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Woohoo, getting so close to the end of this! Didn't I start it in August???

26. An old photo of you

photo! )

My mom, me, my cousin, and my aunt at Disneyland in '85. I loved that Donald Duck hat so much, but it got stolen not long after I got it. ;_;

27. Post your favorite recipe
Ooh, tough one! I already linked a couple favorite recipes in the last round with the favorite foods question.

Chicken enchiladas )

I don't make this recipe very often, because between the chicken and all the cheese it can get kind of pricey, but it's really, really good. I also eventually modified it to be a sort of casserole, which makes it less of a pain to make. Instead of making individual enchiladas, just alternate layers of filling with layers of torn up tortillas, sort of in lasagna style, and then put the cheese on top.

28. What are you looking forward to?
Um...not sure! In the immediate future, I guess Pokemon X&Y next week is pretty exciting!

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