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Oh my God, some of these links are so old, idek. D: I think this cut down my Read It Now list from seven to four pages, though! Woohoo!

Having seen so many "reblog/retweet this and I will donate $1, 5 cents, however much per reblog" stuff going around with all the flooding, etc. I actually laughed out loud when I saw this.

And now, on to the main linkspam!

We Are the Youth
Really awesome blog where queer youth tell their stories.

Let's Talk About "Tranny" - Meanings
One of the most illuminating ways of understanding the use of "tranny" is to watch how it is used as a put down for cis women. Several people have pointed out this pattern. Plenty of examples focus around fashion and the message that a tranny is someone who is incapable of doing femininity correctly, whether you're talking about the shoes that make you look like a tranny, insulting a cis woman's "tranny makeup," or the outfit that turns a cis woman into "a hot tranny mess."

To Parents
I don't entirely agree with everything in this post (for one thing, I think the term gender-non-conforming is useful), but it's a good post about how so many cis parents say they would be okay with their kid being trans, but don't really make the effort to be proactive about it. I especially like what he has to say about trans kids who are seemingly cis because they like the toys they are "supposed" to like for their assigned gender. Maybe you will suspect your child might be trans if they were assigned male at birth and love dresses, but what if they are into trucks and sports and seem just like a "typical boy"?

Should We Introduce Children to the Concept of Transgender People?
My answer: yes, duh. :p This is necessary because of the sort of stuff talked about in the post above. (And to get cis children used to the idea of trans people, too.)

Argentina: Alejandro tells his "Big Brother" housemates he is a trans man
Big Brother Argentina has a trans guy on this season.

Ok a rant about LGBTQ representation – and why hints don’t cut it
What it says on the tin. Slashiness is no substitute for actual queer characters in fiction.

Trans Queers: A Transfags Sex Journal
Really neat blog written by a couple of trans men of color, documenting their hookups with cis gay guys.

Cisgender authors writing over transgender lives
Leslie Feinberg: While a hostile relative re-writes my life: ‘Who is, and is not, my family’
Trans-themed teen fiction: Jumpstart the World
These three posts are about the book Jumpstart the World, which is a YA book with a trans character, written by a relative of Feinberg's, who is essentially claiming some sort of authenticity due to being related to hir. Basically, typical actions of a self-proclaimed "ally". The book sounds skippable, even without the controversy surrounding it.

Re-watching movies
When I first watched Priscilla at 14, it was one of those click moments that, oh yes, trans women exist, it is possible, it is liveable. I was never a queen and never part of campy gay male culture, but still it spoke to me in powerful ways. I still know the words to most of the songs on the soundtrack.

Rewatching it now though, it really is an awful portrayal in many respects.

Travis Mathews' "I Want Your Love"
This is a preview of a really neat-looking gay film. It has explicit sex (as in, "there are actually two dudes really for reals having sex on screen" level of explicit), but unlike most porn, there is a real story and it feels like the sex is there to tell the story, rather than just to get the viewer off.

"But Trans Women Are Triggering!"
Or do you actually mean people will start recoiling in transphobic disgust and fear from the trans woman quietly standing in a corner feeling uncomfortable and wishing somebody would talk to her at your (fucking awful) party? Do you mean people will feel weirded out, grossed out, and phobic? Do you mean they will feel "unsafe" because they've absorbed a cissexist idea of what a woman is and have been taught that trans women are dangerous perverts?

Say what you mean, transphobes-- and keep my fucking disability out of it.

Anti-rec: Trio of Sorcery by Mercedes Lackey
Lackey's new book is a transphobic mess. Beware of stomach-turning description within. There is also some good discussion on Tumblr about some other transphobic shit of hers. (If you're not familiar with Tumblr, you can scroll down that list of people who reblogged and click on the ones with link text and see what they wrote. Tumblr really is horrible for discussion, and yet there is so often really good discussion going on over there.)

And last, but not least, if you are on Tumblr (or even if you're not, and just want to browse, or want to subscribe through a feed reader!), there are two new fat-positive Tumblrs for trans folk: fuckyeahtransfats and fytransfat.


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