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Bright as the Rain in the Palm of Your Hand by [ profile] inlovewithnight 5/5 Recommended
8800 words. It's a package deal.
Fics this long usually take me several days to read as I tend to wander away and do other stuff, but I read this all in one sitting. )

Not Paige, Please by [ profile] amadi 5/5 Recommended
2500 words. It's hard enough being a part of the Walker family as it is. Much worse when you don't have an expected ally.
Really feels like it could be an episode. )

Growing Up Paige by [ profile] amadi 3/5
2500 words. Scenes from the life of a Walker family grandchild.
Nice collection of vignettes in the same universe as the fic above. )

Between Two Rooms by [ profile] romanticalgirl 4/5 Recommended
1300 words. When Kevin is outed, he goes to Saul, but doesn't find the support he'd hoped for.
Feels like it could be canon. )

And Time Yet for a Hundred Indecisions by [ profile] cinaed 2/5
1200 words. Saul was nineteen the first time he kissed another man. It felt as though the world was ending. Now, half a century later, Henry kisses him, and it feels less like disaster and more like rebirth.
A little too tell-y for me. )

Bring Him Home by [ profile] marea67 1/5
1900 words. What if your mother has a different opinion of what "home" is?
Needs editing badly. )

I Beg Your Pardon, I Never Promised You a Rose Garden by [ profile] merle_p 4/5 Recommended
3300 words. Two mothers, two sons.
Similar theme to the one above, but so much better. )


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