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1. Yeah, I should have known better than to think I would be able to just sit at my desk and get caught up on my massive backlog of work today. -_- But on the bright side, I did get stuff sorted, and got a fair chunk of stuff done.

2. I had hoped that since I was just working four hours today, I would then come home and get all sorts of translating stuff done and all that, but that didn't happen. Instead I played Mario a lot, but I'm okay with that. This week has been hugely busy, so I just needed some downtime.

3. The one big productive thing I did was cooking! I had some veggies I needed to cook up and got some more at work today, so I cooked baby bok choy with garlic and soy sauce, miso teriyaki asparagus, teriyaki kabocha, steamed potatoes tossed with mango peach mustard, and green beans with garlic and almonds.

The asparagus and kabocha were already cut up from the other day when I made tenpura (I only used a small amount of each then, but chopped up the rest so they would be ready to cook when I wanted them; good thinking, me!), but it was still a lot of work, especially the green beans, because the trade off for getting big bags of them for cheap is that they need a lot of cleaning up.

Anyway, I made up four lunches with a bit of everything in them, and then there's still plenty of the bok choy, green beans, and potatoes for even more meals after that, so I am set for the next week. :)

Oh, and sort of relatedly, I have a podfic/ipod question. With all the talk of podfic this week, I had actually thought maybe I would try out listening to something while I cook, and I picked out a recording of a fic that's been on my to-read list, but then when I imported it into itunes, I realised that I didn't know how to actually get it on my ipod! The thing is, I have my ipod set to sync automatically, but of course I have massively more music than will fit on the ipod, so it can't just sync all of it, and so I have it sync only five-star songs, and that, too, is more than will fit, so it sorts by most-recently-listened and puts 3GB of those on the ipod. So that would mean in order to even get a podfic on my ipod to listen to, I would have to listen to it once on my computer and five-star it...

I can force it to think it's been listened to by fast-forwarding all the way to the very end and then letting it play the last bit, but that still seems like a pain. Is there another way? (Other than turning off syncing and moving files to the ipod by hand, which is something I definitely won't do.)
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Argh, I really hate buying things, because so often I get stuck at this indecisive stage and can never move forward (and thus don't ever buy the item in question at all). There are too many choices!

So, I decided I really do want to try podficcing, and I really don't think I can with the ipod mic, so I need a real microphone. I looked at a few things I saw people on my flist mentioning, but some were a little pricier than I'd prefer, and I also decided that I'd rather just have something that plugs directly into the computer rather than a portable one for the ipod. I don't need any sort of portability for podfic, after all, since I need to be in front of the computer to read. (And recording to the ipod just adds another step, since I then have to transfer the file to my harddrive to edit.)

Anyway, does anyone have any experience with this Logitech mic? It seems to have pretty good reviews, and is a little more within my price range.

I have been reading/listening to so many [community profile] pod_aware entries this week and it's getting me even more wanting to record stuff, so I want to get a mic now! (I actually did do some more practice recordings with the ipod, but it's frustrating to know I can't actually do anything with them.)
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I have been wanting to try podficcing something, but while I've tried recording quite a few times, I never got beyond the "record and then immediately delete it" stage. (Also then it was summer and I had the windows open a lot and the fan on and it was just not good for recording.) This time I just tried recording a drabble, since that would have less chance of being fucked up, and I even edited it a bit to remove a line I read twice and some dead space at the end. Woohoo!

But. I have a big problem. Recording with the mic on the ipod touch (the only mic I have) produces a fuzzy background noise. I am pretty sure this is not ideal for listening, since it annoys me to listen to just in the short bits I have recorded. Is that just a side effect of having a low quality mic and there's no way around it?

I checked out a podfic tutorial which said you could edit out background noise with audacity, and I tried what it said, but that just made the whole recording really weird sounding. The spaces where I wasn't talking were perfectly quiet, no fuzzy sound, but that made it jerky between the silence and the speech, and also made the speaking parts kind of weird because in taking the fuzziness out it took out too much. It's hard to explain, but listening to it was like the aural equivalent of an image that's been oversharpened.

Anyway, so I've uploaded the file if anyone wants to listen and tell me if there's something that can be done. If not, then I will have to consider whether or not podfic is something I'm interested enough in to buy a good quality mic.

(Also if you have any other comments about what I could do to improve my reading, etc. that would be cool. Sadly there is nothing to be done to improve my lispy voice. ;_; But, idk, if you think lispiness is annoying to listen to and would not make for good podficcing, then that would be good to know, too. It's one of those things I can't hear when I'm just talking, so I don't normally think about it, but then I hear recordings of myself and am like argh why is my voice like that?!)


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