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Feb. 8th, 2007 05:55 pm
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I am officially published. :D (You'll have to c&p the link, cause I don't particularly want it tracked back here.)
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Title: A Learning Experience
Author: Yasudamura Megumi/[ profile] kyuuketsukirui
Rating: NC-17
Length: ~3000 words
Summary: When Ayumu's best friend Mari tries to convince him he's gay, he tells her she's crazy. But when he can't stop thinking about his new tutor, he begins to wonder if she might be right after all...
Notes: Thanks to [ profile] helens78 for the beta. This was done as a part of [ profile] bb_shousetsu, which aims to be an online magazine for English-language yaoi origific (be sure to check out the cool "cover" for the debut issue here). I don't normally like the yaoi style (it tends to be all the things I don't like about slash), but yaoi is where I got my fandom start, so in a bout of nostalgia, I signed up for their first issue. I tried to strike a balance between yaoi cliches and the more realistic style I prefer. It's definitely a lot fluffier than what I normally write, though.

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torachan: (Default) [ profile] telesilla posted this poem as a challenge:

I do not know ... All I know is
You and I and the blue sea
And the dusk that vibrates in me
The strings of inspiration and agony,
Far away
Torn asunder from the land where blue shadows hold sway
We are forever doomed to this exile here.

First off, it's just an amazing poem, just...really. I can't stop thinking about it. And after thinking about it for a few minutes, I was struck by a fully grown bunny with sharp pointy teeth. This is original fic. It will probably be fairly long.

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Chapter one of our first Stregalli fic is done! Woot! For those who haven't been paying attention, Stregalli is a shared universe created by [ profile] telesilla. It's basically an alternate Earth where magic exists. More information can be found here. Alasdair's character profile can be found here. There's no profile up for Julius yet (*pokes Dee*) but think an early 20-something Jude Law (ha, big surprise there) lookwise.

And now, on with the show!

Title: Conjunction 1
Authors: [ profile] kyuuketsukirui and [ profile] diamona
Fandom: Stregalli
Rating: PG
Summary: Alasdair meets his new tutor.
Date: August 3rd, 1500

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