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Ueda Miwa "Ura Peach Girl" - 4/5
I was on the fence as to whether to rate and review this series yet or not, because it's not finished, but I'm not sure when it will be, if ever. Technically it's on hiatus, though it has been on hiatus for a couple years now. Volume three ends at a good place, though, so if it never does come back, it's not like it's a cliffhanger. There's some stuff unresolved (SaruKan and Sae are obviously meant to get together eventually and there's more backstory to be revealed), but it works well as it is.

Basically this is a sequel from Sae's POV (though there is also a chapter or two retelling some of the events from Peach Girl from her POV, too). I hated Sae at the beginning of Peach Girl, but by the end of the series I really liked her, so I was pleased to see a new series from her POV. She's just as prickly and obnoxious as before, but now we start to see some hints as to why. Touji is off at uni somewhere else, so the only returning cast is Sae, Momo, and Kairi, but there's also the addition of Sae's childhood friend Sawatari Kanji, who's moved back to town after being away for several years.

I highly recommend this to anyone who liked Peach Girl. All three volumes are available in English from Tokyo Pop under the name Peach Girl: Sae's Story.


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