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The other day [personal profile] jb_slasher asked if I would do a music post, so here it is! I have not made a music post in ages, partly because I have not been listening to music as much over the last couple years or so, and also because the music I have been listening to has been old favorites rather than anything new. But really neither of those preclude making music posts, and it is something I'd like to get back into the habit of, so if anyone has suggestions for themes, just leave a comment.

As for today's post, since I've still been going through my five-star playlist in order of last played, I'll just go with "songs I hadn't heard in years but recently remembered how much I love them". XD

As usual my commentary is pretty shit because I don't know how to talk about music, but whatevs.

GLAY - Two Bell Silence
This is off GLAY's first album, which overall feels a lot less polished than their later stuff, but there are some great songs on there and this is one of them.

Metric - Sick Muse
I haven't heard a lot of stuff by Metric, but what I've heard I've generally liked.

Fujii Fumiya - Stay with Me
So bouncy. It just makes me want to sing along.

Against Me! - Ache with Me
When I first heard this song, the lyrics really resonated with me and I thought of course it's just me projecting, but then a few years later the vocalist came out as trans and it turned out it wasn't me projecting. (The melody is also just beautiful and even if the lyrics were something else entirely it would be one of my favorite songs.)

The Back Horn - Sunny
A bit screamy but I like it.

Soul Asylum - New World
I love this album so much. So many good songs, but it's also tied up in some very specific memories about a friend of mine who passed away and it always makes me think of her.

Green Day - 21 Guns
I stopped paying attention to Green Day after their first album but then later I heard some songs on the radio or pandora or something and this was one of them and it's really awesome and I always think I should go back and listen to all those years of Green Day that I missed, but then I never do.

Mucc - Libra
The verses and chorus are in totally different styles and I'm not a huge fan of the talky-ish verses but the chorus is so beautiful in that visual-kei style.

X Japan - Rusty Nail
Speaking of albums I love and beautiful visual-kei songs.

Letters to Cleo - Sparkle Girl
Oh man, I love Letters to Cleo so much. So bouncy and catchy.
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[personal profile] nintendoh asked for recs for Japanese 80s music, so I made this rec list for him. I posted as a comment in his journal and so my comments about the songs/artists are tailored to him but I'm too lazy to rewrite it and would also like to share with everyone else, so...!

One thing to keep in mind about 80s music is that Japan cared even less if idols could carry a tune in the 80s than they do now (plus there was no autotune), so some songs are catchy but kind of cringey. XD But this list isn't all idol singers by any means. There's quite a variety, including plenty of people who can actually sing! :D

Anyway, on with the songs! In order by year:

30 songs! )


Mar. 5th, 2015 10:30 pm
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I actually have been listening to some new music these days, by way of the satellite music thingy we have at work. When I hear a song I like, I sometimes remember to shazam it. The problem is remembering to take a look at my shazammed songs when I'm home and can look for downloads, but I actually did that today and will now share with you some of my new discoveries!

I was going to write up something about each song except it was all just "it's catchy!" (Though I will say Feel This Moment is particularly notable for its sampling of Take On Me.)

Justin Timberlake - Mirrors

Meghan Trainor - Dear Future Husband

Pitbull feat. Christina Aguilera - Feel This Moment

Kelly Clarkson - Heartbeat Song

Rixton - Me and My Broken Heart

Bryan Adams - Here I Am

Brandon Heath - You Decide

Okay, this next one was not actually new to me, apparently. But I shazammed it more than once because the title just would not stick in my mind, and then today when I went to download it I found I actually already had it on my harddrive! But it's really good so I wanted to include it. :D

Celine Dion - That's the Way It Is
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Well, there's three days left in the month (including today) and three questions left, so I guess that worked out okay. XD

[personal profile] littlebutfierce asked about this year's best musical discoveries. Despite my resolution early in the year to listen to more new (to me) music, that just really hasn't happened. In fact, I haven't even listened to much music, period, this year, because I don't tend to have it on at home and I got annoyed with having my earbuds in my pocket at work so stopped carrying them with me and now don't even get that 20 minutes of music on my daily commute that I used to. I'd really like for that to change in 2015 because I really do love music. I just need to make it more of a habit.

I already talked a lot about new stuff I discovered in the first half of the year here (and if you missed those posts, the links are still up), so for this I'll concentrate on the second half of the year. (In which I hardly listened to any music at all, so it made it much easier to sort through stuff! XD)

After hearing [personal profile] littlebutfierce talk about Stars so much, this was the year I finally listened to them and now they're one of my favorite bands, too. I linked some other favorites in one of my monthly music posts earlier this year, but one song I discovered more recently is The Night Starts Here, which is just absolutely amazing. It's such a beautiful song and the lyrics are great, too. I even made note of a couple lines to use as fic titles if I ever write fic again.

This was the year when I went to see two movies (Guardians of the Galaxy and Big Hero 6) after not having been to the theatre in like four years. I had been vaguely aware that Fall Out Boy had some new songs out, but it wasn't until I shazammed the song that played over the closing credits of Big Hero 6 that I realised Immortals was one of those new songs. It's really, really catchy and definitely has me looking forward to their new album.

I had never heard of Johnny's WEST before being asked to translate their song Can't Stop a few weeks ago, but I am so glad I got this request because these guys are awesome. I can't stop (ha) listening to this song and at one point just put it on loop while I was out taking a walk because it's just that catchy. I hope they have it at karaoke next time I go.

The Strokes' Between Love and Hate is by no means new or even new to me, but it is one of those songs I had on my computer and hadn't listened to for years until just recently. The Strokes are one of those artists I really should check out and see what they're doing these days, because I really like their first two albums a lot.

Sid's cover of Luna Sea's Wish is really straight-forward and if I had the original song on my hard drive (something to remedy) I'd probably upload that instead, but this is the version that I heard and got hooked on this year anyway, so...

I was going through "unlistened to" (most of which is actually listened to, but my iTunes library got wiped the last time I switched computers) music on my hard drive at one point in the past couple months and decided to start with the end of the alphabet instead of the beginning, so I ended up listening to a Unicorn best of and rediscovered quite a few favorites, including Pekepeke, for which I also recommend watching the very '80s video (Okuda Tamio is so young!).

And finally, four songs from Damien Rice's most recent album. I first heard of Rice when his song The Blower's Daughter was used in the film Closer. I loved that song soooooooo much (still do) and listened to the album it was on and did not like a single other thing and so never bothered to seek anything else of his out. But just recently [personal profile] mikotokun was enthusing about this album and offered to upload it for me, so I gave it a try and wow! I hated the first song, liked a few other songs okay, and absolutely loved these four (so much so that I couldn't choose just one, even though I always like to do just one song per artist on these sorts of posts): The Box, Colour Me In, The Greatest Bastard, and It Takes a Lot to Know a Man.
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Well, so much for the whole "find new music every month" project. These past few months have been very busy and I just never had a lot of time to sit down and listen to stuff. But I have finally collected enough songs to post something, and hopefully will be able to get back on schedule to do a full post's worth for July. (At the very least, I'm hoping that doing this post and clearing out the tiny bit of new songs I've put on my "new music" playlist will give me a clean slate and help get me back in the mindset for this.)

Eliza Rickman - Pretty Little Head
In general, while I love Welcome to Night Vale, the music in it is very much Not For Me. Songs range from eh, this is tolerable to outright annoying, with more in the latter category. But in one of the more recent episodes I actually found a song I liked! One I liked enough to buy, even!

Nogizaka46 - Danke Schoen, Kizuitara Kataomoi, Kodoku Kyoudai, Romance no Start, Toiki no Method, Umareta Mama de
This is an AKB48 type group (their ~rival~, in fact) that I first heard when I got a request to translate some of their lyrics. Like AKB48, they are really, really catchy! So much so that I couldn't pare down the songs I listened to at all, so you get all six of them. XD

AKB48 - B Garden, Kimi wa Kimagure
And speaking of AKB48, in an attempt to listen to some new music a few weeks ago, I just scrolled through the new uploads on jpopsuki and saw they had a new single. The single, Labrador Retriever, was okay, but some of the B-sides were what I actually really liked the best.

Hirai Ken feat. Amuro Namie - Grotesque
Two artists I love collaborating! It's not the best song I've heard by either of them, but I did like it quite a bit (especially after listening a couple times).

Tokyo Performance Doll - Brand New Story
Tokyo Performance Doll was an idol group from the early 90s and they were recently reformed with all new members and released this single, which is the theme song to the new Kindaichi Shonen anime (which is how I heard it). Very catchy!

frnkiero andthe cellabration - Weighted
This is just a link to youtube because I don't have a copy myself. I haven't been paying attention to MCR folks at all since they broke up, but [personal profile] gorgeousnerd linked this earlier today and so I thought I'd check it out. It doesn't scratch the itch for more MCR at all because it doesn't sound like MCR at all, but it's still good music and I'm looking forward to hearing the rest of the album when it comes out.
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This was mostly a month of discovering new favorites by listening to stuff that had been sitting unlistened to on my hard drive for a long time! XD

And this month I have more than ten songs, because I just could not trim down the list. I had been meaning to do ten songs by ten different artists, but when I found myself unable to choose between songs this month I decided it would be okay to do more than one song per artist as long as I have ten different artists altogether. (I mean, of course they're my rules to begin with so I can do anything I want, but since the point of this venture is to make myself listen to more new-to-me stuff, I just don't want it to be a thing where I could let myself off the hook by uploading an album I really loved and calling it a day or something, you know?)

Anyway! On to the music!

Nothing's Carved in Stone - Red Light, Inside Out
I discovered Nothing's Carved in Stone last year when they did the opening theme for the anime Psycho-Pass. I was like, wow, this is pretty good, and when I looked them up, it turns out they are fronted by one of the guys from Ellegarden who is not Hosomi Takeshi. I love Ellegarden and I love Hosomi Takeshi's other band, The Hiatus (aptly named, as Ellegarden are on what seems like permanent hiatus due to creative differences). Though considering Nothing's Carved in Stone and The Hiatus both sound exactly like Ellegarden, I'm not sure what differences there were!? Still, I'm glad to have found this band! I downloaded one of their albums back when the anime was on, but then never got around to listening to it. When I did listen to it this past month, I found quite a few new songs that I really loved!

One Direction - Best Song Ever, Story of My Life, Diana, Midnight Memories
I only recently found out they had a new album! These are some very catchy songs, and I am far past the point in my life where I have any shame about what music I like, so yeah. :p

Mr.Children - Joutouku
Although Mr.Children's most recent album was release over a year ago, I hadn't really given it much of a listen yet. Of the songs I hadn't heard yet, this was the one I ended up liking the best. It's just really, really pretty. *_*

Travis - Last Words, Friends
These are from their Ode to J. Smith album, which is apparently from 2008 but I'd never listened to! They probably have more albums since then, too!? I don't know why this happens to me, but sometimes even bands I really like, I just find it hard to make myself listen to their new releases because I'd rather stick with what I know and love (which is why I'm so determined this year to listen to more new stuff!). Anyway, these songs are great. I can't say I super loved the whole album, but there was definitely good stuff on it.

Stars - Look Up, Mightnight Coward, A Song Is a Weapon
I've heard [personal profile] littlebutfierce talk about Stars SO MUCH. And one time I downloaded a bunch of songs they'd posted, but I never actually got around to listening to them, except for one song (Dead Hearts, which I loved and have listened to a lot since downloading it). D: So this was a good time to do so! These are the three I really loved the best and I'll definitely be checking out more of their stuff! If you like stuff with male/female vocals like Belle & Sebastian or New Pornographers, you will probably like these guys!

Sekai no Owari - Love the Warz, Never Ending World, Nemuri Hime
I think I saw these guys on Countdown TV or something a while back? I seem to have downloaded an album and then never listened to a single song (this is not an uncommon occurrence)! When I went to listen to this album, I really disliked the first couple songs and thought why did I download this!? but then there were some songs I really, really loved like these ones! They remind me a bit of LM.C.

Busker Busker - Calling You
I don't remember how I heard about these guys at all because I really don't have that much exposure to Korean music, especially stuff that's not idol pop, but at some point I did hear about them and I downloaded their album and then got interrupted in listening to it and never went back. I had already five-starred a couple songs, but hadn't listened to over half the album, so I went back and did that and while most of the songs didn't really grab me that much, I really liked this one a lot.

Counting Crows - Insignificant
If I had to pick just a handful of albums to listen to for the rest of my life, Counting Crows' August and Everything After would be one of them. I love the album to pieces and every song is great, and yet aside from a couple singles that came out not long after that (back when I was still listening to the radio), I really haven't paid any attention at all to anything else they've done. And at some point I had downloaded a couple other albums of theirs, but of course had never actually listened to them. :p So I rectified that and found that maybe August and Everything After was an anomaly? I don't know. But while I didn't love anything as much as that album, I did find a couple songs I liked a lot, including this one.

Franz Ferdinand - Evil Eye
Had not listened to their new album, apparently. (You are probably starting to see the pattern.) I wasn't super in love with it? But I love this song an awful lot.

Janelle Monáe - Cold War
Yep, her ArchAndroid album was also something I'd downloaded and then not listened to. :p It seems like so many people I know really, really love Janelle Monáe, so I had high hopes, but in the end it was just not my type of music. I didn't hate it, but I also didn't feel like it was anything I wanted to listen to again. :-/ This song was the sole exception and I really love it!
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I have to say, I'm really enjoying this search for new music! It helps that I have a goal of getting at least a certain amount of new favorites by the end of the month and posting about it, because otherwise it would be too easy to just fall back on listening to my same old favorites.

The first thing I did is set up a new Pandora account, as my old one has been completely messed up by using it at work and I don't know if there's any way to erase your history and start fresh, but I have plenty of email addresses I can use, so it was no trouble to start a new one.

I decided to put in My Chemical Romance as the station because that's one band I could never put in at work because the related artists are almost always too screamy for appropriate grocery store music. :p But that also meant that I knew it was a good artist to put in and get a lot of new-to-me music, because if I put in someone I'd put in before at work, I would probably get a higher ratio of songs I already know.

And because I still haven't found a way to find new Japanese music that I like anywhere near as much as I like Pandora, this month's new favorites are kind of heavy on the "related to My Chemical Romance (at least by Pandora's standards)", though I hope in the future to have more variety.

So now, without further ado, on to the music!

The Used - Hospital
I know of The Used vaguely through fannish osmosis, but I'd never actually listened to them! They actually sound a lot like MCR? (Even the vocalist sounds like Gerard, IMO.) I heard a couple songs from their Lies for the Liars album on Pandora and really loved them. I liked a few other songs from the album as well, though none as much as this one or The Bird and the Worm (which was the first song I heard of theirs).

The All-American Rejects - Change Your Mind
This is a band I had heard a few songs from and liked what I'd heard, so when they popped up on Pandora (with a song I already knew), I decided to download the album it was on and see if I would like anything else by them and I did!

Three Days Grace - Animal I Have Become
This is one of those bands where I'm pretty sure I've heard the name before, but that's about it. This song hooked me immediately, though. It's really, really pretty in that screamy metal sort of way. XD

The Offspring - Half-Truism
The Offspring is not a new band to me, but in a way they might as well be. They got their big break when I was in my last year of high school/first year of college and was still listening to the radio a lot, so I heard Come Out and Play and Self Esteem all the time, but it was not long after that that I discovered jpop and just stopped listening to English music at all for several years. And then when I started listening to English music again I'd just sort of forgotten about them. So I don't know anything of theirs except Smash. I had heard You're Gonna Go Far, Kid a couple times on Pandora at work and liked it, but never got around to downloading it. When it popped up this time, I did download the album it's on and since I already knew that particular song, I couldn't count it as a new discovery, but I did discover this song, which is super awesome.

Panic! At the Disco - Memories
I liked Panic's first album a lot, but I did not like Pretty.Odd at all and then I didn't really pay much attention to them after that, especially since they broke up and I was like eh, whatever. But spurred by a couple songs that popped up on Pandora, I downloaded Vices & Virtues and WOW, this is really, really good. So, sorry to Ryan and Jon fans, but I don't miss them at all in this and think it's way better than anything the band did when it included those two? (Though to be fair, I haven't listened to any of their stuff by their new band whose name I can't even remember. Maybe it's also really awesome. I should at least look into it.)

Bowling for Soup - When We Die
Like All-American Rejects, this was a band I'd heard a couple songs from that I liked, so I decided to download the album one of the songs I like is on and see if I liked anything else. In this case, I really didn't like any of the other songs except this one. But still, I found one new awesome song, so it was worth the trouble.

The Lonely Island - Spring Break Anthem
I haven't really kept up with Lonely Island's new stuff, but I discovered this song through the best Arrested Development vid ever. It's a very catchy song and now will always make me think of GOB/Tony Wonder, so there is no downside. (Also, I think like, in my top five favorite fanvids, three of them are Lonely Island songs. XD)

SHINee - Run with Me
I discovered this one because someone requested a translation of the lyrics. Historically this has been a very good way for me to discover new songs! It also made me realise I haven't paid attention to SHINee at all since their first Japanese album and I should download more of their stuff and see what's what. This is actually the coupling to a single and it was a tough choice between this, the A side and the other coupling track, because all three are really good, but I think this is my favorite.

Yuzu - Manazashi
This was actually something I had on my hard drive but had not listened to! I haven't kept up with Yuzu that well in recent years and had somehow managed to never listen to this song at all, but it's really great and is basically everything I love about Yuzu. So bouncy and happy and lots of harmonica.

The Hiatus - Souls feat. Jamie Blake
This was another one already on my hard drive. I'd downloaded their most recent album and then never listened to it fully. Overall it's kind of disappointing and I didn't find nearly the same number of faves on it as I had with their first two albums, but I liked this song a lot. It's kind of a different sound for them, more folksy. Kind of reminds me of The New Pornographers.

So there you have it. Lots of rambling and not really any info about what type of songs they are! That's how I roll. (Sorry, I'm just terrible at describing music.)

And hey, another great way to find new music is through recs, so if you have an artist or song you think I should check out, just let me know! (You don't have to provide download links. I can find it on my own.)
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[personal profile] delphi asked for music recs!

Right now what I've mostly been listening to is the jpop winter playlist I put together for work, so here's my top five songs from that.

Mucc - Nagoriyuki
I actually have three versions of this song on the playlist because it's a classic and I like it, but this is my favorite version. I'm always a sucker for rock covers of pop songs and I like the faster pace of this cover. I'd love to be able to sing it at karaoke, but alas, there was never an official release (this isn't a live version, but it's from a cover CD that was apparently only sold at live shows).

Judy and Mary - Christmas
Such a great song! I really love this era of JAM. Some of their very early songs are okay and some of their later songs are okay, but the Miracle Diving/Orange Sunshine/Power Source years were really the best and this song is a perfect example of what I love about the band, just bouncy and fun and I could never get tired of it.

Remioromen - Konayuki
Wow, I just love his voice so much. It's such a pretty song and the chorus is one of those bits that's just music to my ears. It's got just the right combination of notes that it makes me want to hear just that short bit over and over and over.

Hirose Kohmi - Fuyu no Motivation
When we were first discussing a winter playlist at work, everyone was like "Hirose Kohmi!" because she's really known for her winter songs. I actually didn't have much of her stuff on my hard drive, but Irene is a big fan so I asked her for the Best Love Winters album and she gave me this song along with it. It's a much more recent song than the others so I'd never heard it, but I needed as many winter songs as possible so I just tossed it in there and then I got totally hooked! She has such fun songs and this is no exception. I just want to bop and sing along.

Globe - Departures
Oh man, this song! It's a great song, but so much of the appeal for me is nostalgia. It's a song that came out right around when I started listening to jpop, so I have such strong memories of it and I can picture them performing the Music Station Super Live that year.
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When I went karaoke with Alexander last, which was now like, a month ago, I told him I would upload all my Mr.Children albums because he really liked some of the songs I sang. Then since that's an awful lot of music to just dive into, I said I would make a post with some of my favorite songs, and then I procrastinated on that and here it is over a month later and I just really want to check that "music post" box off my to-do list, so I'm doing it!

Mr.Children are a really awesome Japanese band. I am terrible at genres, but wikipedia, helpful wikipedia, tells me they are "pop rock, power pop, progressive rock". Okay! I feel like visual-kei is the most commonly-known type of Japanese rock outside of Japan, and Mr.Children are not that, either in looks or in sound. They have been around for a really long time. Twenty-five years this year, according to the aforementioned wikipedia. I have been a huge fan of them for a large chunk of that time, as they were one of the first bands I came across in my first forays into Japanese music.

I'm too lazy to link each song individually, so click on the album titles to go to the directories. You can use downthemall to easily download lots of files if you have firefox.

Songs with * are my very, very, very favorites.

This is a lot of rambling about a lot of music! )
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5. 10 songs you love right now

Well, the thing about this question is the most recent songs I've really gotten into is those AKB48 songs I uploaded a few weeks ago (and then proceeded to listen to on repeat approximately five million times).

So instead I just set my five-star playlist on random and listened until I had ten songs I really really loved.

1. Mika - Dr. John
I have loved Mika ever since I first heard Grace Kelly, but he just keeps getting better and better. This is a song from his second album and while it's hard to say what my absolute favorite song of his is, this is definitely in the top five.

2. Christina Perri - Jar of Hearts
Christina Perry is one of those artists I discovered from listening to Pandora for eight hours a day at work. XD This song played over and over and while I liked it from fairly early on, it took me a while to get around to noticing who it was and downloading it. It's just really pretty.

3. Gollbetty - Ding Dong Ding
Gollbetty are a Japanese girl punk band. I was introduced to them when someone requested a bunch of their lyrics to be translated and I'm really glad because I don't think I would have ever heard of them otherwise. This is one of my favorite songs by them. Very bouncy and catchy.

4. Malice Mizer - Au Revoir
I've never been a huge Malice Mizer fan, but I really love their Merveilles album, which this song is on. I'm not very good at recognising instruments, but I think it's violin that's incorporated in this. Whatever it is, it's really pretty, and I love the combination of that sound with the strong drumbeat.

5. Himuro Kyousuke - Kiss Me
Himuro Kyousuke's song Stay is one of the first songs I heard when I got into Japanese music (and is still one of my all-time favorite songs). Although Kiss Me was released several years before Stay, it has a very similar sound and even though I didn't discover it until years later, it never fails to make me nostalgic for that time.

6. Spitz - Boku wa Jet
Spitz is one of my all-time favorite bands. Boku wa Jet is actually a really, really early song of theirs from a tape they put out in their indies days, but was later rereleased on their Iroiro Goromo album. It's very bouncy!

7. Romania Montevideo - 6 am
Rumania Montevideo were a very short-lived band (really a one-hit wonder) in the late '90s. A five-member band, three of whom were female, including the vocalist (who also played drums), they had a solid rock sound that I liked a lot, but just didn't seem to catch on.

8. B'z - Koigokoro
Wow, I just realised this year is B'z 25th anniversary! Koigokoro is one of their earlier songs and was not actually a single, but is thankfully very popular nonetheless (which means it's often played in concert). Such a fun song. I should sing it more at karaoke.

9. The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus - Face Down
Another Pandora find, which I actually just discovered recently (I think in the last month), but is apparently from 2006! It's very catchy and caught my attention immediately.

10. 19 - Subete e
The late '90s was a good time to be a folk rock duo in Japan. Although 19 didn't have the staying power of Yuzu, they had some really good songs.

Well, that ended up being really heavy on the Japanese artists, which was not my intent. Such are the whims of iTunes!
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I can't stop listening to AKB48. The firt two albums I downloaded were Set List~Greatest Songs~ Kanzenban and Koko ni Ita Koto, both of which I've now five-starred every single song. I downloaded their most recent album, 1830m, a couple days ago, and on first listen nothing really jumped out at me, but I have only listened to it once, so that may change.

Here are some of my favorites from the other two albums, though. If you like girl groups with an early '90s jpop feel, AKB48 may be for you! Also just if you like catchy music in general.

Heavy Rotation
Shoujotachi yo
Team B Oshi
Ponytail to Shushu
High School Days
Skirt, Hirari
Seifuku ga Jama wo Suru
Kimi to Boku no Kankei
Sakura no Hanabiratachi
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1. I asked if I could switch my other day off this week from Friday to tomorrow and my manager said yes, so now I have tomorrow off to work on my [community profile] white_lotus fic.

2. Fall Out Boy have a new song out and it's awesome! They can be kind of hit or miss for me (though I did really like their last album), but I am looking forward to hearing their new album based on this.

3. This month I'm trying not to buy any groceries unless it's to go with something I already have, because I have a lot of random stuff in my freezer and cupboard that I need to use up (and in the fridge, to a lesser degree). Last night I made spam and kimchi fried rice, which was both tasty and used all things I already had in the house. (There was also leftovers, so I took some for lunch today, too.)
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1. Waking up early was just as not-fun as I'd expected it to be (I felt so sluggish this morning at work), but it was nice getting off early! And I wasn't really needed at the register that much this morning, so I was mostly able to get work done at my desk and just have them call me when it got busy and they needed someone.

2. And now tomorrow I can sleep iiiiiiiiin.

3. A friend of mine posted a "30 most listened to songs of 2012" video clip compilation on Facebook yesterday and I've discovered some new bands. (That was also how I found out Amuro had a new album out. And so do Mr.Children, though I haven't listened to that one yet.) Tonight I've been enjoying Be Mine by Infinite:

I like the Korean version, too, but the Japanese version has the benefit me me being able to understand it, plus I like the sound of Korean-accented Japanese. Either way, this song is super catchy.

4. It seems like my shows (or most of them) are back from their Christmas hiatuses, yay. (Though I didn't actually get around to watching any of the shows I downloaded tonight.)

5. There's going to be a Lego Marvel Superheroes game! :D
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Oh man, this is what I get for not paying attention to new music that much. I had no idea Amuro Namie had a new album out, but she does and it's AWESOME. *_* The last single I heard of hers was Break It/Get Myself Back, so almost the entire album is new-to-me material and it's all great!

I liked Past<Future pretty well, but the compliation album that came after that was a real disappointment (I loved Wonder Woman, but that was the only song off it I liked), so I was hoping that album was just a blip due to being stuff she did with other people rather than solo stuff, and I guess it was.

This new album actually has quite a few songs that are entirely in English, which I think is a first? (I know she's had some very English-heavy songs before, but not this many and not entirely English.)

Amuro Namie - Uncontrolled
Favorites: In the Spotlight (Tokyo), Naked, Sit! Stay! Wait! Down!, Hot Girls, Break It, Let's Go, Fight Together, Only You
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Man, I really wanted to be more on top of posting when I started this thing but I guess that's not going to happen, so whatever. XD Have some songs anyway. This is a random collection of stuff I recently downloaded and can't stop listening to.

Mika - Elle Me Dit, Tah Dah, and Love You When I'm Drunk
I have been in a Mika mood lately and basically just been listening to him non-stop a lot of the time (in fact, the other day I was just listening to Tah Dah on loop for a couple hours). Ugh, his new album is so good, but these are probably my top three songs on it. At first Love You When I'm Drunk was my very favorite, but I think Tah Dah has stolen its spot. It is the best.

Metric - Help I'm Alive and Give Me Sympathy
This is one of those bands where I think I'd heard the name a while back but never heard anything by them? Then I heard Help I'm Alive on Pandora a few times and really liked it, so I downloaded the album it's on and there are some other good songs, too! Including Give Me Sympathy, which I also really like a lot.

Green Day - 21 Guns
Green Day is one of those bands that I just never really clicked with. I like a handful of their older songs, but this is the first song of theirs that's really, really grabbed me. To be quite honest, I could just listen to the part where he sings "one, twenty-one guns" all by itself over and over again for a very long time. XD

Imagine Dragons - It's Time
Alexander sang this at karaoke when we went last and it was vaguely familiar and I liked it. Since then I've heard it on Pandora a couple times and I downloaded it because I really liked it.

One Direction - C'mon, C'mon
I like What Makes You Beautiful so much I finally got around to downloading their albums to check out more of their stuff and was kind of disappointed with the album that song is on, but their other album is really good! I think this is my favorite off it, though.

Ne-Yo - Let Me Love You (Until You Learn to Love Yourself)
Another Pandora discovery. The lyrics make me side-eye so hard, but damn, it's just so catchy! (LOL This song and What Makes You Beautiful together would be like the perfect Nice Guy mashup.)

My Chemical Romance - Ambulance
I don't know if there are any My Chem fans out there who don't know they're releasing new songs right now, but if you don't, hey, they are releasing two songs a month of stuff they recorded before Danger Days but never released. The first batch didn't grab me at first (though I've since warmed to them), but this song from the November release grabbed me right away. It's so good!
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Alexander and I went karaoke today and I sang a lot of great songs! So since I haven't done a music post in what feels like ages, here's what I sang today.

1. Pink - Blow Me (One Last Kiss)
This is such a fun song! A lot of stuff by female vocalists strains my voice too much (including some of Pink's other songs), but this was good. I will definitely be singing it again.

2. Fanatic Crisis - Freedom
I love Fanatic Crisis, but never sing anything of theirs at karaoke because I never remember which songs I know well enough to sing. But this time I was making a list before hand and put this one down. I will have to try more in the future, because his voice is definitely in my range.

3. Wham - Freedom
When Alexander saw the Fanatic Crisis song in the queue, he asked if it was Wham's Freedom, which prompted me to put this in, too. This is too high for me and it was the very end of our time, so I had no voice left anyway and I basically laugh-sang my way through it, but it was fun.

4. Concrete Blonde - Joey
Yessssss. This is such an awesome song, and one I never would have thought to sing if I hadn't been going through my favorites in itunes beforehand. Go me for making a list!

5. Jimmy Eat World - Pain
I rocked this song. Good range for me and fun to sing.

6. Kuroyume - Pistol
I sang this last time we went and realised it was really just perfectly in my range and I can sing it well, so now it will be on permanent rotation. XD

7. Marina & the Diamonds - Primadonna
This was the only song they had by her, but it's my favorite and the one I wanted to sing, so happy happy. Way high, but high enough that I could easily sing lower in my natural voice, so it worked out great.

8. NEWS - Sayaendou
I love this song and it's fun to listen to, but I didn't know it was well as I thought I did.

9. OAR - Shattered (Turn the Car Around)
omg another permanent rotation one. XD Wow, this song is so perfect for me. The thing is, I have a decent voice, but really limited range and anything out of this very narrow range sounds thin, but with this song my voice sounded really full and I was just like damn, yes. I need to sing this more! XD

10. Coming Century - Stay Gold
Old school Johnny's! This song is super nostalgic for me as it came out right around the time I started listening to jpop and I can so clearly picture them performing on Music Station and the horrible outfits they wore. N'aww. Fun to sing, too.

11. Backstreet Boys - Straight Through My Heart
As I said to Alexander, this song is the best because DRUM MACHINE. Drum machine makes everything better. I like to stand and bounce around when I'm singing, so yes. Drum machine. (See also: the Coming Century song above.) We also sang Shape of My Heart, but I only know the chorus, so it wasn't as fun.

12. Bryan Adams - Summer of '69
Always a fun song to sing.

13. One Direction - What Makes You Beautiful
Haha, yes, I have no shame (as if you couldn't already tell by many of the above song choices). The lyrics is ridic, but it's so catchy and so much fun.

14. Mr. Children - Youthful Days
I put this on my list because it's not one I've sung before. There are like five million Mr. Children songs and it's overwhelming to choose and I can't remember which ones I know well enough, so I always sing the same handful of songs. This was a fun one to try (and I did know it well).

15. Bowling for Soup - 1985
Alexander sang Teenage Dirtbag and we were getting all nostalgic over the references (Iron Maiden! IROCs!), which made me remember this recent discovery of mine and I was pleased to see they actually had it. Yay for more nostalgia! It's also super fun to sing.

16. Bruce Springsteen - Dancing in the Dark
Oops, almost forgot about this one. And it's another one I wouldn't have thought of without making a list beforehand, since I don't really know/like any other Springsteen songs enough to sing, so I would just skip past his name altogether.
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Well, after the initial non-anon posting, anonimity was restored for the fest and those of us who saw the creators names were asked to pretend we hadn't, so I took down my "what I made" post. Here it is again if you missed it!

Our Time~A Kodomo no Jikan Fanmix~ (908 words) by faviconkyuuketsukirui
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Kodomo no Jikan
Rating: General Audiences
Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Usa Mimi, Kokonoe Rin, Aoki Daisuke, Kagami Kuro, Kokonoe Reiji
Summary: A fanmix focusing on Rin.

While I made soundtracks to a couple fics in the past, I never went all out and made covers or gave them titles or anything, so I consider this the first proper fanmix I've made. I went through my entire itunes library listening to songs and then looking up lyrics. It was really fun! Since the source is Japanese, I tried to choose mostly Japanese songs, and then of course I wanted to provide translations for them all, so while quite a few were already up on my site, I did have to translate several just for this mix.

Because AO3 doesn't allow linking to music downloads (which I hadn't ever even thought about, but I suppose makes sense from a legal standpoint), I had to use to host the mix, since AO3 does allow linking to certain streaming sites. 8tracks turned out to be really easy to use and I think having the streaming embed like that makes it look more ~professional~ or whatever.

Words I Thought I'd Never Speak (5779 words) by faviconkyuuketsukirui
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Ultra Maniac
Rating: Mature
Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Sakura Nina/Tateishi Ayu
Characters: Sakura Nina, Tateishi Ayu
Summary: When a new law is passed allowing humans to visit the Magic Kingdom, Ayu finally gets a chance to see Nina's world.

This fic, guys! This fic was a pinch hit that I picked up because I had finished my own assignment and was like, well, I do know this fandom and if I reread the manga really quickly, I think I can manage to write something for it. And then I reread the manga with [personal profile] moontyger's request in mind and was just so inspired. I don't usually do worldbuilding stuff. I don't usually do long fics. And yet both of those things came super easily to me here. I wrote 500 words the first night, about the same the next night, and then almost 5000 the day of the deadline. >_< And I had so much fun!

I don't think this needs a lot of canon knowledge to read, honestly. [personal profile] littlebutfierce and [personal profile] snacky betaed it for me and both said they enjoyed it despite having never read the manga. (Though if you actually do want to read the manga, which is very cute, someone has scanned the official English translation and posted it here.)

This is how I described it when I posted asking for a beta: All the background info you need! )

If you like fluffy first-time femslash I think you might enjoy it?
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The Killers are one of my very favorite bands, so I was really excited when I saw they had a new album out. It didn't grab me much at all on first listen, but after three or four times I was hooked.

The Killers - Battle Born
Favorites: Flesh and Bone, Runaways, The Way It Was, Here with Me, The Rising Tide, Heart of a Girl, Battle Born, and Prize Fighter.
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Oh hey, I just remembered that the new Pink album was coming out soon and checked to see if soon was now yet and it was! I hadn't heard any of the songs on it before except for Blow Me (One Last Kiss), which a couple of the Pandora stations we use at work have on heavy rotation. Overall I like the album pretty much!

Pink - The Truth About Love
Favorites: Are We All We Are, Blow Me (One Last Kiss), Just Give Me a Reason, True Love, How Come You're Not Here, Is This Thing On?, Timebomb, The King Is Dead but the Queen Is Alive

(The italicised ones are my top-top faves, though nothing is quite as good as Blow Me, which has become one of my all-time favorites of hers.)
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Today I happened to hear one of the songs below on the way home from work and it reminded me how much I love when newer Johnny's songs have some of that good old school Johnny's sound.

I couldn't possibly do a post with all my favorite Johnny's songs. I tried that once before (one of my very first daily happiness posts, in fact) and was just barely able to get it down to 100 favorite songs. XD But I imagine I'll have quite a few different Johnny's-themed posts for this 100 Things series.

If you're not familiar with Johnny's, they're Japanese boy bands all put out through the same production company that's been cranking out boy bands since the '60s. I like the stuff from the '90s best and I haven't kept up with a lot of the newer stuff that's been coming out, but here are six more recent songs that have the Johnny's sound that I love.

1. Arashi - Sakura Sake

2. Hey! Say! JUMP - Chance to Change

3. Kanjani8 - Musekinin Hero

4. KAT-TUN - Haruka na Yakusoku

5. NEWS - Ai wa Simple na Curry Rice

6. V6 - Honey Beat


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