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Okay, I'm going ahead and reposting everything I've done up til now, plus about 1200 words of new material. I'm thinking there will probably be three more parts about this size, so it might come in around 10,000.

Anyway, since this is not a daily spammy sort of thing, it's not flocked, and anyone who's interested is welcome to read and comment. If you don't like RPS, uh, it's pretty much original fic with guys who have Ewan and Jude-ish personalities, so. *shrugs* If you like cyberpunk/sci-fi/futuristic stuff, you might like it.

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Okay, I think I've figured out what my problem is. The fact that I'm posting unpolished chunks of the story is what's making me really doubt what I've written and want to go back and start over again.

Because what it feels like is posting fic to no response, even though I know that the reason people are not commenting is likely not really that it sucks, but that they're too busy with their own stuff to read, or that there's not really anything to comment on with such small chunks, etc. But it's still the same feeling of posting something and then a letdown when I check my email the next day and find no one's commented.

So then even though I know logically why people probably didn't comment, I still go oh fuck, it was boring, it sucked, etc. and I want to go over it and rewrite, but if I do that, then I won't have time to write new stuff, and even if I do edit and rewrite, that's still not going to mean anyone's going to comment on the next section, so it's just going to get worse and worse as the story goes along.

I also worry that if people read it as I'm posting, then they won't bother reading when I post the final version, and thus won't bother commenting.

So! For my own peace of mind, I'm going to stop posting the sections as I write them. I'll still be talking about the story as I write it, as I am wont to do, but I don't think I'll be posting any more of it til it's all done. Sorry about that! If I'd realised how much it would fuck me up, I'd not have done so to begin with.

In happier writing news, one of my fics (You're a Little Late) was chosen as editor's choice at The Quidditch Pitch, and two others of my fics (No Understanding no Sound from Above and Getting a Bit Obsessed) are up for voting in the readers' choice polls. *chuffed*

Remind me again why I don't go over to the dark side devote myself wholly to HP? Cause it's so tempting. But no, I have loads of Judewan ideas, and other RPS, and rarelit and film stuff. But gah. It's so nice to be in a big, active fandom.


Feb. 25th, 2006 01:42 am
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So, as I said in the previous entry, in March I'll be working on "The First, Fourth, and Last Mistakes I'll Make With You" (which won't be the final title, I'm sure, though I kind of like it).

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The only stuff I have lined up writing-wise for March is [ profile] atomic_fiction, which is due 3/4-11, and I want to get mine done on the early end of that cause Helens is going to be on vacation after the 9th and I don't want to be scrambling to find another beta. Then on the 20th I have [ profile] remixredux, which I've finally picked my fic for, huzzah.

Aside from those two things, though, I plan to concentrate pretty exclusively on this fic. I'm giving myself a tentative goal of 12,000 words, which would be ~400 words a day. That's about the max that's manageable for me as I just don't have that much free time. However, I'm not really holding myself to a word count so much as trying to get it done. There's no point in padding out a story just to make a certain word count.

So right now I'm going with the 400 words a day thing, but I may adjust the total once I get started and have a better idea of how long I think it might be.

So would anyone be interested in me posting the parts as they're written, sans beta? I may make a filter for that if people are, and then I'll post the full thing publically when it's done.


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