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Hey, more reviews that have been building up for a while.

Lady in the Looking Glass by [ profile] jackandahat 4/5 Recommended
Breakfast on Pluto. 1300 words. You have to start somewhere, and in front of the mirror's as good a place as any...
Loved this look at young Charlie and Patrick. )

Making Changes by [ profile] jackandahat 4/5 Recommended
Breakfast on Pluto. 500 words. But there's still hints, the line of her jaw and the length of her hands. Nothing that can be helped, nothing she can't live with, but this... she touches her hair again, curling a lock around her finger as she looks in the mirror... this she can change.
Excellent. )

Talk of the Town by [ profile] makesmewannadie 4/5 Recommended
Cars. 5500 words. Everyone noticed Sarge was different when he returned to Radiator Springs. Only Fillmore said, if he was around to hear them, "Naw, man, he's not really any different." But that was Fillmore, and God only knew what he'd been putting in that organic fuel of his, so nobody listened. The thing was, Fillmore was right. Sarge wasn't really any different.
This is totally adorable and fits in perfectly with canon. )

Nova by [ profile] puella_nerdii 4/5 Recommended
Death Note. 2300 words. "This is different," Misa says. "People are watching us because they love us."
Exactly the sort of fucked-up dynamic I love about them in canon. )
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I read everything in fandoms I knew for the [ profile] axial_tilt challenge on IJ. Got a couple recs, but nothing really excited me hugely.

Charing Cross is Not King's Cross by [ profile] ktprincesswitch 2/5
Fall Out Boy/Harry Potter. 3300 words. Oun tour in London, Pete catches sight of someone who looks an awful lot like Hermione.
Cute, but not that well-written. )

The Same Pillow by [ profile] marginaliana 2/5
Fall Out Boy. 600 words. Patrick has learned to gauge Pete's state of mind by the words Pete gives him.
I might like it more if I were more familiar with canon. )

Collection Day by [ profile] daisy_chan 3/5
Death Note. 500 words. Just because Mello's side is always the losing one doesn't mean Matt is any less anxious to be back on it.
Enjoyable. )

Amendment by [ profile] libgirl 3/5
Harry Potter. 900 words. Draco takes stock after the final battle.
Felt plausible. )

Crisis of Faith by [ profile] zaph 3/5
Harry Potter. 1100 words. Luna tries to comfort herself with thoughts of her favourite magical creatures while she's held captive.
Not great, but enjoyable. )

Remus's Delicate Condition by [ profile] caitirin 2/5
Harry Potter. 1900 words. Remus discloses a personal secret to Sirius who vows to help, once he's done being a prat first.
Needed a canon beta... )

Winged Nike by [ profile] wisdomeagle 4/5 Recommended
Harry Potter. 600 words. Teddy/Victoire. They are, both, painted beauties.
Really good. )

Even When You're Gone by [ profile] glossing 4/5 Recommended
Hikaru no Go. 1400 words. The second morning of the Hokuto Cup, Mitsuko is nervous.
Neat story about Hikaru's mom. )

Makka na Ito by [ profile] dorrie6 3/5
Hikaru no Go. 2800 words. Hikaru's not sure how he feels about Touya playing Ko Yongha.
Cute. )

Resolute by [ profile] oneangrykate 3/5
Hikaru no Go. 1800 words. Hikaru's New Year's resolution is to be more of a friend to Touya.
Also cute. )
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Five People Who Accidentally Slept with Envy by [ profile] sutlers 4/5 Recommended
Fullmetal Alchemist. 700 words. What the title says.
Nice and twisty-chesty. Loved it. )

Five Times Riza Hawkeye Threatened to Shoot Someone, and Meant It by [ profile] mirabellawotr 3/5
Fullmetal Alchemist. 2700 words. What the title says.
Liked it, but some parts were anime-only, thus confusing. )

Point, Game and Match by [ profile] airgiodslv 3/5
Harry Potter. 700 words. Draco tears a ligament playing tennis and Harry offers him some ointment.
Very funny Draco. Liked it. )

Do You Remember the First Time by [ profile] princess_cushla 5/5 Recommended
LotRiPS. Short story. Lij and Dom try to have sex, but things keep going wrong.
Hilarious. Awkward sex. Loved it. )
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These were ported in from, so I don't have full reviews for them, just short rec blurbs.

Romeo in Black Jeans by [ profile] musesfool 4/5 Recommended
Harry Potter. 4200 words. Sirius has an epiphany. Remus needs convincing.
Selfish, arrogant Sirius FTW. )

Useless by [ profile] undecipherable 4/5 Recommended
Naruto. 700 words. You wonder why something so useless cost so much.
Great use of 2nd person. )

What Happens in a Meadow at Dusk by [ profile] cimorene111 5/5 Recommended
I ♥ Huckabees. 2100 words. Albert had always said that everything happened in a meadow at dusk.
Perfectly in character. )

Parallel by [ profile] airgiodslv 5/5 Recommended
LotRiPS. 3500 words. Lij finds himself in an alternate Wellington where he's not Frodo - Tobey Maguire is.
Very cool. )

The Thing from Under the Sofa by [ profile] telesilla 4/5 Recommended
LotRiPS. 1100 words. Orlando, Viggo and Sean hit the pipe and then get creative with dust bunnies.
There should just be more fic like this. )


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