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I feel like I haven't been talking about manga much, and the reason for this is that despite my determination to not start new ongoing series and just concentrate on reading a lot of the short series/one-offs I have sitting around, I have instead got sucked into rereading two series (Naruto for [ profile] reread_no_jutsu and Please Save My Earth because I want to read the sequel and don't remember anything), plus I started two new series, so I have been reading a lot of manga, but have no reviews. D:

But! Even though I cannot properly review these, since the series are incompete, I did want to talk about them, because they're both interesting and God only knows when they'll be finished.

First off is a new one by Yoshinaga Fumi, Kinou Nani Tabeta? (What Did You Eat Yesterday?) Baka Updates shows there are two groups scanlating it, with several chapters done so far. If you liked Antique Bakery, I'd definitely suggest checking this out. If you would like manga about queer characters, but don't really like the tropes that go along with BL, I would definitely suggest checking it out. I would also suggest checking it out if you are a foodie and/or like cooking, especially typical homecooked Japanese meals with lots of sidedishes. You see, this your typical seinen slice of life/foodie/cooking magazine (complete with detailed directions on how to cook everything), except the protagonist is a gay guy in his 40s who live with his (same age) boyfriend. They are written as realistic gay guys, not as the usual BL fantasy, and while the fact that they're gay informs their daily life and is thus mentioned to some degree in every chapter, it's not a romance or a story about being gay. Which is why it's so unique and lovely and I really hope it will get picked up for the US (I think her other stuff's been pretty popular?).

The second one is Kodomo no Jikan (Children's Time) by Watashiya Kaworu. It appears to be scanlated up to the current most recent chapter (which is actually further than I've read in Japanese). This one I have more mixed feelings on. The story is really great: disturbing and compelling and really hard to put down. But the fan service makes me uncomfortable. moar, not really spoilery )

So I don't know. I am enjoying it, and am really curious to see where it goes, but I really, really wish it were being told in a different fashion.


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