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On my post the other day about encouragement, [ profile] nindulgence linked to a cool post of hers where she asked people on her flist if they wanted concrit.

Since I'm coming to the end of my reviewing project, but still want to review stuff I read, I figured I'd ask here, too.

When I say reviews, I mean me talking about what I liked and didn't. This is not necessarily constructive, as me saying I hate mpreg when you love it is not something that will improve your writing. Reviews are mainly for me and for other readers; their purpose is not to help the author improve their skills. Examples of reviews I've written can be found here.

Concrit, on the other hand is more me going through and pointing out things that need work on in a technical sense as well as pointing out things I thought worked particularly well. This is geared towards helping the writer. An example of concrit I've given can be found here.

If you choose yes, that does not mean I will do this for all your fics, or even that I will read all your fics. If I read and have the time and inclination to do more than just comment on the fic, however, I will keep the results of this poll in mind.

Anyone can feel free to take this poll, whether I have you friended or not.

[Poll #732612]

And in case you somehow missed it, concrit and reviews are always more than welcome on my own writing.

Also haaaaaa, [ profile] i_smile, I totally did not remember you gave me crit on [ profile] ccfp_ii. ^_^;; (Wow, was that really that long ago?)
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For [ profile] jedi__santa, I got Possession by [ profile] glasshouseslive (Qui/Obi; non-con fic that seems like the sort of thing a lot of the TPM fans on my flist would really enjoy)

For [ profile] slashababy, I got Corners and Rhythms by [ profile] jocondite (Dom/Lij, Dom/Orli, Orli/Lij; angsty, unhappy fic with no real it)

For [ profile] yuletide, I got Someone Else on Top by [ profile] shanalle (Closer, snippets of Larry's POV throughout the events of the film)

For [ profile] harry_holidays, I got Practice Makes Perfect by [ profile] se_spotwood (Sirius/Remus, schmoopy schoolboy fic)


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