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Title: Honey and Clover vols. 1-4 (out of 10)
Author: Umino Chica
My Rating: 2/5

This is a ladies slice-of-life manga about college students at an art school. I wanted to like this series, since it seems to be pretty popular, but I just...didn't. It's cute, but I wish it would decide if it wants to be a cute college slice of life thing or if it wants to be wacky crack, because I don't like the combination of the two. Also, the story is not keeping my interest for this many volumes. I had really meant to try and read the full series since it's only ten volumes, but I tried to read volume five and I was just bored and finally thought, Why am I forcing myself to read this just so I can say I read the whole thing? So I gave up on it.

I also was weirded out by the fetishisation of Hagumi's childlikeness, both in terms of her looks/size and her personality. Not only does it make it kind of icky for guys to be in love with her, but I'm just kind of over that obsession with female innocence/purity. It's not special and attractive. It's just kind of icky.


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