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1. Today was a Bug Off in Animal Crossing and I got first place! At first I just kept catching nothing but monarch butterflies and grasshoppers, neither of which are worth much, even when they're really good specimens, but then I caught a couple of birdwing butterflies, one of which ended up being worth 104 points.

2. Another busy day at work. One cashier was still out sick, so it was kind of hectic in the morning, but not too bad. Sales were really good today, though.

3. [personal profile] eruthros was talking about pumpkin bread, which made me really want some, so I asked my mom to email me her recipe and I'm going to make some tomorrow, assuming there is pumpkin at the store and it's not too expensive.

recipe under the cut! )

It's nothing fancy, but she's made it every year for Christmas my whole life, so when I want pumpkin bread, that's what I want. I usually like it plain with no raisins or nuts (though just raisins is okay; it's just the walnuts that are a total DNW), but I have a lot of chocolate chips right now, so I think I might add those this time.

4. This weekend Plants vs Zombies 2 is having some sort of thing where all the gates need fewer keys to open them, so if there are gates you haven't been able to open yet due to lack of keys, this weekend might be the time to try! (The announcement did get me back to playing a bit, even though there aren't currently any gates that I had reached but not opened.)

5. Day off again tomorrow. No plans except sleeping in and seeing if I can get my hands on some pumpkin.
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1. I get to sleep in a bit tomorrow, yay. I'm always excited when Wednesday comes around. :p

2. All that's in my work inbox is today's invoices for our two biggest vendors (about 20 invoices each). A fair amount of new invoices come in on Wednesdays, plus about half of my day is devoted to putting up the new sale signs, but between tomorrow and Thursday I should be able to clear my inbox out completely! And I just found out that the head cashier is going back to Korea for a little over two weeks next month and I will probably have to help out at the register a lot more with her gone, so I really want to stay on top of my inbox and not let a big backlog pile up again.

3. My neighbors were being really noisy tonight, but it's cool enough (especially at night) that I could just close my windows and not have to listen to them!

4. Plants vs Zombies 2 is really, really fun! I have basically not even played with my brand new 3DS since I got it because I downloaded this game at the same time and have become obsessed. XD After you go through the levels normally and get to end of that section, you can go back to the levels again and each one has three challenge versions that you can do to earn more stars (stars are needed to unlock the next section). So right now even though I beat the first section and have enough stars to move on, I've been going back and getting all the other stars from this section. The challenges are pretty fun!
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1. I was really, really tempted to not go out anywhere today, but I did eventually go take a walk, even if just a short one. (The month is half over and I've walked or biked every day so far, so I really don't want to break that streak!)

2. I'm really enjoying Plants vs. Zombies 2! It hasn't felt at all like it's just trying to get my money. If this model of gaming is going to continue to be popular, I hope more companies make their games like this, so as to be enjoyable games that just happen to have stuff you can buy.

3. I did kind of slack off earlier in the day, but still managed to get quite a bit of translating done tonight.

4. I made omrice for lunch, which I haven't had in a long time. It was (unsurprisingly) delicious! :D
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1. I'm on level 8 or so of Plants vs. Zombies 2 and really enjoying it. I was wary about the free-to-play aspect, but at least so far it doesn't seem like it's the sort of game that tries to force you to buy stuff, just has it as an option for those who want it (for example, you can use real money to do things like buy extra coins, buy keys to proceed through locked areas sooner than you would if you collected the keys, buy certain plants that aren't yet available to you, etc).

The theme is time travel and the first stages are in ancient Egypt, so it's all mummy-themed zombies. (I assume there will be other time periods later as well.) There's some new plants (I love the boomerang guy) and it seems like more puzzle-type levels than the first game, though it's been so long since I played that, I could be misremembering. Anyway, really fun so far!

2. And speaking of games, my 3DS arrived! At first when I got home I thought it hadn't come because I didn't see a package on the porch, but the box was small enough the mailman was able to put it between the screen door and the door (which I appreciate as it's less likely to get stolen!).

I've never actually seen a 3DS XL so I wasn't sure what to expect from the size. I had thought it might be a little larger, but it's actually quite small for being the XL version. The screen is nice and big, though not quite as big as the screen on the Wii U controller. It's going to take a while to get used to the 3D screen and having to hold it just right so it doesn't get all fuzzy.

Not only have I never played a 3D game before, I've yet to even see a 3D movie, so the whole phenomenon is new to me! Animal Crossing is not really a game that needs the 3D, so I'm curious to see if it makes jumps and stuff a lot easier to gauge in stuff like Mario and Zelda (both of which are games I plan to get in the near future, so).

Anyway, does anyone here play Animal Crossing New Leaf? I didn't really do much today, just got through the basics. I am Tora and my town is unimaginatively named Toratown.

3. A month or so ago we got in a new item at work, kimchi-flavored okazu nori. I have been vaguely interested, but just hadn't gotten around to trying it, but today Favorite Coworker bought some and gave me a piece and omg it's the best thing ever. *_* The kimchi flavor is strong and spicy, and the nori is really salty on top of that, so it's just this super delicious salty flavor. So I bought a couple packages myself and already ate one. ^_^;;


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