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I've got a semi-MST (a lot of it's just me being lazy and pointing out the good parts) here of a little story [ profile] diamona pointed me to on Ewan and Brad meet up at the premiere of Mr and Mrs Smith and (bad)sexing ensues.

Then Ewan felt something happen in his pants. He was getting rock hard. )
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I was searching Google for a song called "Grab My Love" and as you might imagine, I got all sorts of results that were not at all song-related...

I couldn't resist clicking on this one, about a housewife who has a fling with her neighbor before he moves away. I MSTed bits of it for [ profile] writers_orgasm and felt I should share the horror.

''I need my fluids to caress your love toy'' )
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Title: I Don't See How You Can Love Me
Author: Cheetababe16 (why do all these authors have "babe" in their screen names?)
Fandom: Harry Potter (supposedly)
Rating: G (she says, though the language should get it an R)

Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy! )
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Title: Kagome's Pleasure
Author: Bbabe18
Fandom: Inuyasha
Rating: NC-17

I haven't the words to describe how awful this fic is... )
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Title: God, where do we go from here
Author: Elizabeth
Fandom: Harry Potter
Rating: R
MST Rating: Rated M for Mary Sue

Snape or monkey paw? You be the judge. )
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It's MoM time!

My entry for Mountain o' Mock VI

Title: Tokyo Express
Author: Yamato's Tiger Lily
Fandom: Digimon/Tenchi Muyo!/Pokemon/Sailor Moon/Saint Tail/Card Captor Sakura
Rating: R
MST Rating: Bullet train. Extremely painful if you face it head on.

It's painful like you wouldn't believe. And pointless, too. )
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Title: The Poem
Author: kianhpotter
Fandom: Harry Potter
Rating: PG
MST Rating: Dudley Dursley. Rather slow and dull, but painful all the same.

Here's my entry. )
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My entry into MoM IV. [ profile] telesilla decided we should do one up as a surprise for [ profile] backfromspace when he gets back tomorrow.

Title: Open Arms
Author: Ewansbabie-MR
Fandom: Moulin Rouge
Rating: PG
MST Rating: The Elephant. It's an eyesore, but generally harmless.

Warning: Sappy Moulin Rouge SongFic Ahead )
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This fic really MSTs itself. If you'd like to hurt yourself by reading other chapters, just hop on over to MST the Moron. This is but one of the seventeen chapters that will be available for your enjoyment.

"Some One NEw -- Chapter Four: Dreams of love and lost*" by Draco MalfoyGirl 16**

Harry Potter Mary Sue Alert! )

*Typos are entirely hers.
**I think she's lying about her age. If not, I'm frightened.
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I can see this MSTing thing getting out of hand very quickly. :p It sucks me in...

I don't know the name of the author for this one, so just blame any random LotR-obsessed teenybopper you come across.

Warning: cliched Mary Sue BadFic ahead.

Amazingly it's not Legolas this chick's got the hots for... )
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All credit for this monstrosity of a badly written PWP goes to Karmin Stjean, I only borrowed it for the purposes of pointing and laughing.

All credit for putting the idea in my head goes to the ever hilarious [ profile] backfromspace.

Warning: NC-17 Star Trek TNG BadFic ahead.

My First MSTing (tm) )

On a final note, my tingly parts did not tingle once during this whole fiasco.


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