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1. Super Luigi Bros. is really fun! It's also frustrating, because you start every level with only 100 seconds, so you can't really explore a lot and there are times when I see where the coin is, but don't have time to try multiple times to get it, so I just get what I can and then have to play the level again. (Not that playing the level again is a hardship, but still.) Due to the time limit, the levels are shorter than usual and don't have midway points, and on boss levels, you get an extra 100 seconds when you enter the boss door.

As fun as it is, though, I'm glad I was able to get the download version, which is only $20 as opposed to the $30 physical version (which also won't be out until end of August), since due to the shorter levels even though there are 80 of them, it does feel like a lot less game than the Mario version.

I would totally buy downloadable extra levels, though. Like if they made a full extra world with full length levels and you paid $5 to download or something? I'd buy it.

2. Day off tomorrow, yay. :) Looking forward to sleeping in and hope I'm not woken by a barking dog like I was this morning. (Woke me up almost an hour before my alarm and I wasn't really able to get back to sleep because it wouldn't shut up.)

3. I feel like I've made some real progress in tackling the monster mountain of invoices in my inbox this week. I got all the April invoices taken care of, and for all the vendors except the two major ones, I am completely caught up (for those two I have over a month's worth of backlog, but now that the other stuff is out of the way, I should be able to make faster progress with it).
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1. Day off tomorrow. Looking forward to sleeping in and maybe not going anywhere. (I have a couple places I might go, but nothing very high priority, so I'll see how I feel.)

2. One of the survey sites I do used to only offer rewards in the form of a check, but I just went to redeem my points and they now offer a whole bunch of stuff including Amazon gift cards and Paypal.

3. My old manager brought in a ton of food for people to take home, since it's not like they want to just pack up a bunch of random stuff from their cupboard and ship it to Japan. Someone else grabbed the box of Rice Chex before me (damn it, I love Chex!) but I did get some other good stuff, including an unopened can of baking powder, which I just noticed I was almost out of last time I made banana muffins. :D

4. We got in these new milk teas at work and they're so good! (And also on sale this week!) Teas'Tea Black Tea Latte.

5. Just one more week until Super Luigi Bros!

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1. My mom's birthday is next week and I've been meaning to get her some books but keep not thinking about it when I'm actually at the computer. Tonight I remembered and finally ordered them, and while I was at it, got myself a new wiimote and nunchuk, since I'll be sending the old Wii ones to Irene along with the Wii (she was going to take it in her luggage, but there ended up not being room).

2. Speaking of finallys, I also finally got my new iphone stand thingy set up. I have been wanting a stand for ages because I facetime with Irene several times a week and it gets really annoying to hold the phone the whole time (and sometimes my hand hurts), so now I will just be able to set it on the table and not worry! She had bought me one and brought it with her, but since I wasn't actually calling her while she was here and plugging it in involves getting under my desk, which I didn't want to do, I hadn't set it up yet.

3. TWO people called in sick today at work, both of them scheduled for the same shift (it's not so bad if one person calls in sick in the morning and one person in the evening, but both at the same time means there is only one person left). I called the three people who weren't working today, but my hopes weren't high, so I was resigned to spending my last several hours of work on the register once we were down to one cashier, but someone did call and say they could work! (And it was the person I almost didn't call because I thought it was so unlikely she'd say yes. She's an older lady who only wants to work like 15 hours a week and so far has said no every time she's been asked to work an extra day or stay even an hour or half hour extra.) So while I did have to spend more time than usual helping at the registers today, it wasn't as much as I'd feared and I did manage to get a fair amount of work done at my desk.

4. I've been playing Super Mario World tonight and wow, it looks so old! It's weird because even though it's a newer game than SMB 1, 2, and 3, for some reason I remember those better. Maybe I played them more? I remember being super excited about SMW when it came out and reading all these magazine articles before the SNES's release. I'm sure I played it a lot when it was first released, but I guess I didn't go back and play it much later? idk. Anyway, I don't remember anything. Also having just been playing New SMB Wii U means that I get confused about what I can and can't do a lot. ^_^;; Can't butt pound blocks. Can't flutter with Yoshi. Can't wall jump. Some of these things can be deadly when you think you can do them and then you can't. :p I also feel like I have no goal when there's not the three big coins to collect. I'm like, okay, I'm just going through the level, but not doing anything. Having the goal just be "get to the end" is weird. I'm not used to that anymore.

5. New SMB Wii U is also super awesome and fun, though. It's also really short and easy? I mean, Mario games generally are pretty short, but this seems easier than the Wii one. I beat the cloud world tonight, which means there's just Bowser land left, and while there are still coins to go back and get, there's not a ton. Most were easy to get the first time through. (I know for sure I've completely finished worlds 1 and 2.)
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1. Guys, New Super Mario Bros Wii U is so awesome. *_* The graphics are just amazing, even compared to the Wii version you can really see a huge difference. The gameplay is, of course, the same old sidescrolling Mario gameplay we've known and loved for decades, but that is a feature not a bug to me. :D There is a new suit for Mario, a flying squirrel (which looks a bit like tanuki Mario SMB 3), and perhaps more? So far I've only played the first world, so I really don't know! (At one point I watched a let's play of world one and part of world two, but I didn't want to spoil myself too much so I didn't watch any more, and also that was a while ago so I don't really remember.)

The Wii U controller is pretty neat. At first I found the size off-putting, but I got used to it quickly. I like that I could play it like a handheld game if I wanted to (and since the controller is huge, the screen is much bigger than the DS screen).

I also found a tutorial on how to transfer your save files from the Wii to the Wii U, which seems more complicated than it should be, but only requires a 512 MB memory card, which I happened to have in my camera, so I don't have to go out and buy one.

2. Irene and I walked down to Whole Foods and the 99 Cent Store today. I never go to the big 99 Cent Store because there's one right on the way to work which is much more convenient (though like half the size). I also hadn't been to Whole Foods in ages because in general I find it best to avoid altogether than to go and see all the super tasty but expensive food that I can't afford to buy. :p We splurged a bit today, though, and bought four types of cheese, including a stilton with chunks of mango and ginger, which I ate almost all of already.

cheese party! )

Since we were down by the tattoo place where Irene had gotten her ears pierced a few years ago, I wanted to stop in and get another couple holes in my ear. Ever since I had to let the second hole close up because it wasn't healing properly, I have wanted to get it redone professionally and have also been thinking about getting a third one higher up, but I just never seem to actually getting around to going out and doing it. Unfortunately when we went in the woman behind the counter said she no longer had a piercer so they just do tattoos now. :( She said she thought one of the tattoo places a little further down the street did piercings, but I didn't feel like going any further, so just gave up for the day.

3. Alexander came over in the evening and he and Irene watched me play Mario and then we ordered Thai and watched Kung Fu Panda. He went home tonight and has a thing in the morning, but then will be back to spend the rest of tomorrow and Sunday here as well. :D

4. It's so nice to have more than one day off in a row! We have plans for tomorrow afternoon and evening, but I can sleep in again in the morning.

5. I reactivated my Netflix account tonight. I have been planning to do it a some point this month because while I know that there will be torrents of Arrested Development, I really want to show my support for the new season, so I'm actually going to watch it on Netflix. (Not sure if I will keep the account going after the season ends or not. On the one hand I really don't mind paying to watch stuff since I can certainly afford $8 a month right now, but I really hate watching stuff in the browser instead of in VLC.) I decided to go ahead and do it now, though, so that we can use it while Irene is here if we want. (Though Alexander has brought his Apple TV over and Irene has a harddrive full of movies, so we may not actually use it.)


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