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Title: Anna-san no Omame
Author: Suzuki Yumiko
Number of Volumes: 6
My Rating: 4/5

Summary: Lily looks like a fish, but is convinced she looks like a supermodel, and due to her enflated self-image, she has a horrible personality on top of it, firmly believing everyone is beneath her. She's also convinced her best friend Anna's boyfriend Kyotaro is in love with her, and is continually throwing herself at him and generally getting in their way. And yet despite all this, Anna (and eventually Kyotaro), can't help loving her.

Review: Despite Lily's ridiculobnoxiousness (it's a perfectly cromulent word), there is something sweet and helpless about her that Anna and Kyotaro are drawn to, and I feel the same way about this manga. I have many conflicted feelings about it! I feel like the premise is that ugly girls should be put in their place...and yet Lily is genuinely obnoxious in the way she treats others; it's not just that she has good self-esteem despite her not conventionally attractive looks, so idk idk.

While this is definitely a comedy, it's also touching, and not at all what I expected from the premise. I laughed a lot and I couldn't help but love Lily. And I love that Anna and Kyotaro love Lily, too. I mean, well, can I spoil the ending of a series probably no one reading this will ever read? XD It ends with the three of moving in together forever, because Kyotaro and Anna realise that they don't want a life without Lily.


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