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1. I got my first gym badge in Pokemon X! That battle was actually really easy. I guess wandering around the forest catching Pokemon (and incidentally levelling up my Chespin a whole bunch) paid off. :D

(Though on the down side, I once again ran into a Pikachu and was too strong for it and knocked it out before I could catch it. D:)

2. There's a promotion at work right now where you get a cute little keychain/cellphone strap if you buy four packages of Hokto brand mushrooms. We have this promotion every year, but this is the first time I've actually wanted to get one. I like the fact that they have rainbow backgrounds. XD

3. I made hayashi stew tonight. So delicious! And it was a good thing to put my mushrooms in, since I now have four packages of them. ^_^;;
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1. When I stopped at the store tonight after work, someone tied up a couple dogs (two big fluffy golden labs) by my bike and they were so cute and friendly when I came out of the store. When they saw my grocery bag they started nosing at it like ooh what did you buy for us??? and when I reached in my pocket for my bike key they were all ooh what do you have in your pockets for us??? and even though I didn't have anything for them except pettings, they were very happy.

2. Pokemon!!! It arrived today after all! I didn't really have a lot of time to play yet, but I did get started and have caught a handful of wild Pokemon. I decided to start with Chespin as that seemed to be the cutest of the three.

3. Sleeping in tomorrow, yay!


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