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1. Normally Wednesday is my early day and I have to be at work by 6.30, which I don't love. But tomorrow I don't have to go in until ten-ish! Which means I don't even have to set my alarm, because I'll definitely wake up before then.

2. We had a really super delicious stir-fry for dinner and there's lots left over.

3. I'm still very pleased with my haircut from last week. I finally got around to taking a picture tonight because I definitely want to keep a reference for next time.

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1. It was cold and rainy today. Not thrilled about the rain, since it meant I had to take the bus rather than ride my bike to work, but I'm glad to have some more fall-ish weather, especially after that heat spell last week. (Sadly when I turned on my little heater tonight no heat came out and it smelled really bad, so I think I need to get a new one. I'm also wishing I'd bought those warm-looking pants I saw at Target the other day, because the pants I usually wear around the house are so thin I have to wear two or three pairs to stay warm in the winter.)

2. There must have been a power outage early this morning sometime because when I woke up, my clock was blinking and my alarm hadn't gone off. Luckily today was my late day, so even though I slept half an hour past when I'd planned to get up, I still had an hour and a half before I had to get to work. If it had been any other work day, I would have already been half an hour late for work by the time I woke up.

3. I finally got my new glasses in the mail today. I'm not totally thrilled with the frames, but they were the closest I could find to my old ones. I'm sure I'll get used to them eventually (and anyway I'm wearing my contacts most of the time anyway).

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4. I stopped doing reviews of my Graze snacks, but I am still enjoying the snacks themselves, and I now have three more invites if anyone wants them. (If more than three people want them, I'll pick three names at random.)
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Woohoo, getting so close to the end of this! Didn't I start it in August???

26. An old photo of you

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My mom, me, my cousin, and my aunt at Disneyland in '85. I loved that Donald Duck hat so much, but it got stolen not long after I got it. ;_;

27. Post your favorite recipe
Ooh, tough one! I already linked a couple favorite recipes in the last round with the favorite foods question.

Chicken enchiladas )

I don't make this recipe very often, because between the chicken and all the cheese it can get kind of pricey, but it's really, really good. I also eventually modified it to be a sort of casserole, which makes it less of a pain to make. Instead of making individual enchiladas, just alternate layers of filling with layers of torn up tortillas, sort of in lasagna style, and then put the cheese on top.

28. What are you looking forward to?
Um...not sure! In the immediate future, I guess Pokemon X&Y next week is pretty exciting!
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1. Went and got my hair cut today finally. I posted before and after shots on Instagram. The last time I cut my hair was late last summer, so I guess that's about 9-10 months of growing it out. It was long enough to touch my collar in back and if I pulled it straight, it reached my upper lip in front.

2. Because I arrived at the Supercuts all sweaty and needed to cool off first, I had some ice cream at Coldstone nextdoor. So tasty! I never go there because for some reason I just never do? So the last time I had Coldstone was last summer when I got my hair cut. XD

3. I got a lot of translating and stuff done!
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Whew, the last day of this meme! It's been fun in some ways, but really difficult to find things to take pictures of, since I don't really go a lot of different places or do a lot of exciting things. -_-

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So I'm trying out this photo meme! Hopefully I will remember to actually take pictures of stuff? (Hopefully there will actually be stuff to take pictures of? The reason I don't post a lot of pics or do these sorts of memes is that my life is super boring and I wear the same thing a lot, go the same places, do the same stuff, etc. so there's not a lot of variety...)

Anyway! I have been using instagram for photos, because the retro filters work nicely to cover up how crap my camera is (with instagram, the photos look artfully crap!), and instagram has options to autopost to various sites when you take photos, so I have been posting to twitter and tumblr as I go, but I will also be doing end-of-the-day compilation posts here on my journal (probably with more commentary than the other ones, since it's a pain to type much on my ipod).

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1. No surprise calls from work on my day off, yay.

2. Helped my mom with some computer stuff and got money off the rent for it.

3. About half the cookbooks are spoken for.

4. I did a ton of tag wrangling today and got all my fandoms up-to-date. I haven't been able to do much for at least a month or so because every time I tried, AO3 was so sluggish I got frustrated and stopped after just a few tags (sometimes it was so bad I was just getting errors everywhere and got nothing done at all). But the site was still working well enough for people to be adding fics, so my busier fandoms had a ton of unwrangled tags.

5. I normally hate how I look in profile, but I really love this photo Irene took of me.
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1. I started writing yet another prompt fic! :D But I'm so tired tonight, I don't think I'm going to finish, so hopefully tomorrow.

2. We went out with Alexander and another friend for Alexander's birthday to an Irish pub called Tom Bergin's. I had fish & chips, which was tasty, and we didn't have to pay for dinner, which was very nice. (Also we got a ride there instead of having to spend hours on the bus, which was also very nice.)

3. As mentioned above, I am very tired, so I am going to try to go to bed at what is a very early time for me (I no longer stay up until six or eight (or later) in the morning, but I usually go to bed around four or so and it's only midnight), but I'm going to have lots of morning things to do coming up this week and I figure if I can get on a bit earlier schedule right now, that will be a help. So I'm crossing my fingers.

4. Carla got $50 from her mom the other day, yay. Her mom had mentioned finding some cash in one of her purses that she had meant to give to Carla when she was there in January, and said she would send it (though she said it was $20). She ended up sending a check, made out by Carla's aunt, rather than send cash. (The reason for involving her aunt is complicated, but basically her mom has no control of money and to send a check herself, Carla's dad would have to know, and he isn't one to send money randomly so he wouldn't like the idea.) Anyway, yay money!

5. There were indeed strawberries at the 99 Cent Store today, so we had some with the rest of the cream-filled bread I bought yesterday. So delicious!

6. I finally got some new headphones for my ipod today. The ones I had were dying slowly. The sound in the left ear was getting quieter and quieter til I could barely hear it, and then the other day the left one actually started coming apart. I found a pair for $6 at Rite Aid, though.

7. I got my hair cut today. Having it on my forehead has been bugging me because I get really sweaty a lot at work and hair on my forehead just makes it even worse. So I got a short/spiky cut, which I really like. I posted a photo over on my Tumblr.

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Bon Jovi - Livin' on a Prayer
Nostalgia! ♥
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1. Not only finished decorating the tree, but also finished wrapping presents! I posted a couple pics of the tree on flickr.

The nice thing about not exchanging many gifts is that wrapping paper lasts forever. The last time I bought any was like four years ago (or maybe longer) at an after Christmas sale, so it was like, big multi-packs for a dollar and stuff. And I used a decorative box and a gift bag for two things this year, so that's even less wrapping paper used. I kind of wished I had some ribbon, though.

2. Because I have passed my 40 book goal for the year and in fact read book #45 Saturday, I decided I would go ahead and try for 50 since there's still almost three weeks left in the month. But they're also going to be very busy weeks, what with writing Yuletide stuff and then reading Yuletide stuff, not to mention all the translation stuff I should be doing, both paid and unpaid. So I picked out some of the shortest books I could find on my shelf. XD (And I just read another one last night, so good call, me!)

3. I'm really looking forward to going to Hole in the Wall Burger Joint for lunch!

4. We took a walk last night just around the neighborhood to look at Christmas lights. Kind of disappointing, but we did see a few really nice houses. Might go out again tonight, but venture farther afield.

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Sweets - Tear Lemon Drop

My desk!

Oct. 9th, 2010 12:21 am
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[personal profile] calvinahobbes posted a picture of her desk and I thought it would be fun to post one of mine. I have posted a bunch of pics of our computer room before, but I don't think I've posted one since I got this computer.

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I buzzed my hair again. I needed to cut it anyway and I was getting sick of buzzing everything but the front bit, plus I was getting sick of hair on my forehead (especially with summer now), so I just buzzed it all. Now I'm back to looking like my icon again. (And here's one without my glasses.)

In less than happy news, apparently the setting thingy (technical term) on the crappy old beard trimmer I use to cut my hair seems to be slipping, so even though I had it set on two the whole time, it apparently slipped to one a bit and gave me stripey head in the back. *headdesk* Oh well. It will grow out enough to be unnoticeable in a couple days, but argh.

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Lady Gaga feat. Beyoncé vs. Metallica - Enter Telephone (DJs From Mars Club Rmx)
I got this from someone on my flist a while back, but just now got around to listening to it and it is awesome!
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1. Alexander is coming over in a bit and we're going to grill!

2. I transferred our photos from one overflowing box to a box they actually fit in (and I can get rid of the smaller box, so that is decluttering, yay!). Picked out a few to scan while I was at it. Click on the pics for larger size.

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I love looking at pictures of me as a kid. :D

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The Blue Hearts - Linda Linda
Japanese punk FTW!


Apr. 27th, 2010 12:28 am
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[personal profile] dragovianknight mentioned having a Strawberry Julius and wow, did that ever take me back! I had no idea Orange Julius was even still around, but apparently they were bought (in the '80s!) by Dairy Queen (which is strange, since Orange Julius is an LA company and we didn't have Dairy Queen in LA until the late '90s, maybe even early '00s).

The first thing that comes to mind when I think of Orange Julius is Fisherman's Village in the marina. For ages there was an Orange Julius in the lighthouse there and I remember going there once with my aunt Amy (the cool aunt) when I was little. A few years later when I was nine/ten-ish, my friend Annie and I would ride our bikes from her house in Playa del Rey down to the beach and then along the bike path to the marina (about a 2.5 mile ride). We would spend the afternoon hanging out at the arcade there, having pizza at the Wildflower (omnomnom whole-wheat-crust pizza), and maybe if we had money left, getting ice cream at the cool little independent ice cream place, a hunk of mint chocolate bark at the candy shop, or an Orange Julius before heading back.

I was never a huge fan of Orange Julius, and I think I probably ended up getting candy or ice cream more often than not, but it is really firmly tied in my mind to that time, to those weekends when my mom would drive me and my bike over to Annie's on a Friday night (she used to be my nextdoor neighbor, but moved to Playa del Rey when I was eight or nine) and I would spend the night and spend all Saturday out riding, exploring, maybe going swimming or boogie-boarding if it was summer.

That's me on the right, age nine or so.
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1. current laptop has been dying in stages for a while, but last night was the last straw. The screen is going. It's all filled up with white horizontal lines (usable, but who knows for how much longer).

I had been planning on getting a netbook for my birthday anyway, because I find even the 15" laptop kind of a pain to lug around (nice for just using in the other room, etc, but heavy for taking places), so I thought, well, if I'm getting a netbook, then no need for my new computer to be a laptop.

So we borrowed my grandparents' car and went to Fry's and looked around. After looking at the desktops and not being super thrilled with any of them, I thought, well, maybe a laptop after all, but I didn't really see a lot that excited me there, either, and the one I sort of wanted was $650, which was more than I really wanted to pay. So after much wibbling, I ended up going with a nice compact desktop that was $450 and a 20" full HD monitor that was on sale for $110.

The PC is a Gateway. Windows 7, Core 2 Quad, 4 GB RAM, 640 GB hard drive. And it has 9 USB ports! So I'm pretty pleased with that. The specs on the laptop would have, of course, been much worse, for almost $100 more than the desktop and laptop combined.

And then since I wanted my portability now rather than end of June when it's my birthday, I decided to get the netbook yesterday, too. (But am still being good and counting it as a birthday present.)

The netbook is a Toshiba. It's got XP, 160 GB hard drive, and 1 GB RAM (I was ready to get the one that's a step up, Windows 7 and 250 GB for $50 more, but they were sold out). The best thing about it is 11 hours of battery life, which means when I take it places, I really don't have to take the cord with me most of the time, unless I plan to be away for a long time.

Everything I have fits easily on my 320 GB external drive, so the internal desktop drive will be more than enough storage. With the netbook, I'll just do as I do with my current laptop and only put things I'm interested in reading/watching in the near future on it (a season or two of a TV show, a few movies, a few manga series), and keep the bulk on my desktop and external drive (which is a tiny drive and very portable itself, so I could take it along with the netbook if I wanted to).

It's going to be odd having to think about using two computers and moving files between them. The last time I regularly used a computer other than my own was um...eleven years ago? when I was still at UCLA, and for that I used floppies if I wanted to work on stuff in the computer labs or at work (where we were highly discouraged from doing anything but actual work on the computers, even if there was no work to be done). So I'll have to look into my options. [personal profile] helens78 recommended Live Mesh, but I haven't really checked it out yet.

I also haven't set up the computers yet and am still working from my old laptop, white lines and all. I knew it was going to take a lot of time (I am very, very picky about how my computer is organised, and it take a lot of work to get it from out-of-the-box to that point) and had other stuff I wanted to get done first. I did set up the netbook a little. Got all the cruft uninstalled at least, and got Firefox and Avast on there. No other programs installed yet, and I haven't begun to organise the start menu to my satisfaction or transferred my files, but it is at least looking slightly more welcoming. The desktop and monitor aren't even out of the box.

2. We couldn't go to Fry's and not go to Book Off(s) while we were down there. :) Carla got several new CDs in the $3 section and I found one vol. of manga I needed, plus...volume one of Ekiben Hitoritabi! Which I have been looking for since I saw [personal profile] telophase's post about it two years ago. I had prety much given up looking for quite a while, but yesterday I thought I'd give it a try again and what do you know, Book Off actually had a copy! It was $5, but that's still quite a good discount for large-format manga, which is usually $8-9 new. I'm looking forward to reading it. :)

3. When Carla went over to my grandparents' to get the car, they gave her a photo they'd found somewhere of me and my mom and dad in 1988. My mom and I are wearing matching flannel shirts. XD I don't really remember that particular one, but I was big into flannel for several years there. This is the flannel shirt I wore pretty much non-stop for all of fifth grade. Anyway, take a look at my mom's hair in that picture. Her hair is naturally stick straight and very thin and baby fine. It has zero volume. So to get it like in that picture, she used to have to get a perm, plus use curlers on top of that.

Anyway, I am surprised that picture is from '88. Actually, I think maybe it's not. Might be '87 or even '86. I didn't have bangs in 7th grade, and I could have sworn the sporadic visits from my dad had become non-existent by that time, too. *rummages* Hmm, yeah. I do have bangs in my 7th grade school photo, but my hair is a lot longer and I just generally look more mature. Here's my 6th grade photo, which looks a lot closer, so yeah, I'm going with '87 after all (maybe the film was developed in January '88).

Aha! Solved the dilemma! It's handwritten '88 on the back of the photo, but looking at the printed date on it, it's just a squishy six, so it was actually '86. That makes much more sense.

4. I am nearly over my cold! After just three days! Awesome! On the downside, my ear is stuffed up again. It was clear for one blessed day before the cold came on. *sigh*

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Placebo - Infra-red
I never really got hugely hooked on their Meds album, except for this song, which is one of my all-time favorite Placebo songs.
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I was really hoping to get back on something approaching my regular sleep schedule today, but that didn't happen. I was super tired at 5.30pm (had gone to bed at 4pm the day before) and so I thought I'd just take a little nap, but that worked about as well as expected, and I slept for seven and a half hours. >_< Tomorrow night Alexander is coming over, so I kind of have to stay awake, tired or not, so maybe that will help get me back on schedule.


1. Our new scanner shipped!

2. I got a book in the mail. Yay, Book Mooch! It's the only thing that keeps our mail from being total junkmail these days. We hardly even get any bills, since most of our stuff is online.

3. Speaking of bills, we thought there was some problem with our internet bill and they'd charged us $67.99 instead of the $49.99 they had promised us, but it turns out the bill actually was for the lower price, just the email they'd sent was wrong. Which is...worrying. But at least not as big a fuckup as we thought it might be.

4. Had a nice afternoon out with Carla and Alexander and a friend of Alexander's whom Carla and I both know from Twitter, but had never met in person before. We had drinks and appetizers at a little restaurant/bar inside a fancy hotel, and she paid for it! Woohoo! We got to try absinthe, or rather a drink with absinthe in it called Corpse Reviver, which is an awesome name. I didn't have any of Natasha's plain absinthe (well, I think it was mixed with water, but no other alcohol or flavorings) because just a whiff told me it was waaaaay too liquoricey for me. Bleh. I wasn't going to have any of the Corpse Reviver, either, because of the liquorice thing, but Carla couldn't drink much and I felt bad about it going to waste, so I drank the rest, and it was mixed with enough other stuff that it just tasted like alcohol rather than liquorice. My own drink was a Pineapple Mosquito, which was pretty good. Nice pineapple flavor. Oh hey, I actually found a PDF of the drinks menu. For eatings, I had some really delicious spring rolls with chili sauce, and some of Alexander's salt-and-pepper calamari, which was omg so good. I had been debating on getting that myself, but I don't really like black pepper, so I thought better not, but the pepper wasn't overwhelming and the squid was sooooo tender. I have never had squid that tender, wow. Not chewy at all, and the batter was light and crispy. There was a really good sauce for it, too.

Here is a picture of us, minus Alexander, who is taking the picture. I'm pretty pleased with how I look. Usually Alexander seems to catch me at my worst.


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