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Title: Shaman King Kanzenban
Author: Takei Hiroyuki
My Rating: 3/5

When the original run of Shaman King ended as it did, I blamed the author. It seemed he had painted himself into a corner and when he couldn't figure out how to go on, just stopped. I've heard that instead the series was cancelled because it dropped in popularity, so maybe it wasn't his fault after all, I don't know. (It seems odd that it would drop so much in popularity right when nearing the end, though, idk.)

Either way, years later, he's finally finished it up properly, adding a volume and a half of new material for this Complete Edition. (Rather than reread the whole series, which I don't have time for, I just read the new material.)

I...don't really know if this was worth the wait, honestly. It still seemed too rushed (probably not his fault, as he almost certainly had a limit to how many new chapters he could write), and the way things were settled with Hao was just weird.

I loved this series a lot while it was running, especially when all the stuff about Hao and Yoh was revealed, and I still love the art, but I don't know. I just wasn't really feeling it. Maybe I should have reread the whole series before tackling these last chapters.


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