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What are you currently reading?
Right now I'm reading volume six of Chii's Sweet Home, which I have actually read before but had loaded on my phone to reread so I could buy further volumes off itunes. BUT now I see that volumes seven and eight have been scanned, so I will just download those instead. XD

What did you recently finish reading?
Well, I didn't do this last week, so I will include last week's and this week's reading! I read the fifth and final volume of the Kindaichi 20th Anniversary series. It was good! I was worried that after this anniversary thing they might cancel the series again or something, but the end of the volume made it clear that wasn't happening. However, at least for now it looks like rather than another new Kindaichi mystery, we're getting a backstory series about his nemesis. The cool thing is, this new series is actually being released for free in both English and Japanese through a new online manga magazine app called Manga Box. I downloaded the app but have yet to check it out.

I feel like I also read something else last week, but I guess not? I did read like an issue of Jump, so maybe that was it. I'm still super behind there, though I know there have been some cool spoilery things going on in One Piece, so I should catch up there.

Then this week I started reading this super awesome series called Ohana Holoholo which I think I had downloaded because I saw people on my tumblr dash talking about it. Sadly I can only find the first two volumes scanned and there don't seem to be ebooks of it, either. But I love it SO MUCH I think my Christmas present to myself will be buying the next three (I believe it's up to volume five) on Amazon Japan and having [personal profile] kiwimusume send them to me.

(I would try the bookstores here first, but apparently the Kinokuniya in West LA closed and the little bookstore in Mitsuwa has a terrible selection in general and even more so when it comes to josei titles (everyone in the US has a terrible selection of josei titles) and I doubt I'd have any luck if I went all the way down to Book Off and whatever that bookstore in the Torrance Mitsuwa is, either, and the cost of renting a car to get there (even with zipcar) would be the same as having them shipped from Japan, SO.)

Anyway, what is so awesome about this manga? Let me tell you. It is a slice-of-life story (my favorite!) about queer people (even more favorite!). The gist is this: five years ago Maya and Michiru lived together and were lovers, but then one day Michiru just up and disappeared. Maya was sad, but not terribly surprised, because Michiru is the kind of person you might call a free spirit if you were being nice, or selfish and flighty if you weren't. The years pass and at a new job Maya finds herself face-to-face with Michiru, who now has a young son. Her husband has died and she is still the same person she was, barely able to take care of herself, much less a kid.

So when Maya is looking for a new roommate, she asks Michiru to move in with her, but this time on a strictly platonic basis. As the manga goes on, it's clear that Maya still has feelings for Michiru, but doesn't want to get hurt again. It's also clear to the reader that Michiru has feelings for Maya, too, but doesn't know how to win Maya's trust again.

There's also their downstairs neighbor, Niko, who spends all his free time with them and dotes on Michiru's son. As it turns out, Niko and Michiru have something in common: Michiru's late husband was Niko's lover, and Niko was devastated by his death (possibly even more so than Michiru).

And there's the little boy, Yuta, who is quiet and sensitive and a little odd and one of the cutest kids I've ever seen in a manga.

I ship Maya and Michiru hard and I really hope they get together in the end but this manga is much more than just a romance.

It's being scanlated, though only the first volume and a bit of volume two is done. You should definitely check it out if you like chosen family, slice-of-life, yuri that's not about schoolgirls who are totally not gay just love each other, or just really good manga.

What do you think you'll read next?
Well, I really want to read more of Ohana Holoholo but that's not going to happen for a while! :(

But basically I have given up on the idea of reading any more books before the end of the year (I doubt if I started one now I'd finish it before the end of the month), so my goal now is to read as much of the manga on my phone as possible and try to clear it off because there is really a ridiculous amount on there? Also to catch up on Jump, though that is less of a priority. So we'll see!

I also bought vol. 13 of Aozora Yell and vol. 2 of Chitose Etc. off itunes while I was on there hoping desperately for ebooks of Ohana Holoholo so I will probably read those soon, too, even though they are in ibooks not comic zeal so sometimes I forget I have manga there.


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