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What are you currently reading?
I'm still reading Console Wars and have in fact only gotten a couple more chapters more read than I had last week. Still trying to decide if this book is for me.

I also got a book off BookMooch yesterday and started reading it today. I don't send out anything on BookMooch anymore, but my old wishlist is still up and when I was using it, I always sent out more than I got, so I have a bunch of points left still, so I occasionally get emails saying such and such book on my wishlist is available.

In this case it was Kingdom Coming: The Rise of Christian Nationalism by Michelle Goldberg. I just read the intro so far (though it was the length of a full chapter), but it was pretty good! More interesting than Console Wars, actually; the problem here is just that it's a physical book, not an ebook, so I might end up letting it sit for ages because of that.

Manga-wise, I just started a series called Shibito no Koe wo Kiku ga Yoi, a horror manga about a boy who is haunted by the ghost of his murdered classmate. (That's not the horror. The horror is the situations he finds himself in each chapter. Like the haunted ferris wheel at an abandoned amusement park that murders his cousin. Or when he and some school friends visit a tourist attraction only to end up bait for some murderous monsters. It's very episodic, at least so far.) The art has a very old school feel (in a good way), even though it's a currently running series.

Anyway, I'm enjoying it a lot and had that "ooh, it's not being scanlated!" moment when I checked on Baka Updates, but I have thirteen things I'm working on right now, so I am NOT doing this at the moment. It is going in my "possible projects" folder, though, to be picked up in the future if no one else has snatched it up.

What did you recently finish reading?
7 Seeds vol. 30!! Aaaaaah, this series is so good and it's so close to the end, everything's all coming together. I think at this point everyone who is still alive is going to stay alive (except maybe Mozu), but it's still tense (especially considering how many have died along the way) and full of cliffhangers. (On the bright side, I waited so long to read this that the next volume is coming out in just a month or so!)

I also finished the HP fic I mentioned last week, The Strange Disappearance of Sally-Anne Perks, and enjoyed it a lot. I also poked through the author's other stories and read an interesting one about Tom Riddle, The Magic Thief.

Oh, and I also read an X-Men fic by [personal profile] helens78, The Barest Hint of A Thought (summary: "Something's been going on between Erik and Charles... something Erik doesn't know anything about. When the mask starts to slip, Erik has to figure out how to confront a telepath about the difference between truth and lies."), which was really interesting.

What do you think you'll read next?
I'll probably be reading all these for a while.
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What are you currently reading?
I started reading Stranger by Rachel Manija Brown and Sherwood Smith and it's so good! It's a post-apocalyptic story with some magical elements, maybe? I have only read the first two chapters, and it's a "drop you right into the action, dole out bits about the world as the story goes on" type of thing rather than front-loading with info dumps, which is definitely my preference, but also means that at this point in the game I don't really know how to describe it. It's also set in future Los Angeles, yay.

I've also gone back to reading Kurage Hime and am on vol. 5 of that. It's about at the point where the anime was ending, and I have no idea what the plot of it is after where the anime ended.

What did you recently finish reading?
I finished up Kimi ni Todoke 23 and spoilers! )

I also just read a really awesome fic:

But Not Narrow by [personal profile] pauraque
Characters/Pairings: Hermione, Hugo, Ron (Hermione/Ron, Hugo/OMC)
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: ~3200
Content/Warning(s): None
Summary: Naturally, Hermione is completely supportive when Hugo comes out of the closet. It's a bit more of a surprise when Hugo returns the favour.

It's about Hermione coming to terms with her bisexuality later in life and is just really well written and great.

What do you think you'll read next?
Despite getting hooked on Stranger right off the bat, it will probably still take me a while to read, just because I don't allow myself much reading time these days. And I think I'll read a few volumes of Kurage Hime, even if I don't end up reading all there is so far (which I think is about ten more volumes than where I am now).
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What are you currently reading?
A Night Vale fic! So far it's pretty great, but I'll save talking about it until I've finished it, so that'll go on next week's post.

What did you recently finish reading?
A handful of fics in various fandoms.

Dig Here (956 words) by Cesare
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Welcome to Night Vale
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Carlos/Cecil (Welcome to Night Vale)
Characters: Carlos (Welcome to Night Vale), Cecil (Welcome to Night Vale), Steve Carlsberg
Additional Tags: Time Travel, time capsule, re-education, SCIENCE!
Summary: "Dig here," Cecil told him, and Carlos has done stranger things on their dates— to be fair, he's suggested doing stranger things on their dates— so he dug there.

This is just really cute fluff. Cecil gets a tip that there's a time capsule from the future, so they head out to the desert to dig it up.

Ten Clicks (2050 words) by hollimichele
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Sleepy Hollow (TV)
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Ichabod Crane, Abbie Mills
Summary: "So you're saying this device is a library, of sorts," Ichabod said, reaching out to prod at one of the keys on Abbie's laptop. "Or an encyclopedia?"

Ichabod gets sucked into wikipedia. Cute!

IDK My BFF Hermione? (19110 words) by lettered
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Author Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings, No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Draco Malfoy/Harry Potter
Characters: Draco Malfoy, Harry Potter, Charlie Weasley, George Weasley, Hermione Granger, Susan Bones, Ron Weasley, Ginny Weasley
Additional Tags: Dirty Talk, Humiliation, Fingerfucking, Oral Sex, Anal Sex
Summary: Draco's a hot mess. Harry's lovin' it (hell yes).

I really liked the narrative style. I don't think I would have clicked on it from the tags and summary if it hadn't had the title it does, because the tags and summary sound pretty boring to me? But I was like "what is up with that title?" and it turned out to be a pretty hilarious fic and I liked it a lot.

I also read a chapter and some of volume three of Oofuri, but wasn't really feeling it. :-/ (Not in a "I'm giving up the series" way, but just didn't seem to be in the mood for baseball manga or perhaps manga in general.)

What do you think you'll read next?
No idea. I still seem to be doing anything but reading most of the time, but I would like to read stuff! Fic and/or manga seems most likely.

Oh, and if anyone has recs for other Sleepy Hollow fic, I'll take them!
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What are you currently reading?
Right now I am reading what is honestly one of the best HP fics I've ever read. I'm going to go ahead and rec this here even though I'm not finished yet.

Secrets (155290 words) by Elizabeth Culmer
Chapters: 16/16
Fandom: Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: Author Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Tom Riddle & Ginny Weasley
Characters: Ginny Weasley, Tom Riddle, Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger, Neville Longbottom, Colin Creevey, Molly Weasley, Arthur Weasley, Apple Rumluck (OFC), Daphne Rumluck (OFC), Susan Ward (OFC), Xanthe Delaflor (OFC), Sir Vladislav von Pitula (OMC), Pomona Sprout, Severus Snape, Fred Weasley, George Weasley, Percy Weasley, Rubeus Hagrid, Electra Summers (OFC), Minerva McGonagall, Albus Dumbledore
Additional Tags: Book 2: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Chamber of Secrets, Women Being Awesome, Retelling, Possession, Angst with a Happy Ending, POV Female Character, Betrayal, Worldbuilding, Ethical Dilemmas, Mind Control Aftermath & Recovery, Denial, Depression, Emotional/Psychological Abuse, Friendship, Female Friendship, Male-Female Friendship, Family, Weasley Family, Bigotry & Prejudice
Summary: CoS according to Ginny. Nobody noticed anything wrong for an entire year -- how did she slip so far from her family and friends? Angst and betrayal, but also mysteries, jokes, an enchanted suit of armor, and a guaranteed happy ending.

How did I never know I needed this fic in my life!? Basically it does what it says on the tin. It's Chamber of Secrets from Ginny's POV, and it's really, really good.

What did you recently finish reading?
The only other thing I've read since last week's post is volume one of Chitose Etc. by Yoshizumi Wataru. Which apparently is not her current series, as it's actually ended (seven volumes total) and she's now working on a sequel to Marmalade Boy! I guess I'm going to have to reread Marmalade Boy, then? (Unfortunately I can't seem to find scans anywhere online (I found links for both the original and bunko rerelease, but both were dead) and of course I've long since sold my own copies. Maybe I'll take a look next time I'm at Book Off and hope they have copies there.)

Anyway, Chitose Etc! It's really cute. The story is of an Okinawan girl who spends a day with a boy who's down there on vacation. She falls for him and they make plans to meet the next day, but she gets the flu and can't go. She's really upset about it and when her brother comes home to visit, she tells him and he suggests she move in with him in Tokyo and she can transfer to this boy's school (which they are able to figure out because of things he said about his school; otherwise she has no contact info for him). But on the first day of school, she finds out that this boy barely remembers her and actually already has a girlfriend.

It sounds like a silly plot, but I love Yoshizumi Wataru and am enjoying it a lot so far.

What do you think you'll read next?
If I download some more volumes of Chitose Etc. then probably that (I wasn't able to find scans, so I've got to get them off iTunes and hadn't bought more than the first volume yet).

Also Secrets has really made me want to read more HP fic, so maybe that? idk.
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What are you currently reading?
I've taken a break from Yowamushi Pedal to read...the Draco Trilogy! XD I know, I know, I'm a little late. But I wasn't in Harry Potter fandom back in the day, so I never heard of it until much later, in wank-related contexts, and what I heard of it just didn't sound that appealing so I never bothered to check it out. But then recently I saw it brought up again and for some reason this time I was feeling curious and was able to find some pdfs floating around, so I decided to give it a go! Which is all to say, right now I'm reading Draco Sinister, the second book in the trilogy. I've only just started it, so I don't have any thoughts about it just yet.

What did you recently finish reading?
Well, obviously the big one is Draco Dormiens, part one of the Draco Trilogy by Cassie Claire.

Wow, this got long )

In addition to that, I also read the final volume of Kodomo no Jikan, which ended pretty much as I expected it to. This is a series I hesitate to rec to anyone, because it is so full of loli fanservice, but it's also really interesting and tells a serious story underneath it all.

What do you think you'll read next?
Draco Sinister is several times longer than Draco Dormiens, and that was already a long (for me) fic, so I expect that will be taking up my time for a while. (And the final book is even longer.)
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Last night I couldn't write up my post when I wanted to because AO3 was down and I needed to link a bunch of fic, and then when it was back up I was tired and didn't feel like it, so here we are.

What are you currently reading?
I'm currently reading Find a Temple, Build a Temple by eggjam, which is a pretty famous Homestuck Dirk/Jake fic that I gather people either love or hate. So far I am enjoying it.

The criticism I've seen has mainly been about how you can't really have good characterisation in an AU like this because Dirk and Jake have such unique circumstances and the events of Homestuck are so out there that just being two guys in a high school AU could never capture their personalities. Or that their relationship in canon is so tied up in being the only two guys in the world that again, just being two guys in high school isn't going to cut it.

But I tend to be pretty forgiving of characterisation, I guess? They don't not feel like Dirk and Jake to me, so idk.

What did you recently finish reading?
Mostly a lot of fanfic. I finished up reading the Kindaichi case I was in the middle of last week and then rather than reading more manga, I decided to check out some of the fic I had loaded up on my ipod. I think I read over ten fics this past week, many of which were in the "long for me" range.

Five recs in Harry Potter, SGA, and Sherlock Holmes )

What do you think you'll read next?
More fic, almost certainly. I've loaded up all the rest of the fic I had in itunes onto my phone (I don't keep all my books on my phone because ibooks is not good for sorting, so I try to keep just twenty or thirty things that I think I might want to read in the near future), which includes a lot more busaikko (mainly SGA, I think), as well as some random other fics I've downloaded along the way. I should also go back and poke at Yuletide, I suppose, now that I'm in a fic-reading mood.
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Man, I have really not been reading fic much at all these days, but I do read something here and there and have collected some reviews. They mostly kind of suck as reviews, as I can't seem to think of much to say, especially when it's something I read a while back and made the mistake of not reviewing at the time (because I didn't have the energy) and now I've forgotten what it was about. >_<

I like the idea of keeping a record of everything I read, but feeling like I have to review after everything I read has made me avoid reading, I think (though that's not the only reason I haven't been reading fic; a large part of it is just that I have just been reading books or manga instead). Meh. :-/

9 reviews: 1 each of Glee, Homestuck, Hot Fuzz, Nobuta wo Produce, and Supernatural, 2 each of Bandom and Harry Potter )
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Wow, I totally assumed the two Sky Captain fics of mine that were remixed were by the same person, but apparently two totally different people were interested in remixing Sky Captain! Anyway, I haven't read any other remixes than the ones written for me, but I do have a bunch of other reviews piling up, so I figured I'd post them all.

Remix reviews: Sky Captain, Harry Potter, Supernatural )

Non-Remix reviews: Korra, Homestuck, LotRiPS, New Girl, SGA )
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I haven't been in a fic-reading mood for a while, so here are some reviews that were sitting around on my hard drive.


Intro to Public Relations by [personal profile] happydork
3000 words. G. "Troy, Abed," Jeff said. "This is Becca. Larry plays LERP with her. She's a warrior princess."

I don't know why I didn't like this as much as I thought I would (or as much as other people liked it). It was cute, and Troy and Abed felt spot on, but Becca felt kind of flat, idk. And I kind of felt like there was no point to it other than the author liked these characters and wanted to see them together? Which I guess is the point of a lot of crossovers, but I'm not really a crossover person, so maybe it's just Not For Me. I was pleased that Athena (who only had a tiny bit part) was trans, though.

Harry Potter

Eleven Up by [ profile] bookelfe Rec
7400 words. In 1990, prominent Muggleborn research wizard Cromwell Albertson embarked on an ambitious project. Inspired by Muggle Michael Apted’s “Seven Up!” documentary series, he chose six students from controversial headmaster Albus Dumbledore’s list of Muggle-borns to be admitted to Hogwarts in 1991 and 1992 and went to their homes to interview them – before and after their life-changing discovery of their wizarding talent. He continued these interviews over the next nine years, a period of time which spanned both the Chamber of Secrets attacks in 1992 and Voldemort’s second rise and subsequent persecution of Muggleborns in 1997. The Pensieve Projection that resulted won a Superbius award for artistic excellence in 2002 and has been required viewing in the Hogwarts Muggle Studies course since 2008.

This is a neat concept and while there are a few jarring Americanisms, I really enjoyed it.

Sucker Punch (The Matriarch Mashup) by [ profile] lunabee34 Rec+
3200 words. Hermione/Ron/Draco. Sequel to Five Times Hermione Granger Punched Draco Malfoy, Five Times Draco Malfoy Took It in the Face from One H. Granger, and Fist Meets Face (The Ron Weasley Remix).

This is less of a review and more of a "hey, there's more of this awesome series, go read it!" announcement, as I find it difficult to review fics in series. This one focuses on their respective mothers and how they're taking this unlikely turn of events.

Iron Man

Thermocouple Junction by [personal profile] feverbeats
2500 words. Five times Tony Stark came out.

More like one time Tony came out as trans and four times he told people he'd been assigned female at birth. I don't really like the term "coming out" for disclosing trans status once you've transitioned, because that equates living as your real gender with being in the closet. But terminology aside, I enjoyed this.

Stargate: Atlantis

McKay's Quality Brooms & Sundry Oddments (est. 1842) by [personal profile] busaikko
3000 words. John/Rodney. What happens when reclusive broom-maker Rodney McKay meets professional Quidditch player John Sheppard.

Harry Potter fusion, if it wasn't obvious from the summary. This was cute. I thought I'd like it more than I did, from the summary (and the fact that it's busaikko), but I didn't dislike it or anything. idk, anyway, it's cute.
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So apparently I've felt like reading fic a lot lately? idk.

Harry Potter

Souvenirs and Lost Luggage by [personal profile] girl_tarte Rec
5900 words. PG. In 2003, Petunia leaves Little Whinging for good. It is four years before she can talk about it.

The Dursleys are so over the top in canon, they really don't fit with the rest of the story. It's like for those sections, she's telling a fairytale, but for the rest it's a more realistic story. It's not just that the Dursleys are bad people, but they're bad people in a way that is ver cartoon-y, so I really like fics that try to humanise them. Not erase all their flaws and make them perfect, but make them more realistic. This does a really great job of that with Petunia.

Dudley Dursley and the Elusive Difference by [ profile] kahvi Rec
4800 words. R. Dudley is intersex, outwardly appearing male. Vernon and Petunia choose to keep this fact from everyone. Even Dudley.

Another one that doesn't make the Dursleys less horrible, just makes them more human. I liked this a lot, and I especially like that things aren't wrapped up all neat and tidy at the end. (And I'm always amazed at fics (especially this long!) that manage to avoid using pronouns altogether and still feel natural.)

Unity by [ profile] notalwaysweak Rec
4400 words. Teen. Scorpius feels more at home in his Animagus form than in human form. Al likes boys instead of girls. And Rosie's more in love with knowledge than with people. Sometimes people don't fit into the places expected of them.

Having a boy/boy/girl friend trio feels kind of like trying to do Harry/Ron/Hermione all over again, but I do like these three together, and aside from Rose being The Smart One who helps the two boys with their studies, their personalities are different enough that it doesn't feel like a clone of H/R/H. This has a bit of Al/Scorpius, but mostly it's a friendship story touching on various issues of growing up. I enjoyed it.

Sherlock Holmes

Intemperance by [personal profile] basingstoke Rec+
17,800. Mature. "Intemperance," a story from the secret journals of Doctor John H. Watson, intimate friend and long-time companion of the infamous Sherlock Holmes: A most curious and instructive report of the great man's improbable fecundation, gestation, and parturition.

The fic already has well over a hundred comments, so I'm sure most people who might be interested have already read it, but I will rec it all the same! I clicked on it because I am interested in Holmes transfic, and it was excellent in that regard (I really love how everything was handled), but my absolute favorite part was Mary. How so awesome? This Watson is prudish and easily shocked and Mary is just the opposite (omg the ending, ha; I love the idea of Mary going off and having adventures with Holmes, too). This is such a great mesh of books and movie, too. It's not Holmes/Watson, but Holmes is queer and while John is straighty mcstraighterson with eyes only for Mary, the story is from his oblivious POV, so there is certainly room to see Holmes as having a thing for Watson (and I can't see movie!Holmes not). Anyway, I highly recommend this to anyone with the slightest Holmes knowledge. It's a really great story.


I'm Your Villain by [ profile] fleshflutter Rec+
2900 words. NC-17. The only thing of the old life that Dean keeps is Crowley, and that's only because he can't figure out how to get rid of him.

Wow, this was very cool. I haven't seen more than a couple eps of S6, but so I haven't been too interested in SPN fic lately, but this seems to be written just after the end of S5. I love how things slowly progress between Dean and Crowley as Dean makes deal after deal.
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Fall Out Boy

There May Not Be Another Way to Your Heart by [personal profile] octette Rec+
2500 words. Teen. Pete is a trans guy, and that's not the point of the story.

What it says on the tin. This is about Pete and Ashlee breaking up, sort of, but mostly just about Pete trying to get through the day, as fucked up as he is. And he's trans. But that's not the point of anything. It is an awesome story and I love it so. (And I don't think you really need to know anything about Fall Out Boy to read it, either.)

Harry Potter

Black Coffee on a Lonely Night by [ profile] femmequixotic Rec
21,600 words. NC-17. Draco owns a café in the city. Harry's an MP who comes in every morning, newspapers in one hand, BlackBerry in the other, and orders a triple espresso macchiato.

I don't think I've ever read a non-magical HP AU, not because I'm necessarily opposed (I do love AUs), but they just don't seem that common. I liked the jobs she came up for with everyone, though idk how well the weird Harry Potter names fit in the real world, so that threw me off a little. Anyway, this was fun and I enjoyed it. Also big yay for Draco actually loving his wife and being bisexual. (Boo for badly-written kids, but at least Scorpius isn't on screen much.)

Being the Cool Uncle by [personal profile] melannen
1400 words. G. Uncle Charlie was great with patching up scrapes and getting back on a broomstick. Romance, he had less experience with.

This is cute. I had to look up the niece in question on the Lexicon (she's George and Angelina's daughter, if you're wondering, too), but it's nice to see fic about other Next Gen kids besides Harry and Ginny's (and sometimes Ron and Hermione's).

Iron Man

Horns of a Deer, Feet of a Tiger by [ profile] softintelligence Rec
6900 words. G. An origin story where Tony Stark is a Vietnamese-American person. "It's because baguettes and fried eggs remind him of being poor," his mom said, "and Ba only wants to be rich."

I liked this a lot. I felt like I was missing some of the references, having only watched the Iron Man movie and not knowing the comics, but not so much that it distracted from my enjoyment.

Stargate: Atlantis

Something in a Sunday by [personal profile] busaikko Rec+
3600 words. Explicit. John/OMC. After Enemy at the Gate, John has bad luck with a dating agency. Also, Rodney has issues.

I love this so, so much. In so much John/Rodney fic (including my own, I fully admit!) he's really toned down from canon, but this abrasive, obnoxious Rodney is just how I imagine canon!Rodney would be in this situation. I miss Ronon and Teyla here (especially Ronon), and am not sure why they weren't included, but even that can't dull my love for this fic.
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Harry Potter

Strange Bedfellows by [ profile] casspeach Rec+
35,000 words. NC-17. Neville/Draco. 'Misery acquaints a man with strange bedfellows' – Shakespeare The Tempest

So having just finished rereading the books, I was looking for longer, canon-compliant post-canon fic to read and this turned out to be perfect. It is set before the epilogue and not totally epilogue-compliant, but that's fine with me. I just wanted something that was working from all of canon, which this is. And I was specifically hoping for post-Hogwarts-getting-jobs sort of fic, which this also is. Neville works at the Ministry and Draco is his new assistant. Anyway! I've never read this pairing before, but it really works. I love both Neville and Draco here. I love how awkward they are initially with each other.

Fatal Fascination by [ profile] grey_hunter
27,000 words. NC-17. Harry/Draco. Those who have followed the last couple of months' news might be acquainted with the astonishing story of Camélia Malfoy's mysterious death. Her husband and his family were prime suspects in the murder. Our readers were informed that after local Aurors investigation turned up nothing, the case was handed over to Auror Headquarters, with Harry Potter himself leading the investigation. Many of our readers are still reluctant to believe the outcome, especially after Harry Potter – whose domestic life is whispered to be turbulent these days – handed in his resignation to the Ministry two months later and has refused interviews ever since. Will the true story behind the scandal that had the wizarding world in upheaval for the last few months ever be revealed?

This was enjoyable, but I didn't find the ending satisfying. The thing with the children of Death Eaters being attacked was played up a lot and then never went anywhere, and the author said in comments that they didn't feel that thread needed to be tied up, but to me it was the most interesting thread, so I felt annoyed that it was just left hanging. Also, all the characterisations felt a little wonky to me (especially Scorpius, who was sometimes written as if he were much younger than twelve (food flying into his mouth? That's seems appropriate for babies or very small children, not pre-teens...)) and I didn't really buy the romance. But I still liked it overall.

Own Two Legs by [ profile] sparks_of_chaos
30,000 words. NC-17. Harry/Draco. Suddenly, he wants nothing more than to absorb her persistent ability to put one foot in front of the other and move forward. Not look back. He wants to be able, like her, to live.

This took me what felt like ages to read. It's about the same length as the two above, each of which I read in a single sitting, yet this one I'd read a chapter or two and let it sit for days in between, and I really had to force myself to finish. I thought of dropping it several times, but wanted to try and see it through. I can't really say why I didn't like it. The writing's not bad, but it just didn't grab me.


Sand the Rough Edges (Make the Pieces Fit) by [personal profile] lonetread Rec
1000 words He is as he has always been – a puzzle missing pieces.

Oh, this is a really awesome character study of Mal, who is intersex.

Stargate: Atlantis

Homework by [personal profile] busaikko Rec
1000 words. Teen. For some reason, after his father's funeral Dave Sheppard keeps getting e-mail from Ronon Dex.

This is just really adorable and sweet and I love it. There should be more Ronon & Dave fic!
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Hrm, okay, so maybe I did read a bit more before Yuletide. These can barely be called reviews, but they were all good.

A Woman of Taste by [personal profile] via_ostiense
1300 words. G. Astoria/Pansy. By four o'clock, Astoria was hoping that the wine representative would be bringing samples, and she cursed her parents again for arranging this marriage.

I liked this. Astoria is one of those characters you can pretty much do what you want with, but I liked this characterisation.

Between the Lines by [personal profile] woldy
2000 words. G. Hermione/Cho. When people ask, Hermione tells them she and Cho were brought together by a love of books.

This was cute.

Because It Is My Heart by [personal profile] magnetic_pole Rec+
4600 words. PG-13. Petunia/Alice. Much to Petunia's surprise, not all witches are like Lily.

Oh, this is so good! I love Petunia fic and this is definitely one of my favorites.

Ex Libris by [personal profile] magnetic_pole Rec
1200 words. PG. The summer he is sixteen, Eileen Prince says good-bye to her son.

This is a great look at Eileen. I really liked it.

Burn Him Like a Blazing Star by [personal profile] musesfool Rec
400 words. G. None of them has much heart for fireworks this year.

Molly and the rest of the Weasleys the first Guy Fawkes Day without Fred. I liked this a lot.

And Let You Go by [ profile] gmth Rec
600 words. PG. The Burrow is empty, even when it's full.

Very similar to the fic above, actually, though written years before Deathly Hallows.
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I don't think I'll be reading much if any fic before Yuletide (a week away!) so I figured I might as well get the reviews I had off my hard drive and into a post.

American Idol

Apples Are Not the Only Fruit by [ profile] bexless Rec
23,000 words. NC-17. Local woman wins pie contest! Adam Lambert assists. An AU.

This is cute. It's a pretty straightforward romance, complete with Big Misunderstanding That Keeps Them Apart, but it wasn't one of those things where it felt completely contrived. Anyway, it's very well written and I enjoyed it.

And a Little Leather by [ profile] cathalin Rec
9500 words. NC-17. Kris has a thing about Adam's fingerless leather gloves.

I'm not sure why I had this bookmarked, because it doesn't look at first glance like something I would really like, but I did. I really like the respectful way Kris's marriage is handled and I like that it's not just a long PWP (as I was afraid it might be at first) but is about negotiating the boundaries of their friendship.

I Would Be by [ profile] cathalin Rec
20,000 words. NC-17. AU. Adam and Kris meet a few years down the road, when down-on-his-luck Kris and his young daughter Katherine show up to rent a room from Adam, who never made it to an Idol audition.

Okay, this was a slow-starter for me. I was actually kind of rolling my eyes at both Adam and Kris at first and thinking of just clicking out, but I'm so glad I stuck with it, because I really enjoyed it a lot. Katherine is eh, kind of a plot device more than a character and more cutesy than realistic, but compared to how badly kids are written in a lot of fics, this isn't that bad, and she's not onscreen that much.

Harry Potter

Blurring the Lines by anon Rec
2500 words. NC-17. The Christmas Harry was fifteen was memorable for many things. It was the first time he was really aware of being possessed (or possibly not) by Lord Voldemort. It was the first time he drank firewhiskey. It was the first time... well, those two were firsts enough for anyone...

Oh, this was great. I actually wrote a similar fic myself years ago, but that was Remus's POV on the fucked-up-ness between Sirius and Harry and this one is Sirius and Harry's POV (and no Remus at all), but it's just the sort of thing I want from this pairing (I really have a hard time seeing Sirius/Harry as anything but massively fucked up; mmmmmaybe in an AU where Sirius lives and they're both adults and Sirius is himself less fucked up than he was, but anything set in the canon 'verse, no).

The Death of Narcissa Black by [ profile] massicot Rec+
1000 words, 168 images. R. Narcissa never intended to marry, but circumstances change and needs must.

Wow. WOW. This took my breath away. I love Narcissa-centric stuff, really, really love, and this is just so perfect (even though I actually ship Narcissa/Lucius and this is not exactly shippy for them despite that being who she ends up with). The art is not what I normally like, just aesthetically speaking, but it's very effective here and I love the storybook format used to tell the story. And oh, despite what I said about shipping Narcissa/Lucius, I could so see this being canon. And I love, love, love the idea of Narcissa as a career woman who wants to be Minister of Magic. *flails* Just. If you have any interest in HP at all, I really, really recommend this. It's so good!

Iron Man

Okay to Say You've Got a Weak Spot by [ profile] sotto_voice
800 words. PG-13. If Pepper Potts were a superhero, her superpower would be appearing silently out of nowhere while wearing sky-high heels.

Tony & Pepper banter FTW.
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Harry Potter

Fist Meets Face (The Ron Weasley Remix) by [ profile] thelastgoodname Rec+
3300 words. Five perfect moments in Ron Weasley's life.

This is a sequel to Five Times Hermione Granger Punched Draco Malfoy (by [ profile] thelastgoodname) and Five Times Draco Malfoy Took it in the Face From One H. Granger (by [ profile] lunabee34). I love those two fics and this is everything I could have hoped for in a sequel and more. I would never have thought of Hermione/Ron/Draco would work but omg it so does. This is so awesomely fucked up.

Changeling by [ profile] lydiabennet Rec+
2100 words. G. Fred wants a dog more than anything, and he'll do anything to get one. Anything at all.

Wow. Just wow. This is amazing, one of those stories that leaves me totally jealous of the author's skill and imagination. I wish I'd written this!

Happy Families Are All Alike (Until You Look Under the Surface) by anon Rec
2100 words. R. Ron has his happily ever after with Pansy. But all is not necessarily as it seems.

Oh, I really liked this. There's a lot of fic where evil Slytherins have the good guys under a spell or keep them captive til they go insane and construct this sort of fantasy to survive, and I love how the author went the opposite way with this (and how slowly it's revealed).

The Middleman

The Holiday Homecoming Intervention by [ profile] hematitebadger Rec
6600 words. G. Lacey has the same wish this year that she's had every Christmas. But this year, she just might get it.

Aww, this is just adorable. I could totally see this being an episode.

The Simpsons

Very Deliberately Waiting by [personal profile] gloss Rec+
2200 words. G. "Our children are conspiring against us, did you know that?"

Oh, this is so awesome! It's exactly the sort of Simpsons fic I love best. I mean, I like humor fic, too, but I really like stuff like this that both feels totally right for the Simpsons universe, but gives it depth and isn't just wacky hijinks. And Marge/Manjula is not a pairing I ever thought about, but it works so well here.
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A few more from the awesome ladies ficathon, along with some racebending revenge stuff! Also Sherlock Holmes BB is live! So I will probably be reading from that next.

Captain America

Trembling On with Steady Aim by [personal profile] gloss Rec+
3700 words. Teen. Bucky is Nisei. This is his war.

This is for the Racebending Revenge challenge. I don't know Captain America at all. In fact, until reading this, I had no idea what comic Bucky was from, despite hearing numerous mentions of him on my flist. Now I know! Anyway, this was very awesome and you totally can (and should!) read it without knowing canon. I love the gutpunch ending. Also I especially love this bit )

Harry Potter

The Existential Pleasures of Engineering by [personal profile] naraht Rec+
1100 words. General Audiences. Arthur Weasley has always wanted to be an engineer.

Oh, this is awesome. Wee Arthur, just as obsessed with and confused by Muggles as he is as an adult, only so much more endearing. (Adult!Arthur's obsession just annoys me.)

Blow Me Bluebell Bubbles by [ profile] chaletian Rec
200 words. She has bluebell bubbles the boy brings (he's a sweet boy). She blows them, big and round, and fills them with the noises in her head.

Alice Longbottom at St Mungo's. This is so short, but so awesome.


And So On and On and On by [ profile] hyacinthian Rec+
600 words. When she was six, her parents let her see The Wizard of Oz, and she remembers, the Scarecrow may have been the dumbest, but he was the one everyone loved the most, and well, she wonders if that's not an exchange she's willing to make.

This is such an awesome look at Daphne. ♥

Sherlock Holmes

The Third Student by [personal profile] schemingreader Rec+
1400 words. G/PG. In order for you to understand how I came to join the Indian National Congress, I must first tell you of how I met Mr. Sherlock Holmes, the famous consulting detective, and how I came to study Law.

This is a response to the short story The Adventure of the Three Students (which I hadn't read, but which is only 6500 words, so it is now the only Sherlock Holmes story I've read completely...I really need to get on with that reading canon thing) and just really complements and critiques it perfectly.

Also if I ever get to writing the half-Indian-and-passing!Watson fic I wanted to write for the Racebending Revenge challenge, I could set some or all of it during this same story and then it would fulfill the "show how it changes canon" part.

By Sun and Candlelight by [ profile] captanddeastar Rec+
1600 words. General Audiences. "If this is in regard to Clark's comment, Holmes, I urge you to give it not a moment's thought more – I assure you that I have not," I lied.

Another Racebending Revenge fic and eee! Watson is black! Oh, and this is so good! I especially loved this bit )

Whip It

Rollin' With It by [personal profile] livrelibre Rec
2400 words. General Audiences. Bliss has learned to roll with a lot of things, but now she's deciding who she admires and who she wants to be.

This is another one for the Racebending Revenge challenge. I love the subtle and not-so-subtle changes with Bliss being black. Like this bit, which was one of my favorites: She knew her mom had wanted to be Miss Blue Bonnet but hadn't been able to enter the segregated pageant in her day (though she'd been Miss Black Texas in the run up to the Miss Black America contest) but why did that mean that Bliss had to live the dream?
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Lots of short reviews. Mostly [community profile] kink_bingo and [ profile] lgbtfest this time...

Chronicles of Narnia

Putting the Natives at Ease by [ profile] burntcopper
2300 words. No parent wants to know this about their children.

Hmm. So, okay. It's been like twenty years since I've read the Narnia books, but didn't the kids die at the end? But this is a story about them as adults... I followed someone's rec because it was said to be a fic about the kids through their parents' eyes, and it is, but it's not what I expected and I kind of want the fic I actually expected, which was something less AU. Anyway! This is still interesting. ETA: Okay, people tell me they were late teens/early twenties when they died, so this is not AU, but it is still not what I wanted, either. XD

due South

Thirty-Two Mississippi, Thirty-Three Mississippi by [personal profile] helens78 Rec+
1100 words. Explicit. Ray's not good at being patient at the best of times, but with a full bladder and the promise of upcoming sex, he's less patient than usual. Fraser may look patient, but that doesn't mean he's looking forward to the payoff any less.

Really hot watersports fic. I loved this.

Moving Towards by [personal profile] helens78 Rec
1000 words. Explicit. When Ray's desperate, he's willing to beg. And when Ray's begging, it makes Fraser desperate.

IMO begging is always good and this has lots of it. :D Also I have to say, betaing all these due South fics has actually made me start liking due South a bit. I still don't really like Fraser, but while I really, really like Ray K, or at least [personal profile] helens78's Ray K, since I can't actually compare it to canon characterisation.


Texts From Last Night - I'd Gouge Out my Eyes If I Thought It Would Make Your Clothes Less Heinous by [ profile] ohladybegood Rec
800 words. PG-13. Kurt and Mercedes text throughout the day. They pretty much hate everyone, except each other.

This is a story told all in text messages between Kurt and Mercedes and it's just adorable. I really love their friendship.

Harry Potter

If You Can Keep Your Head When All About You... by [ profile] verus_janus
4700 words. Mature. Severus uses will and magic to bring body and soul together when he is very young, but then he needs to negotiate his fearful secret.

I am very interested in ftm!Snape, so I was hopeful about this, but while it was interesting, it was often so vague I really couldn't tell what was going on. Just not a fan of the writing style at all.

On Paper by [ profile] atdelphi Rec
1400 words. G. The curious authority of paper and ink.

N'aww! Alastor Moody as a wee trans boy.

Cast Your Own by [ profile] minkhollow
3900 words. Teen. Blaise doesn't fit in anyone's boxes.

Interesting fic following mtf!Blaise through all seven years at Hogwarts. I liked the look at canon events through Blaise's eyes, though at some points it felt a bit summaryish.

Wilby Wonderful

If You Have a Hammer by [personal profile] helens78
1100 words. Teen. It might just be time to start building a life again. Fortunately, Dan knows a very good handyman.

I wouldn't have read this if I hadn't betaed, because it's not a fandom I know, but it's a cute fic and I want to watch the movie now. :D
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Some [community profile] kink_bingo and Transfic Mini Fest stuff, as well as some random things.

Sherlock Holmes
The Imperative Voice by [personal profile] damned_colonial Rec+
1200 words. "Yes," said Watson. The word came more easily than he had thought it would, as if it had been trapped inside him just waiting to be released. "Yes," he said again, then turned quickly to look out the window, because he couldn't bear to see the triumph on Holmes's face.

This is the sequel to the previously untitled fic I recced the other day (now called Hypothesis) and is just as good (I actually think I may like this one even better). There's going to be a whole series of these (for a bingo, I guess)! This one has Holmes calmly discussing Watson's proclivities while Watson gets all hot and bothered. Mmm...

Quod Erat Demonstrandum by [personal profile] damned_colonial Rec+
1300. Watson gets all hot and bothered at the sight of Holmes all bruised and bloody.

Sequel to the above. This series continues to be awesome. I love how Watson is so confused by what Holmes wants of him, but is eager to do his bidding. And I love the bit at the end with Holmes doing up his robe. He totally did that on purpose. XD

Liability by [ profile] candle_beck Rec+
6400 words. Watson curls his lip, and shrugs. "I don't begrudge you it. Put me up against a remorseless killer, and I know where your priorities lie."

Ooh, I like this. Holmes sees Watson collapse and goes back to check on him, even though it means letting the criminal possibly escape. And Holmes hates himself for it and takes it out on Watson afterwards and there is ~tension~ and crankiness on both sides and it is just so good. And then Holmes realises what he's doing and why and it gets even better. :D

Stargate: Atlantis

Control Chair by [personal profile] busaikko Rec+
1900 words. John and Rodney talk about a fucking control chair.

I think if I were reading the actual story about John's non-con adventures with the control chair, I would be like, okay, this is good (assuming it was by an author I like/well-written), but wouldn't be wowed, because I just don't really see the appeal of those sorts of scenarios, popular as they are in fandom. But this is much more interesting to me. John tells Rodney his fantasy to get Rodney off...which also sounds like a fairly typical scenario, but I love how this is their way of being intimate. It's not in addition to sex. John just isn't interested in sex, but he'll do this for Rodney. And I always like fics where John's dislike of being touched is acknowledged, but not made into a problem that needs fixing. (One of my biggest pet peeves is John being "fixed". Note to touchy-feely types: not being touchy-feely is not a defect.)

Atavar: The Last Airbender

Sun Blast Your Shadow by [profile] pearl_o Rec
1700 words. Zuko had assumed, somehow, that the hard part would be over.

Zuko learns that ruling a kingdom is not that easy and sometimes you have to make hard decisions. Very hard decisions. Quiet and understated. I enjoyed it.

Iron Man

Untitled by [personal profile] helens78 Rec
1500 words. "You want me to shock you in the dick?"

Written for her last year's kink_bingo electricty square. Tony has a fancy new glove he wants Rhodey to try out. :D

due South

New Toys by [personal profile] helens78
3600 words. Fraser and Ray have played around with police-issue handcuffs and velcro handcuffs, but now they've got something better.

I betaed this, otherwise I wouldn't have read it because due South is not my fandom, but even so it was easy enough to follow. Well-written and enjoyable, and if you like bondage and you like due South, you will probably like it even more!

The Forbidden Dance by [personal profile] busaikko Rec
1400 words. A dancing lesson.

This was written for the Transfic Mini Fest. There is crossdressing and dancing and I really love all the little details here.

Harry Potter

Once Upon a Time by [personal profile] busaikko Rec+
1300 words. Some people find out who they really are at age eleven. For Dudley, it takes a little longer.

Another for the Transfic Fest, written for a prompt of mine. I love this so hard. Dudley! ♥♥♥
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Iron Man

Reconciliation by [ profile] thelma_lou Rec
7700 words. This is not the end-of-the-line scenario she’d always envisioned. This is not a drunken mistake or desperation or declining years or no one else left to fight.

Ahhh, this is perfect. I love how it really deals with their working relationship and doesn't just gloss over it.

People Who Know My Sins by [personal profile] atrata Rec+
2000 words. Dancing is not in her job description, but neither is mopping up blood at 4 in the morning. She does it anyway.

I always say I am not a fan of H/C, but I...I guess I am? If it's low-key and all OTT emotional and whumpy. (Totally a cromulant word there.) Just most of it that is labelled H/C tends to be way over the line for me into embarrassingly emotional, so. But this! This was so good! And the image of Pepper sitting on Tony's lap and patching him up when he's broken and it's all UST-y just makes me all sparkly-eyed. *_*

Turning Your Orbit Around by [personal profile] atrata Rec+
800 words. Five terribly inappropriate gifts Tony Stark has given.

Ahahahaha! This is perfect. I especially love Pepper and Jarvis's gifts (Jarvis's is really the very best).

Jupiter Crash by [personal profile] atrata Rec
1600 words. There's a bruise across his ribcage, a mottled purple mess, yellow-green around the edges.

HOSHIT this is hot.
She leans back to get a better view of his face, then lays her hand over his ribcage and glances down. One slight adjustment, and she's right: The heel of her hand does cover the worst of the bruise. She presses on it and Tony inhales sharply, his jaw clenching. He leans into it, though, bends his arms like he's doing a push-up against the glass, and Pepper keeps pushing. She doesn't jab or poke or thrust, just a steady unrelenting pressure until -- there. Until the pain on his face morphs into pleasure, until those harsh lines etched into his skin relax and his eyes fall shut and his mouth falls open, and then she leans in and kisses him, and kisses him, and kisses him.

Also there's pegging.

Stargate: Atlantis

Strong Enough To Be My Man by [personal profile] telesilla Rec
12,500 words. John can't really imagine safewording over anything that could happen in a spa, but then again, he has no idea what Rodney's planned for him.

I enjoyed this, but it's a little set-up heavy for me. Not in an exposition sense, but in terms of setting up for the scene. Fully half the fic is spent detailing how John gets ready for his scene with Rodney. It's not uninteresting or out of place, and it's well-written, but I'm more of a "cut to the chase" person. ^_^;; Still, very hot, especially towards the end when they're back in their room. And the whole thing gave me a sort of n'awww of nostalgia, because it all was very reminiscent of The Establishment (unsurprisingly).

Sherlock Holmes

Untitled by [personal profile] damned_colonial Rec+
800 words. "An interesting case. Are you aroused by anyone telling you what to do, or is it only me?"

For the obedience square on [community profile] kink_bingo. This is pretty much perfect.

Harry Potter

Five Times Hermione Granger Punched Draco Malfoy by [ profile] thelastgoodname Rec+
800 words. "That felt good."

Oh man, I really love this. Punching Draco gets Hermione hot and she goes off and has sex with Ron. I love how aware yet unaware she is of her kink and how Draco seems to know the game and keeps coming back for more.

Five Times Draco Malfoy Took it in the Face From One H. Granger by [ profile] lunabee34 Rec+
800 words. Draco watches as Granger gets a glazed look in her eyes and drags the Most Irritating Weasley off into the storeroom for what Draco can only assume is a session of connubial bliss. In Draco’s rather limited experience, it’s considered polite to ask the third party if he’s interested in joining one’s marital bed, but perhaps indiscriminate and sexualized violence is normal for mudbloods.

This is the same fic as above but from Draco's POV and it is exactly what I wanted when I finished reading the first one.
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Now to go read some remix stuff! (All I've read so far is the one of mine, because I was finishing up that Leverage fic.)

Iron Man

The Kids Aren't All Right by [ profile] samdonne Rec+
11,500 words. "It's been 'a hell of a year' since industrialist Tony Stark owned up to his alter ego in a move that stunned observers and longtime aides alike. With the US facing unprecedented homegrown suicide attacks, Iron Man's contribution to national security is more than ever under scrutiny. As she follows Stark during a year of crisis, exclusively for Vanity Fair, Christine Everhart explores the many contradictions of the man behind the mask, uncovers tales of personal loyalty, patriotism gone awry and corporate betrayal, and asks whether Iron Man is the embodiment of an outdated American fantasy—a self-made, unilateral, technological solution to hopelessly complex problems—and whether he can survive the violent encounter with reality."

Okay, this is just really, really cool. It really does read just like a magazine article.

A Small and 100% Innocent Token of Gratitude by [ profile] svilleficrecs Rec+
7500 words. He acts like what he's doing is the most natural thing in the world.

Jesus fuck, this is one of the hottest things I have ever read. It also made me all OTP squee-y. (Warning to [personal profile] helens78: Don't click! Foot fetish!)

Follow Your Shame by [ profile] atrata Rec+
1000 words. No matter how many times they dance, she'll never sleep with Tony Stark.

Oh man, this is super fucked up and I love it so. *flails* Tony you expect to be fucked up, but I always like my OTPs mutually fucked up and this Pepper is totally as fucked up as Tony.

Ugly Betty

MODE: Final Issue! by [ profile] yahtzee63 Rec+
32,200 words. What happens to Daniel and Betty and everyone else after the final episode.

Wow, this really felt like canon. I don't think there was anything in here that I couldn't see happening on the show. I love it's not just about Daniel and Betty, though they are and have always been my OTP for this show. The sections switch between characters and the author really has everyone's voice down so well. I could hear them in my head. And there were some misunderstandings and some soap opera moments that really made it feel like Ugly Betty; even though those weren't my favorite parts of the show, having stuff like that in the fic really added to the feeling that I was watching a fifth season. And the ending! I was getting to the end and feeling like, nooooo, I hope this doesn't shortchange Marc when everyone else gets their happy ending. But then he did! And even though I am not particularly a Justin/Marc shipper, I really loved this and it worked so well. I loved Justin's "There's someone in the world who's going to love you for the rest of your life." and how Marc never got that he wasn't just talking about in general, but about himself. I wasn't at all unhappy with where the show ended, because it wrapped up things nicely and you could see how things were going to go...and this just took all that to the logical conclusion. I often read a really good fic and say "this is my canon now", but it's usually not something I really think would be on the show or whatever, because TPTB don't roll like that. But this is all glee-making and is exactly what I could see happening on the actual show. I love it so!


Survival by Eliot by [ profile] sullensiren Rec
13,000 words. When a virus ends the world in a plague of zombies, Eliot Spencer travels around with Parker and Hardison, helping pick up the pieces. Hardison builds a website.

This is a really neat idea. There's a website that's meant to be Hardison's website, and it's got all Eliot's zombie-survival tips and stuff, and then after each section on the website, there's a link you can click to read a bit of the fic. Both the fic and the website are really well done (and don't forget to click on the various links at the top of the site; not all of them work, but the ones that do are great, especially the fake DW community).

Harry Potter

Useless Talent (Sundial in the Shade Remix) by [personal profile] ineffabilitea Rec
1800 words. Sirius wants Remus; Remus wants Sirius. Remus loves Sirius; Sirius loves Remus. So why aren't they together like James thinks they are? The answer hinges on confidence, and its lack.

This is a remix of Useless Talent, an old Sirius/Remus fic of mine, and expands a mutual pining double-drabble and gives it a happy ending. I like that it kept the same structure as the original, which had one drabble in Remus's POV and one in Sirius's. Cute and well-written and works well as a remix.


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