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Well, so much for the whole "find new music every month" project. These past few months have been very busy and I just never had a lot of time to sit down and listen to stuff. But I have finally collected enough songs to post something, and hopefully will be able to get back on schedule to do a full post's worth for July. (At the very least, I'm hoping that doing this post and clearing out the tiny bit of new songs I've put on my "new music" playlist will give me a clean slate and help get me back in the mindset for this.)

Eliza Rickman - Pretty Little Head
In general, while I love Welcome to Night Vale, the music in it is very much Not For Me. Songs range from eh, this is tolerable to outright annoying, with more in the latter category. But in one of the more recent episodes I actually found a song I liked! One I liked enough to buy, even!

Nogizaka46 - Danke Schoen, Kizuitara Kataomoi, Kodoku Kyoudai, Romance no Start, Toiki no Method, Umareta Mama de
This is an AKB48 type group (their ~rival~, in fact) that I first heard when I got a request to translate some of their lyrics. Like AKB48, they are really, really catchy! So much so that I couldn't pare down the songs I listened to at all, so you get all six of them. XD

AKB48 - B Garden, Kimi wa Kimagure
And speaking of AKB48, in an attempt to listen to some new music a few weeks ago, I just scrolled through the new uploads on jpopsuki and saw they had a new single. The single, Labrador Retriever, was okay, but some of the B-sides were what I actually really liked the best.

Hirai Ken feat. Amuro Namie - Grotesque
Two artists I love collaborating! It's not the best song I've heard by either of them, but I did like it quite a bit (especially after listening a couple times).

Tokyo Performance Doll - Brand New Story
Tokyo Performance Doll was an idol group from the early 90s and they were recently reformed with all new members and released this single, which is the theme song to the new Kindaichi Shonen anime (which is how I heard it). Very catchy!

frnkiero andthe cellabration - Weighted
This is just a link to youtube because I don't have a copy myself. I haven't been paying attention to MCR folks at all since they broke up, but [personal profile] gorgeousnerd linked this earlier today and so I thought I'd check it out. It doesn't scratch the itch for more MCR at all because it doesn't sound like MCR at all, but it's still good music and I'm looking forward to hearing the rest of the album when it comes out.
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This was mostly a month of discovering new favorites by listening to stuff that had been sitting unlistened to on my hard drive for a long time! XD

And this month I have more than ten songs, because I just could not trim down the list. I had been meaning to do ten songs by ten different artists, but when I found myself unable to choose between songs this month I decided it would be okay to do more than one song per artist as long as I have ten different artists altogether. (I mean, of course they're my rules to begin with so I can do anything I want, but since the point of this venture is to make myself listen to more new-to-me stuff, I just don't want it to be a thing where I could let myself off the hook by uploading an album I really loved and calling it a day or something, you know?)

Anyway! On to the music!

Nothing's Carved in Stone - Red Light, Inside Out
I discovered Nothing's Carved in Stone last year when they did the opening theme for the anime Psycho-Pass. I was like, wow, this is pretty good, and when I looked them up, it turns out they are fronted by one of the guys from Ellegarden who is not Hosomi Takeshi. I love Ellegarden and I love Hosomi Takeshi's other band, The Hiatus (aptly named, as Ellegarden are on what seems like permanent hiatus due to creative differences). Though considering Nothing's Carved in Stone and The Hiatus both sound exactly like Ellegarden, I'm not sure what differences there were!? Still, I'm glad to have found this band! I downloaded one of their albums back when the anime was on, but then never got around to listening to it. When I did listen to it this past month, I found quite a few new songs that I really loved!

One Direction - Best Song Ever, Story of My Life, Diana, Midnight Memories
I only recently found out they had a new album! These are some very catchy songs, and I am far past the point in my life where I have any shame about what music I like, so yeah. :p

Mr.Children - Joutouku
Although Mr.Children's most recent album was release over a year ago, I hadn't really given it much of a listen yet. Of the songs I hadn't heard yet, this was the one I ended up liking the best. It's just really, really pretty. *_*

Travis - Last Words, Friends
These are from their Ode to J. Smith album, which is apparently from 2008 but I'd never listened to! They probably have more albums since then, too!? I don't know why this happens to me, but sometimes even bands I really like, I just find it hard to make myself listen to their new releases because I'd rather stick with what I know and love (which is why I'm so determined this year to listen to more new stuff!). Anyway, these songs are great. I can't say I super loved the whole album, but there was definitely good stuff on it.

Stars - Look Up, Mightnight Coward, A Song Is a Weapon
I've heard [personal profile] littlebutfierce talk about Stars SO MUCH. And one time I downloaded a bunch of songs they'd posted, but I never actually got around to listening to them, except for one song (Dead Hearts, which I loved and have listened to a lot since downloading it). D: So this was a good time to do so! These are the three I really loved the best and I'll definitely be checking out more of their stuff! If you like stuff with male/female vocals like Belle & Sebastian or New Pornographers, you will probably like these guys!

Sekai no Owari - Love the Warz, Never Ending World, Nemuri Hime
I think I saw these guys on Countdown TV or something a while back? I seem to have downloaded an album and then never listened to a single song (this is not an uncommon occurrence)! When I went to listen to this album, I really disliked the first couple songs and thought why did I download this!? but then there were some songs I really, really loved like these ones! They remind me a bit of LM.C.

Busker Busker - Calling You
I don't remember how I heard about these guys at all because I really don't have that much exposure to Korean music, especially stuff that's not idol pop, but at some point I did hear about them and I downloaded their album and then got interrupted in listening to it and never went back. I had already five-starred a couple songs, but hadn't listened to over half the album, so I went back and did that and while most of the songs didn't really grab me that much, I really liked this one a lot.

Counting Crows - Insignificant
If I had to pick just a handful of albums to listen to for the rest of my life, Counting Crows' August and Everything After would be one of them. I love the album to pieces and every song is great, and yet aside from a couple singles that came out not long after that (back when I was still listening to the radio), I really haven't paid any attention at all to anything else they've done. And at some point I had downloaded a couple other albums of theirs, but of course had never actually listened to them. :p So I rectified that and found that maybe August and Everything After was an anomaly? I don't know. But while I didn't love anything as much as that album, I did find a couple songs I liked a lot, including this one.

Franz Ferdinand - Evil Eye
Had not listened to their new album, apparently. (You are probably starting to see the pattern.) I wasn't super in love with it? But I love this song an awful lot.

Janelle Monáe - Cold War
Yep, her ArchAndroid album was also something I'd downloaded and then not listened to. :p It seems like so many people I know really, really love Janelle Monáe, so I had high hopes, but in the end it was just not my type of music. I didn't hate it, but I also didn't feel like it was anything I wanted to listen to again. :-/ This song was the sole exception and I really love it!
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I have to say, I'm really enjoying this search for new music! It helps that I have a goal of getting at least a certain amount of new favorites by the end of the month and posting about it, because otherwise it would be too easy to just fall back on listening to my same old favorites.

The first thing I did is set up a new Pandora account, as my old one has been completely messed up by using it at work and I don't know if there's any way to erase your history and start fresh, but I have plenty of email addresses I can use, so it was no trouble to start a new one.

I decided to put in My Chemical Romance as the station because that's one band I could never put in at work because the related artists are almost always too screamy for appropriate grocery store music. :p But that also meant that I knew it was a good artist to put in and get a lot of new-to-me music, because if I put in someone I'd put in before at work, I would probably get a higher ratio of songs I already know.

And because I still haven't found a way to find new Japanese music that I like anywhere near as much as I like Pandora, this month's new favorites are kind of heavy on the "related to My Chemical Romance (at least by Pandora's standards)", though I hope in the future to have more variety.

So now, without further ado, on to the music!

The Used - Hospital
I know of The Used vaguely through fannish osmosis, but I'd never actually listened to them! They actually sound a lot like MCR? (Even the vocalist sounds like Gerard, IMO.) I heard a couple songs from their Lies for the Liars album on Pandora and really loved them. I liked a few other songs from the album as well, though none as much as this one or The Bird and the Worm (which was the first song I heard of theirs).

The All-American Rejects - Change Your Mind
This is a band I had heard a few songs from and liked what I'd heard, so when they popped up on Pandora (with a song I already knew), I decided to download the album it was on and see if I would like anything else by them and I did!

Three Days Grace - Animal I Have Become
This is one of those bands where I'm pretty sure I've heard the name before, but that's about it. This song hooked me immediately, though. It's really, really pretty in that screamy metal sort of way. XD

The Offspring - Half-Truism
The Offspring is not a new band to me, but in a way they might as well be. They got their big break when I was in my last year of high school/first year of college and was still listening to the radio a lot, so I heard Come Out and Play and Self Esteem all the time, but it was not long after that that I discovered jpop and just stopped listening to English music at all for several years. And then when I started listening to English music again I'd just sort of forgotten about them. So I don't know anything of theirs except Smash. I had heard You're Gonna Go Far, Kid a couple times on Pandora at work and liked it, but never got around to downloading it. When it popped up this time, I did download the album it's on and since I already knew that particular song, I couldn't count it as a new discovery, but I did discover this song, which is super awesome.

Panic! At the Disco - Memories
I liked Panic's first album a lot, but I did not like Pretty.Odd at all and then I didn't really pay much attention to them after that, especially since they broke up and I was like eh, whatever. But spurred by a couple songs that popped up on Pandora, I downloaded Vices & Virtues and WOW, this is really, really good. So, sorry to Ryan and Jon fans, but I don't miss them at all in this and think it's way better than anything the band did when it included those two? (Though to be fair, I haven't listened to any of their stuff by their new band whose name I can't even remember. Maybe it's also really awesome. I should at least look into it.)

Bowling for Soup - When We Die
Like All-American Rejects, this was a band I'd heard a couple songs from that I liked, so I decided to download the album one of the songs I like is on and see if I liked anything else. In this case, I really didn't like any of the other songs except this one. But still, I found one new awesome song, so it was worth the trouble.

The Lonely Island - Spring Break Anthem
I haven't really kept up with Lonely Island's new stuff, but I discovered this song through the best Arrested Development vid ever. It's a very catchy song and now will always make me think of GOB/Tony Wonder, so there is no downside. (Also, I think like, in my top five favorite fanvids, three of them are Lonely Island songs. XD)

SHINee - Run with Me
I discovered this one because someone requested a translation of the lyrics. Historically this has been a very good way for me to discover new songs! It also made me realise I haven't paid attention to SHINee at all since their first Japanese album and I should download more of their stuff and see what's what. This is actually the coupling to a single and it was a tough choice between this, the A side and the other coupling track, because all three are really good, but I think this is my favorite.

Yuzu - Manazashi
This was actually something I had on my hard drive but had not listened to! I haven't kept up with Yuzu that well in recent years and had somehow managed to never listen to this song at all, but it's really great and is basically everything I love about Yuzu. So bouncy and happy and lots of harmonica.

The Hiatus - Souls feat. Jamie Blake
This was another one already on my hard drive. I'd downloaded their most recent album and then never listened to it fully. Overall it's kind of disappointing and I didn't find nearly the same number of faves on it as I had with their first two albums, but I liked this song a lot. It's kind of a different sound for them, more folksy. Kind of reminds me of The New Pornographers.

So there you have it. Lots of rambling and not really any info about what type of songs they are! That's how I roll. (Sorry, I'm just terrible at describing music.)

And hey, another great way to find new music is through recs, so if you have an artist or song you think I should check out, just let me know! (You don't have to provide download links. I can find it on my own.)


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