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Title: Inuyasha
Author: Takahashi Rumiko
My Rating: 4/5

Today I finally finished reading Inuyasha. I've been reading it from the beginning, which according to Wikipedia is about twelve years. D: At fifty-six volumes total, this is the longest completed series I've ever read (well, the longest, period, though One Piece is already at fifty-four volumes, so it will soon outstrip it).

So, basic plot. Kagome is a 9th grader whose family owns a Shinto shrine. One day she gets sucked into a well and travels back in time to the Sengoku period. Only it's a fantasy Sengoku period with magic and demons and stuff. She meets Inuyasha, half-human/half-dog demon, and a bunch of other people, and they set off on a quest to find the shards of the Shikon Jewel and kill Naraku, the big bad who is also trying to collect the shards for his own purpose. Unlike many long manga, it really sticks to this main plot the whole time, which is part of why it feels pretty slow and repetitive in the middle.

I really don't remember much about the early volumes. I didn't follow it faithfully, either. I let it sit for years somewhere in the twenties and then just the past couple months read the final thirty-some volumes. I will say that I don't think Takahashi is very good at drawing out a popular series. I remember the same feeling with Ranma. At some point it just got really repetitive. There are some authors who are good at coming up with new plots to keep the series going, but I don't think that's her strong suit and I wish this hadn't been stretched out as long as it was.

Even so, once I got over the slow part in the middle and things really started coming to a head with the final fifteen volumes or so, I was really hooked again. That may be reflecting my overall grade, I don't know. It's definitely something I would rec, despite the length.

I'm pretty pleased with the ending. She wrapped everything up pretty well. Tiny bit of spoilers ) So yeah, I'm glad I did finish it up. I think overall it was well worth the read.


Apr. 20th, 2009 01:28 am
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Okay, so I'm trying to read primarily finished series, especially finished series that I'd already started at some point. I'm also trying to start with ones I have physical copies of rather than just scans, since that way I can combine reading stuff with getting stuff out of the house (or at least up on BookMooch and thus hopefully out of the house at some point).

So I decided to tackle Inuyasha next.


1. I'd already read up through 26.
2. I find it fairly easy to pick up even though it's been ages, and thus don't have to reread those 26 vols. before reading vol. 27. (I read 25 and 26 in 2006, and God knows when I read earlier than that. I started keeping track of my reading in 2005 and there's no Inuyasha listed for that year.)
3. There's generally not a lot of text per page, making for fast reading.


1. Even starting with vol. 27, that means I still have THIRTY VOLUMES TO READ! DDD:

Why is this thing so long!? Anyway, I have actually read up through 30 now and am trying to read 2-3 vols. per day, but I don't want to read much more than that at a time because I also have a library book due on Wednesday, and [ profile] lgbtfest is running and I want to read some of those fics, and I also have a ton of non-reading stuff I need to do.

Anyway. Anyone else reading Inuyasha? Anyone actually finished the series? Anyone read her newest? Wikipedia had no info on it yet that I could see, and I was too lazy to actually google, but I'm curious. I can't say she's one of my favorite authors ever, but I do tend to enjoy her stuff fairly well.


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