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Wow, I totally assumed the two Sky Captain fics of mine that were remixed were by the same person, but apparently two totally different people were interested in remixing Sky Captain! Anyway, I haven't read any other remixes than the ones written for me, but I do have a bunch of other reviews piling up, so I figured I'd post them all.

Remix reviews: Sky Captain, Harry Potter, Supernatural )

Non-Remix reviews: Korra, Homestuck, LotRiPS, New Girl, SGA )
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Castle RPF

Work for It by [personal profile] helens78
1700 words. Teen. Nathan's charming act works on most people, but Tamala wants to see him work for it a little.

Wouldn't have read this if I hadn't betaed, since I only vaguely know Nathan Fillion from Dr Horrible and don't know Tamala Jones at all, but this is cute and works well despite not having any real "canon" knowledge.

Glee/High School Musical

Glad I Caught You by [personal profile] mercredigirl Rec
500 words. G. Kurt and Ryan meet in the queue at the or luak stall. Friends are made, all is well & all manner of thing shall be well.

I stumbled over this while looking on AO3 for new fics for the transfic master list. It turns out it's also written for the Racebending Revenge challenge, and set in Singapore (I think? Googling "or luak" tells me it's a Singaporean dish). Very cute.


And Hate the Bright Stillness of the Noon by [personal profile] psocoptera Rec
12,500 words. Teen. As Camp Victory faces a heat wave, Amber, George, and Dr. Rand struggle to make it through the last few weeks of camp.

I really enjoyed this a lot. It feels very much like it could be a direct continuation of the series (or rather a couple plotlines of it, as it really only focuses on the characters mentioned in the summary).


Easy Now by [personal profile] cesare Rec+
12,300 words. NC-17. Elijah/Stuart, Elijah/Dom. Sooner or later, everyone asks how old Elijah is.

Oh wow, I loved this so, so much! I don't think I've read any lotrips since last year's slasha, but this reminded me of everything I love about these guys. I love the whole situation with Stuart, and Lij's interactions with everyone. It's just perfect.

Bouts of Attraction by [ profile] eff_reality
4000 words. R. Dom and Billy are on rival roller derby teams in the UK.

This was cute. I liked the roller derby theme and Dom's relentless flirting. Also very pleased with how Ali was treated.
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I read some fics from [ profile] slashababy and had planned to maybe read a few more, but nothing was really grabbing me, so I figured might as well go ahead and post the ones I did read rather than leave them sit for ages in the hopes that I might get back to the comm.

Everything In Its Place by [personal profile] cesare Rec
3000 words. Sex with Viggo is great, but it's not what Elijah imagined at all.

This was fun. I liked the idea of Elijah imagining this artsy sex with Viggo and then it not being that at all and I liked the way the fic played out. The writing felt a little uneven in places, but overall I really liked it. Great Dom and Elijah voices.

Covered with a Bright Elation by [ profile] kiltsandlollies
2900 words. It's supposed to be a celebration, this, and maybe it will be, in the end.

I wish this hadn't felt so summaryish, but I enjoyed it.

Succor in Safety by [personal profile] viklikesfic
1000 words. Karl is searching for something he has trouble defining.

Like the previous one, this felt like a lot of tell and not much show, but I enjoyed it.

The Gift by [ profile] itstonedme
3000 words. A nephew gives his uncle a special Christmas present.

This was interesting, but I don't know that I really enjoyed it. The writing was not only too flowery, but it didn't go well with the dialogue, which was just ordinary (especially Dom's), and the POV wandered a bit. So yeah, interesting concept, but the writing style was really not for me.
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We Could Make Beautiful Music Together - 18 (Glenview) by [ profile] iphignia939 3/5
Fall Out Boy. 8500 words. Pete answers Patrick's personal ad on Craigslist and they hook up.
Cute. )

Stereo Field by [ profile] normalhumanbein 4/5 Recommended
Fall Out Boy. 10,000 words. Cyberpunk/dystopian future AU in which Pete and Patrick meet when Patrick accidentally kills Pete's girlfriend. And then they clone her.
Cool idea. )

That Old Song We Heard When We Were Young by [ profile] jocondite 5/5 Recommended
Panic at the Disco. 8500 words. "Yeah, Ryan." Ryan's hand slipped into Spencer's; his fingers were like ice. "We're good."
Perfect. )

Taxonomy by [ profile] almostnever 4/5 Recommended
LotRiPS. 2900 words. Ian is an eagle who catches snow marten!Elijah.
Painfully cute and hilarious. )
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Today's [ profile] 14valentines theme is the peace movement.

And my theme for today is RPF, and I will say right now, it is really hard to find RPF about women. Part of that, I'm sure, is due to search limitations. I didn't have any particular people or pairings in mind, and wanted a variety, but there's not one particular thing I can search for (I tried "rpf" on delicious and got mostly m/m slash (mostly Jared/Jensen, for some reason). I did try plugging in a few names and pairings and got stuff that way, but eh. Still, I managed to find enough for a set (and have several 3/5s I'll post at a later date). I probably could have done an entire set by [ profile] belladonnalin if the two fics I did read are representative of their work, but I really wanted a variety of authors, so I refrained. (I will definitely be reading more in the future, though.)

Anyway, on to the recs! I...would have liked less bandom? But bandom was the easiest to find stuff for, so... Also I think all of these can be read without canon knowledge. I barely know who many of these people are myself.

As Girls Go by [ profile] belladonnalin 5/5 Recommended
Hannah Wood. 4000 words. Hannah tries to find a place for herself.
Highly recced even if you don't know canon. )

Tsumi to Batsu by [ profile] sugarless_666 4/5 Recommended
Shiina Ringo/Kyo (Dir en Grey). 600 words. She thinks they make sense in a strange, wicked sort of way.
Hot and Cute. )

Bend Over Boyfriend by [ profile] sinsense 5/5 Recommended
My Chemical Romance. 3100 words. Jamia finds a video and decides to try it out on Frank.
How can something be this hot and this adorable at the same time? )

The Differences and the Space Between by [ profile] belladonnalin 5/5 Recommended
Fall Out Boy/My Chemical Romance. 1200 words. The first time Alicia meets Pete Wentz, she is poised and careful, shaking hands professionally and trying to look older than she is.
Awesome! )

All the Pretty Girls Go by [ profile] pirateygoodness 4/5 Recommended
Katee Sackhoff/Tricia Helfer. 2600 words. If all good ideas start with not sleeping with Tricia...
Very hot! )

A Better Fuck by [ profile] neverneverfic /5 Recommended
Panic! At the Disco. 600 words. Ryan/Keltie. Any boy who called himself "a hotter touch, a better fuck" in his teen years probably had some inaccurate notions of his own prowess.
Hilarious! )

Pretty Pink Ribbon by [ profile] 7iris 4/5 Recommended
My Chemical Romance/Mindless Self Indulgence. 1800 words. The thing is, she's been doing this, being Lyn-Z, for a long time now. She knows all about the scene's charming virgin/whore dichotomy, and how the people who say they'll let her are sometimes worse in the long run than the ones who say no upfront.
Hot and adorable. )
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Wow, I feel like I haven't read LotRiPS in ages (except for a few things I beta for [ profile] kissing_athelas), but then I decided I wanted to try and guess what [ profile] almostnever wrote for [ profile] slashababy before the reveal, so...

I did not read the entire fest. There were 42 fics and I read 25. I had a hint from Ces that her fic was not Dom/Elijah, but did have either Dom or Elijah in the pairing, so I read anything with Dom or Lij. Then later I decided to read the D/E fics as well, just because. And then I figured well, why not a few more, so I picked out a couple that looked interesting from the summaries. It ended up being 25 in all, and I actually had one review sitting around from last year's fest. *headdesk* Yeah... I meant to read the whole fest last year and just got overwhelmed by Smutmas and didn't do it, and never actually read anything but that one fic... I don't think I'm going to go back and read any of them now, so I just included the review along with this year's.

(If you're curious, I was not able to guess Ces's fic, the reason being I somehow never read it. Despite going through all the fics several times and picking out everything with Dom or Lij, I somehow missed that one, and then was driving myself crazy wondering which one she could have written, as they all seemed impossible for her (the one I thought it might be, she'd left feedback on, and another I thought well, possibly, had an author's note that seemed to rule it out). Anyway!)

Since there are so many fics, I'm not going to do individual cut tags. The breakdown is 2 1/5s, 9 2/5s, 9 3/5s, 3 4/5s, and 3 5/5s. Obviously pairings are heavy on hobbits.

And can I just say? HP fandom should take a lesson from LotRiPS. Most of these stories were around 3000 words or under, with the longest being 9200 words. Long fics are great, but holiday fests are just not the time for them.

26 fics )
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I don't normally like doing several fandoms per post, as it means a shitload of tags, but here's a grab-bag anyway. I'll probably have another Yuletide review post later tonight, too.

Undocumented by [ profile] azurejay 4/5 Recommended
Fall Out Boy. 700 words. One of the ways Pete didn't find out Patrick is trans.
Neat AU for Document. )

If You Lived Here (You'd Be Home By Now) by [ profile] kissing_athelas 5/5 Recommended
LotRiPS. 33,700 words. Dom needs a new flat ASAP, but what he gets when he moves in with Billy, Orlando, and Elijah is way more than he bargained for.
I'm not sure my love for this fic can be textually rendered. Highly recommended even if you have no clue about LotRiPS; canon knowledge is so not necessary. )

The Road Less Travelled by [ profile] scoradh 3/5
Harry Potter. 36,900 words. The adventures of Albus Potter and his friends, Rambo Dursley, Scorpius Malfoy, and Norma and Titiana Abbot.
I loved it initially, but became less excited as time wore on. )
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Just a bunch of random stuff that's showed up on my flist recently. Other than that I've not really been reading outside of the McShep Match fics as they're taking up all my time.

Everybody Needs Somebody to Love by [ profile] makesmewannadie 3/5
2000 words. The Blues Brothers. Elwood thinks about what makes life worth living.
Well-written and enjoyable. )

The Pitter Patter of Large Furry Feet by [ profile] telesilla 4/5 Recommended
300 words. John/Rodney. This isn't what Rodney had in mind when he brought up getting a cat.
Cute. I really like this AU. )

There's a Thin Line by [ profile] telesilla 3/5
800 words. John/Rodney. Sequel to the above. Rodney's fascinated with John's tan line.
Love the details. )

Untitled Architect AU by [ profile] telesilla 3/5
600 words. Bill Fichtner/Sean Bean. Bill gives Sean what he needs after a bad day at work.
Fairly PWP, but I liked it. )

Am Not by [ profile] helens78 3/5
100 words. Rodney likes rubbing his face on John's hairy belly.
Cute! )

Six Degrees of Separation by [ profile] kissing_athelas 5/5 Recommended
3900 words. LotRiPS. A series of random encounters between Fellowship cast members.
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Rain Chain by [ profile] telesilla 3/5
Viggo/Bean. 700 words. I liked this quite a bit. )

Dumb, Dumber by [ profile] almostnever 3/5
Dom/Lij. 600 words. Funny! )

Between Friends by [ profile] almostnever 4/5 Recommended
Dom. 1000 words. Excellent character piece. )

Even Porn Stars Gotta Eat by [ profile] airgiodslv 3/5
Jensen/Jared. 2800 words. Cute. )

Seventy-Fourth on the List by [ profile] temve 3/5
Ewan/Daniel Craig. 4400 words. Great Ewan voice and great banter. )
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Still haven't been reading much fic lately, and the ones I did read were pretty short and I didn't have a terrible lot to say about them... Nevertheless, here they are.

Come Back Around by [ profile] kissing_athelas 5/5 Recommended
LotRiPS. Dom/Lij. 3800 words. Angsty break-up fic with a twist.
Excellent. )

U Knows I Loves U! by [ profile] kissing_athelas 3/5
LotRiPS. Dom/Lij. Chav!Dom.
Hilarious. )

Manifesto by [ profile] kissing_athelas 3/5
LotRiPS. Dom/Lij. 1400 words. If there was one thing Elijah was used to, it was being the centre of attention.
Love Lij's characterisation. )

A Friendly Warning for Those Considering Playing Shadow Hearts: Bangkok Nights by [ profile] littera_abactor 5/5 Recommended
Penny Arcade. 500 words. It goes without saying that we would never have done that thing of which we will not speak if it hadn't been for the secret bistro dungeon level of Shadow Hearts: Bangkok Nights.
So very, very awesome! )
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Five People Who Accidentally Slept with Envy by [ profile] sutlers 4/5 Recommended
Fullmetal Alchemist. 700 words. What the title says.
Nice and twisty-chesty. Loved it. )

Five Times Riza Hawkeye Threatened to Shoot Someone, and Meant It by [ profile] mirabellawotr 3/5
Fullmetal Alchemist. 2700 words. What the title says.
Liked it, but some parts were anime-only, thus confusing. )

Point, Game and Match by [ profile] airgiodslv 3/5
Harry Potter. 700 words. Draco tears a ligament playing tennis and Harry offers him some ointment.
Very funny Draco. Liked it. )

Do You Remember the First Time by [ profile] princess_cushla 5/5 Recommended
LotRiPS. Short story. Lij and Dom try to have sex, but things keep going wrong.
Hilarious. Awkward sex. Loved it. )
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Replicant by [ profile] lazy_neutrino 4/5 Recommended
Harry Potter. 600 words. Four months after the final battle, Tom's running for his life.
Very cool. )

How Remus Lupin Failed to Write a Single Word About The Dutch Goblin Wars of 1764 by [ profile] shaggydogstail 3/5
Harry Potter. 3200 words. Some people can be awfully gullible.
Sirius/Remus. Cute and funny, but not wow. )

That's a Good Color on You by [ profile] telesilla 4/5 Recommended
LotRiPS. 5000 words. In the course of settling a bet made with Bean, Viggo learns something new about both his friend and himself.
Loved it. )

Phone Tig by [ profile] apple_pi and [ profile] lord_alexander 4/5 Recommended
LotRiPS. 26,500 words. Billy and Dom are phone sex workers.
Realistic sex yay. )
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Okay, I read all of these before the authors were revealed, but didn't post the reviews until after because it would obviously reveal which one I wrote. Reviews are listed in the order I read them. Some reviews are unfavorable. I think there were five or six fics I really, really liked, a few more I liked okay, and the rest were either completely not my taste (you will notice all my raves are angsty) or I just didn't think were well-written.

Observations by [ profile] airgiodslv 5/5 Recommended
3800 words. Elijah likes to think of himself as an observer.
Fits right in with the world Ruth created. )

Too Busy Being Blue (The Pantone 300 Remix) by [ profile] telesilla 4/5 Recommended
300 words. Unnoticed, Viggo watches Dom paint.
The last paragraph really makes it. )

Have You Heard? by [ profile] v_angelique 2/5
2500 words. Someone a bit odd moves into Dom''s building. Dom is frightened. And then, Dom is intrigued.
Disappointing compared to the original. )

The 'How Not To' Guide to the Non-Traditional Mid-Life Crisis by [ profile] jocondite 4/5 Recommended
5900 words. Viggo's never been someone's mid-life crisis before.
Good use of a remix to provide backstory for the original. )

Finding the Truth (The 'There's No Such Thing as Too Much Cheese' Remix) by [ profile] saklani2 2/5
2800 words. Where in Queenstown might one expect to find fondue? Fondue made with cheese?
Not very well-written. )

Qui Ne Change Rien, Qui Change Tout by [ profile] kiltsandlollies 4/5 Recommended
3600 words. All actors have something they do for luck.
Feels really real. )

Waiting for Viggo by [ profile] trianne 3/5
900 words. Orlando is Viggo's pet panther. Maybe.
Surreal. )

Happiness by the Way Of by [ profile] spillingvelvet 2/5
1000 words. What was Billy up to whilst Dom was waiting by the phone?
Cute. )

Jam and Ketchup by [ profile] canciona 2/5
900 words. All Ian wanted was breakfast.
Would have packed a much better punch if it hadn't had the pairing labels. )

Still Rumpled Skin by [ profile] unstealthy 2/5
800 words. Dom is honest with himself. Eventually.
Too much fluffy cuteness for my tastes. )

Going Crazier by [ profile] tuuli1109 2/5
1300 words. Margaret receives a phone call from Billy.
Too sappily romantic for my tastes. )

You Can Leave Your Hat On by [ profile] chaosmanor 2/5
1100 words. Who wouldn't want to fuck Sean Bean?
Crackfic gone bad. )

Less Is More, Except When It Isn't by [ profile] shanalle 2/5
1900 words. Elijah, he was an actor if nothing else. A loud, sexually boisterous actor who would never, ever get laid again.
Clunky. )

Too Much by [ profile] yueni 5/5 Recommended
800 words. Elijah had always known that Viggo would always be there for him, no matter what.
Really loved this. )

Running While You Sleep by [ profile] azrhiaz 2/5
1400 words. A moment can change everything -- sometimes.
Too confusing to really enjoy. )

Like Chocolate by [ profile] feelforfaith 3/5
4700 words. Billy/Elijah. "You guys always fuck with me."
Liked the idea. )

Not Fun by [ profile] fallingfortruth 2/5
200 words. Lots of things aren't fun. Thankfully, some of them have unexpected benefits.
Makes no sense. )

Five Ways Orlando Got Dom and One Way He Didn't by [ profile] almostnever 5/5 Recommended
5300 words. What the title says.
Absolutely brilliant. )

Reminders by [ profile] apple_pi 3/5
1400 words. Dom/Billy. There are a thousand ways to remember just what happened. This is one of the more satisfying methods.
So many realistic little details. )

The Unlocked Door by [ profile] eyebrowofdoom 2/5
1400 words. Viggo left his door unlocked to let things come as they would.
Too confusing for me. )

Hey, Jealousy by [ profile] the_larch 4/5 Recommended
900 words. Orlando can't decide who his enemies are.
I loved this! )
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So now that I've finished with all those recs, I'm just reading whatever catches my eye, which means these reviews will probably be more favorable on the whole than some of the others were. Anyway, here's three old fics I had bookmarked and two recent fics.

Scent & Sensuality by [ profile] balefully, [ profile] gehayi, [ profile] musesfool, [ profile] scythia, [ profile] underlucius, and [ profile] wildestranger 3/5 (unfinished WiP)
12,900 words. Regency AU focussing mainly on Sirius/Remus.
Quality varies by author, but quite enjoyable. )

Draco's Folly by [ profile] ravenna_c_tan 3/5
36,000 words. Draco Malfoy has earned a place among the Death Eaters as Voldemort's very "special" inquisitor, using his erotic talents to wring information from Aurors and to torture prisoners in his own way.
More sex than I care for, but quite interesting. )

Double Chemistry by [ profile] novanumbernine 2/5 (broken link)
LotRiPS. Short story. Dom and Lij are teachers.
Ending felt rushed. )

Short-Term Memory Loss by [ profile] helens78 2/5
LotRiPS. 2500 words. Viggo. Orlando. Drinking games, and a question about sexual fantasies that Viggo won't answer.
Interesting, but really could have used a beta to make it clear what's going on. )

Separation of Desire by [ profile] chaosmanor 4/5 Recommended (flocked, which is a pain in the ass, but she friends everyone back)
LotRiPS. Novella. Viggo is a driver for the brothel where Orlando works.
Detailed realism FTW! )
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These were ported in from, so I don't have full reviews for them, just short rec blurbs.

Romeo in Black Jeans by [ profile] musesfool 4/5 Recommended
Harry Potter. 4200 words. Sirius has an epiphany. Remus needs convincing.
Selfish, arrogant Sirius FTW. )

Useless by [ profile] undecipherable 4/5 Recommended
Naruto. 700 words. You wonder why something so useless cost so much.
Great use of 2nd person. )

What Happens in a Meadow at Dusk by [ profile] cimorene111 5/5 Recommended
I ♥ Huckabees. 2100 words. Albert had always said that everything happened in a meadow at dusk.
Perfectly in character. )

Parallel by [ profile] airgiodslv 5/5 Recommended
LotRiPS. 3500 words. Lij finds himself in an alternate Wellington where he's not Frodo - Tobey Maguire is.
Very cool. )

The Thing from Under the Sofa by [ profile] telesilla 4/5 Recommended
LotRiPS. 1100 words. Orlando, Viggo and Sean hit the pipe and then get creative with dust bunnies.
There should just be more fic like this. )
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Way back in August, I asked people for recs. Any fandom, any pairing, any genre, I just wanted to read something and was having no luck finding stuff on my own. Anyway, I decided what I'd do is try every single one of them and then write down a little review of each (most will probably be only a few sentences, but some may be longer).

I got lots of responses, both here and on my JF and GJ, but unfortunately, everyone recced long fics, and me and long fics, we're not that tight, you know? I usually spend a maximum of thirty minutes a day reading fic, and most times it's more like fifteen or twenty, if that. So what that means is this is taking me forever to get through all of the recs. Originally I thought I'd wait to post this until I'd read them all, but God only knows when that will be, so instead I'm just going to make a tag for them and post here and there (probably not one entry per fic, though, since that's a wee bit spammy).

So, without further ado, here are the first three fics I read.

Higher Education by [ profile] resonant8 4/5 Recommended
The Breakfast Club. 14,400 words. John Bender gets a life.
Neat. )

Dark Gods in the Blood by Hayseed 3/5
Harry Potter. Novel. Snape/Hermione. A wandering student comes home, a broken man pays his penance, and a gruesome murder is both more and less than it seems. Some paths to self-discovery have more twists and turns than others.
Interesting, but not great. )

[ profile] peter_and_fran by [ profile] blandandnormal, [ profile] imogennegomi, [ profile] paintedmaypole, [ profile] smartlikejustin, and [ profile] throughadoor 4/5 Recommended
LotRiPS. Novel. AU with the entire cast, plus other related characters (Stuart Townsend, Eric Bana, even a short appearance by (a much maligned) Jude Law). The premise is that they're all in a band a la Belle & Sebastian. Something a bit quirky with loads of members and weird instruments and such.
Really neat idea. )
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Title: Valentine's Day
Author: [ profile] almostnever and [ profile] anatsuno
Fandom: LotRiPS
Pairing: Dom/Lij
Rating: PG-13
Comments: This can be read as either Establishment!Dom/Lij or as a D/E AU. It was written as Est!D/E doing a Valentine's Day first meeting sort of roleplay, but there are no out of role thoughts or anything, so it can also be read completely as a stand-alone AU, which is why I'm reccing it (all the Est!D/E stuff is brill, but it's two years' worth of fic, so rather a bit committment). Anyway, Dom and Lij are both actors in this AU, but Lij didn't do LotR, so they're meeting for the first time at a party where they're both DJing. They hit it off and there's lots of geeky flirting and it's just so realistic and gah! I can't say enough. So good!

Title: Conversion
Author: [ profile] anatsuno
Fandom: LotRiPS
Pairing: Dom/Lij
Rating: NC-17
Comments: This is a remix of [ profile] sophrosyne's C-files (which was good, too). I don't really like overly poetic fic, but this is just the perfect amount of poeticness (is that a word?). ana did an amazing job with the imagery, and especially with keeping the theme throughout and really tying it together. Dom and Lij move from fuckbuddies to something more, and Elijah is transformed.

Title: Falling Up
Author: [ profile] almostnever
Fandom: LotRiPS
Pairing: Dom/Lij
Rating: NC-17
Comments: This is a remix of [ profile] azhriaz's Before the Weight Can Leave the Air. It is seriously one of the best fics I've ever read in any fandom. It made me tear up in so many places and I don't cry easily. Everything about it is so amazingly perfect, I don't even know where to begin. Dom dies an old man and his spirit lives his life backwards.


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