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I don't think I'll be reading much if any fic before Yuletide (a week away!) so I figured I might as well get the reviews I had off my hard drive and into a post.

American Idol

Apples Are Not the Only Fruit by [ profile] bexless Rec
23,000 words. NC-17. Local woman wins pie contest! Adam Lambert assists. An AU.

This is cute. It's a pretty straightforward romance, complete with Big Misunderstanding That Keeps Them Apart, but it wasn't one of those things where it felt completely contrived. Anyway, it's very well written and I enjoyed it.

And a Little Leather by [ profile] cathalin Rec
9500 words. NC-17. Kris has a thing about Adam's fingerless leather gloves.

I'm not sure why I had this bookmarked, because it doesn't look at first glance like something I would really like, but I did. I really like the respectful way Kris's marriage is handled and I like that it's not just a long PWP (as I was afraid it might be at first) but is about negotiating the boundaries of their friendship.

I Would Be by [ profile] cathalin Rec
20,000 words. NC-17. AU. Adam and Kris meet a few years down the road, when down-on-his-luck Kris and his young daughter Katherine show up to rent a room from Adam, who never made it to an Idol audition.

Okay, this was a slow-starter for me. I was actually kind of rolling my eyes at both Adam and Kris at first and thinking of just clicking out, but I'm so glad I stuck with it, because I really enjoyed it a lot. Katherine is eh, kind of a plot device more than a character and more cutesy than realistic, but compared to how badly kids are written in a lot of fics, this isn't that bad, and she's not onscreen that much.

Harry Potter

Blurring the Lines by anon Rec
2500 words. NC-17. The Christmas Harry was fifteen was memorable for many things. It was the first time he was really aware of being possessed (or possibly not) by Lord Voldemort. It was the first time he drank firewhiskey. It was the first time... well, those two were firsts enough for anyone...

Oh, this was great. I actually wrote a similar fic myself years ago, but that was Remus's POV on the fucked-up-ness between Sirius and Harry and this one is Sirius and Harry's POV (and no Remus at all), but it's just the sort of thing I want from this pairing (I really have a hard time seeing Sirius/Harry as anything but massively fucked up; mmmmmaybe in an AU where Sirius lives and they're both adults and Sirius is himself less fucked up than he was, but anything set in the canon 'verse, no).

The Death of Narcissa Black by [ profile] massicot Rec+
1000 words, 168 images. R. Narcissa never intended to marry, but circumstances change and needs must.

Wow. WOW. This took my breath away. I love Narcissa-centric stuff, really, really love, and this is just so perfect (even though I actually ship Narcissa/Lucius and this is not exactly shippy for them despite that being who she ends up with). The art is not what I normally like, just aesthetically speaking, but it's very effective here and I love the storybook format used to tell the story. And oh, despite what I said about shipping Narcissa/Lucius, I could so see this being canon. And I love, love, love the idea of Narcissa as a career woman who wants to be Minister of Magic. *flails* Just. If you have any interest in HP at all, I really, really recommend this. It's so good!

Iron Man

Okay to Say You've Got a Weak Spot by [ profile] sotto_voice
800 words. PG-13. If Pepper Potts were a superhero, her superpower would be appearing silently out of nowhere while wearing sky-high heels.

Tony & Pepper banter FTW.


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