figured since I still had a zillion Yuletide fics bookmarked, this would be a good way to whittle down that list. Well. Instead of just going alphabetically by fandom as I have been with these, I hunted around for the fandoms that seemed most likely to have something I really like (i.e. not the fandoms I'm not so much with the remembering canon on). Still, it took a lot longer than I'd have liked, but I did manage to find three fives and two fours, so I'm counting those all as recs. :p At least nothing was really horrible this time. I think the rest were all just threes.

I Am Propelled By Fear and Not the Righteous by viennawaits 3/5
eXistenZ. 1100 words. Neat. Definitely felt like the film. )

Worth a Try by [ profile] partly 3/5
Nancy Drew. 1500 words. Enjoyable Bess and George piece. )

Jane Narf by Parhelion 5/5 Recommended
Animaniacs. 6900 words. Pinky and the Brain do Jane Eyre. Fucking brilliant. )

Victory from Defeat by [ profile] _tallian_ 3/5
Shaun of the Dead. 1000 words. Funny Ed & Shaun, post-film. )

Night of the Apple Schnapps by [ profile] empy 3/5
Shaun of the Dead. 1500 words. Funny flashback scene with Ed, Shaun, and Pete. )

Five Things Maggie Simpson Never Said by [ profile] soundingsea 4/5 Recommended
The Simpsons. 2700 words. Fun collection of Simpsons future AUs. )

Green-Eyed Homer by [ profile] haku_kaen 5/5 Recommended
The Simpsons. 4500 words. Absolutely spot on Homer & Lisa story. A must-read. )

See no Evil by [ profile] klmorgan 4/5 Recommended
The Village. 5200 words. Fits very well with canon. )

Looking on to Spring by [ profile] marginalia 3/5
The Secret Garden. 1400 words. A nice canon-ish piece. )

Secret Lives of the Cast of Galaxy Quest by [ profile] darthfox 4/5 Recommended
Galaxy Quest. 2600 words. Very funny. )
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The only one of these that really excited me was Disco Lemonade. I guess I just can't get too excited about this fandom.

And The City Is Full of Light by [ profile] bofoddity 2/5
2100 words. Might be good for comics fans. )

O Holy Night by [ profile] random_flores 2/5
1600 words. All right, but not exciting. )

Disco Lemonade by [ profile] miss_gordon 4/5 Recommended
1500 words. Very cool! )

Under Wing by [ profile] alchemine 2/5
1200 words. Another all right one. )

The Beginnings of all Things Are Small by [ profile] thedeadparrot 3/5
2800 words. I enjoyed this. )
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Well, there are over a thousand fics in the Yuletide archives, but most of them are from books I've never read and TV shows I've never seen. I went through and bookmarked all the fics in all the fandoms I felt like I knew the canon well enough to read. There were some that I know I quite liked at the time, like Narnia and Coldfire Trilogy, and the Prydain stuff, but I just don't remember enough about the canon. I think I bookmarked a bit over a hundred fics. No way will I get through them all before the reveal, and I'm not trying to. But here are the first five I read. Pretty disappointing over all, though I do highly rec the I ♥ Huckabees one.

Coming Together by [ profile] maczazzle 5/5 Recommended
I ♥ Huckabees. 2200 words. Brad, Albert, the world as it is, the world as it was, and existential orgasms.
Spot-on Albert voice and just altogether excellent. )

Wedding Balls by KelseyML 3/5
Penny Arcade. 1300 words. In which the watche exchanges hands once again, Div is briefly sober, the zombie makes a guest appearance, and Gabe and Tycho get married.
Felt like it was trying too hard to be funny. )

Happiness Is Fleeting by Kajikia 4/5 Recommended
Penny Arcade. 1300 words. "Please tell me you didn't trade Kara and Brenna for a monkey." "No! Of course not! It was a Playstation 3."
Had some really great lines and was overall pretty good. )

Five Times Sam Clay Finished the Great American Novel by sahiya 4/5 Recommended
The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay. 2200 words. During the years of Joe's absence, Sammy struggles with "American Disillusionment" and Rosa struggles with her own.
Enjoyable. )

All Good Things Come to Sticky Ends by Am-Chau 2/5
Seinfeld. Kramer, Jerry/George/Elaine. 1200 words. Looking back on the end of it all, Kramer tried to explain how everything (and everyone) went down.
The writing's not quite up to tackling Seinfeld. )
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These were ported in from, so I don't have full reviews for them, just short rec blurbs.

Romeo in Black Jeans by [ profile] musesfool 4/5 Recommended
Harry Potter. 4200 words. Sirius has an epiphany. Remus needs convincing.
Selfish, arrogant Sirius FTW. )

Useless by [ profile] undecipherable 4/5 Recommended
Naruto. 700 words. You wonder why something so useless cost so much.
Great use of 2nd person. )

What Happens in a Meadow at Dusk by [ profile] cimorene111 5/5 Recommended
I ♥ Huckabees. 2100 words. Albert had always said that everything happened in a meadow at dusk.
Perfectly in character. )

Parallel by [ profile] airgiodslv 5/5 Recommended
LotRiPS. 3500 words. Lij finds himself in an alternate Wellington where he's not Frodo - Tobey Maguire is.
Very cool. )

The Thing from Under the Sofa by [ profile] telesilla 4/5 Recommended
LotRiPS. 1100 words. Orlando, Viggo and Sean hit the pipe and then get creative with dust bunnies.
There should just be more fic like this. )
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Wow, not only did I finish every fic in this batch (and there are eight of them), but I actually liked (to some degree) all of them, and am planning on reccing two! This is a first. This is...this is amazing, is what it is. Unheard of! I'm so used to not liking stuff that I'm just in shock.

Anyway, not only was this an amazingly good batch of recs, but it brings me down to only two left. Considering I put out the original call for recs back in August, it feels like I've been working my way through these forever, but now the end is in sight! However, the two I saved for last are extremely long (the Administration and a sprawling Star Wars genfic), so I decided to go ahead and post these, cause God knows how long it will take me to read those two unless I hate them so much I stop reading right away.

Intersections by [ profile] kaneko 4/5 Recommended
Stargate: Atlantis. 24,500 words. Rodney's Antarctica is a lot like Siberia in that it's full of scientists who work 16-hour days and bathe once a week (twice when they're feeling social).
Lots of quotable lines. )

The Dark Crucible by [ profile] imadra_blue 3/5 (unfinished WiP)
Star Wars. 76,300 words. On a dangerous mission to Dantooine to capture a Dark Jedi, Anakin realizes he has feelings for Obi-Wan that go beyond friendship or brotherhood.
Would totally rec if it weren't abandoned. )

Roundabout by [ profile] arakne 3/5 (broken link)
Harry Potter. Short story. After encountering Draco over the summer, he turns up in Hermione's Muggle Studies class and asks her for help.
Interesting, but didn't feel very connected to canon. )

To the Batmobile! by [ profile] tamalinn 2/5
Smallville. 1500 words. Lex hits his head and thinks he's Batman.
Had some funny lines, but... )

Castlevania: Remembrance by [ profile] shininghalf 2/5
Castlevania. 8200 words. A Castlevania story in a 1950s setting in which the Belmonts have become fairly typical Americans.
Interesting, but not great. )

Ink by [ profile] tigertrapped 4/5 Recommended
Constantine. 4900 words. Young John Constantine gets tattooed.
Very cool. )

How Many Ways by [ profile] pearl_o 2/5
Due South. 2500 words. Kowalski and Fraser's life together, as told in little snippets by their daughter.
Well-written enough, but I can't say I particularly enjoyed it. )

Roots Rain by [ profile] katallison 3/5
Due South. 11,100 words. Fraser broods in the aftermath of a case gone wrong.
All right. )
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Way back in August, I asked people for recs. Any fandom, any pairing, any genre, I just wanted to read something and was having no luck finding stuff on my own. Anyway, I decided what I'd do is try every single one of them and then write down a little review of each (most will probably be only a few sentences, but some may be longer).

I got lots of responses, both here and on my JF and GJ, but unfortunately, everyone recced long fics, and me and long fics, we're not that tight, you know? I usually spend a maximum of thirty minutes a day reading fic, and most times it's more like fifteen or twenty, if that. So what that means is this is taking me forever to get through all of the recs. Originally I thought I'd wait to post this until I'd read them all, but God only knows when that will be, so instead I'm just going to make a tag for them and post here and there (probably not one entry per fic, though, since that's a wee bit spammy).

So, without further ado, here are the first three fics I read.

Higher Education by [ profile] resonant8 4/5 Recommended
The Breakfast Club. 14,400 words. John Bender gets a life.
Neat. )

Dark Gods in the Blood by Hayseed 3/5
Harry Potter. Novel. Snape/Hermione. A wandering student comes home, a broken man pays his penance, and a gruesome murder is both more and less than it seems. Some paths to self-discovery have more twists and turns than others.
Interesting, but not great. )

[ profile] peter_and_fran by [ profile] blandandnormal, [ profile] imogennegomi, [ profile] paintedmaypole, [ profile] smartlikejustin, and [ profile] throughadoor 4/5 Recommended
LotRiPS. Novel. AU with the entire cast, plus other related characters (Stuart Townsend, Eric Bana, even a short appearance by (a much maligned) Jude Law). The premise is that they're all in a band a la Belle & Sebastian. Something a bit quirky with loads of members and weird instruments and such.
Really neat idea. )
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Living Dreams by [ profile] thepouncer 4/5 Recommended
1100 words. Jerome liked to torture himself with thoughts of what could never be.
Perfect. )
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Wounded by [ profile] xtricks 4/5 Recommended
Sky Captain. 4400 words. Joe/Dex post-film first time.
Loved the realism. )


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