Jun. 23rd, 2007 10:17 pm
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So today was my high school reunion thingy. I really had a lot of fun, but I'm totally exhausted. I got there around 12.30 and got home at 5.30, thanks to being one of the last few hanging around talking, and then chatting with Yash for ages in the parking lot afterwards.

It wasn't a huge crowd, and because it was people from the past twenty-five years, there were some people I didn't know. But I knew about half of them, I guess. From my own class there was me, Yash, Joe, Sam, and Sarah. From the year above me, there was Cristal, Neal, and Mickey, and from the year below me there was Leighanne (her class had only like seven people in it, so I'm not surprised she was the only one who showed). The only people there who I've kept in touch with at all over the years are Yash (of course) and Tiffany (who was two years above me and is now teaching there). I haven't talked to Tiffany in a couple years, though, but we caught up today. I also chatted quite a bit with Stephanie, who was one of the organisers and who I'd hung out quite a bit with when I was in 7th and 8th grade, even though she was in 11th and 12th at the time. Everyone was quite surprised and impressed about me being a translator, which was fun. XD Stephanie even said her husband is a big Digimon fan when I said that was one of the shows I'd worked on. Small world.

So many people looked exactly the same. A lot of people didn't recognise me right off because of my hair, though, so it's good we had name tags. (Not only was my hair longer, but it was still blonde when I was in high school, too.) Yash won the award (a WLAB t-shirt - exciting!) for least changed. A lot of people brought their kids, including Yash, of course. They showed a slide-show thingy of pictures from the past twenty-five years, and Mickey's older daughter was at the table right behind me, I think she was about seven, and every time there was a photo with a black girl in it (which was like, every other photo), she was like, "Is that you, Mommy?" She was really cute.

They also had a tribute to one of the teachers who had been there almost since the beginning (and was actually principal for the last ten years or so, too). He's retiring from teaching and going to concentrate mainly on fight announcing (if you know anything about boxing, him and his dad are pretty famous announcers, Jimmy Lennon and Jimmy Lennon, Jr). He used to do announcing when he was teaching, too, and we had substitutes a lot. XD He was my class's homeroom teacher from 8th or 9th grade to 12th, and I also had him for history, photography, and yearbook. He was probably my favorite teacher.

After that they had a computer mockup of what the new school is going to look like after they completely demolish it this summer and rebuild from scratch. They said it's due to be finished in 2009, so I'm not quite sure what they're going to do for the year before then. Maybe it will be partially completed and they'll just use what's done during the construction. They're going to expand and make the campus larger and make it actually look like a school. Right now you kind of can't tell unless you know it's there.

Anyway, it was really fun. They're trying to get an actual alumni association going and have other get-togethers, so I gave them my email. Now I am all full of nostalgia.


On a completely different note, I decided I wanted to make an Amuro Namie icon yesterday, but when I went looking for pics, I found so many good ones, I'll probably end up making a slew. This one I'm using now is the first one I made, though.

And because she is seriously the cutest thing ever, I had to share my favorites of the pics I downloaded. These are all recent pics (like this year and last year), but I might look for some older pics, too, because she has always been super adorable.

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I don't even know that anyone on my flist over here much cares, but I scanned the Arashi stuff for Cim and then figured I might as well scan the T&T stuff while I was at it, and share with some comms.

For those who know nothing of Johnny's Entertainment-style boypop, these are all boyband members who are currently in their early-mid twenties, but before they got groups of their own, they were part of a large group called Johnny's Juniors for years before that. As Juniors, boys dance backup for other boybands, star in TV shows and movies and variety shows, appear in loads of teen magazines, and some even have concerts of their own.

These are all from 95-98ish when I was buying 4-6 teen mags a month to feed my obsession for Japanese idols, and especially all things Johnny's. They're from a pile of clippings I had in the house (the magazines are out in the garage), so some are cut-outs I was going to use to make scrapbooks and collages.

Click for (much) larger images.

Feel free to redistribute and use as you see fit. No credit necessary.

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