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Title: G.I.D. -Gender Identity Disorder-
Author: Shouji Youko
My Rating: 4/5

This two-volume manga tells the story of Akira, the youngest child of a politician. From a young age Akira knows he is trans, but his father won't accept him as a son and at age sixteen he runs away from home. The manga follows him to adulthood when he becomes a politician himself, the first trans member of the Diet.

I enjoyed this and it was clear the author did her research, but like with Oppai wo Totta Kareshi, I found it depressingly heteronormative and surgery-focused (also just like that manga, there was one girlfriend who liked Akira because she had been abused and was now afraid of men, but Akira was safe because she didn't see him as a real man. Now I can totally accept this plot point if only there were other representations of gay, lesbian, or bi characters, but to have the only non-heterosexual character be someone who is that way because they were abused is skeevy).

One thing I did like was that the author really showed how much Akira changed physically over the years. I also liked that in Akira's campaign speech when he talked about discrimination towards trans people, he did mention discrimination towards gays and lesbians as well. One line does not really make up for the heteronormativity of the rest of the manga, but at least there was some acknowledgement.

This is also going on my list to scan and scanlate. :)


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