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Title: Enigma
Author: Sakaki Kenji
Number of Volumes: 7
My Rating: 3.5/5

Summary: Haiba Sumio is an average high school student with a secret power. When he falls asleep, he has premonitions which he sleep-writes in his "dream diary". When a mysterious person calling themselves Enigma kidnaps Sumio and a seemingly-random group of other students, it turns out they all have mysterious powers, powers which just might help them escape if they can learn to work together.

Review: This series basically has two halves, only one of which is really interesting. The first half, where they have to escape from the school, was awesome and I really enjoyed it. But the author should have just ended the series there, because the second half just didn't work as well, and the ending was really half-assed (partly because it got cancelled, but also because I think the author just had no clue what they were doing anymore). So on the one hand, the first half is really fun and totally sucked me in, but I can't wholeheartedly recommend the series because it went downhill so much from there. :-/ (Also I really hate when older characters are drawn in a way that makes them look the same age as the kids. Everyone's dad here could be a fellow high school student and it's ridiculous.)

Since this was a Weekly Jump series, it's fully scanlated. (In fact, I had to read the final chapter in English because it was published in a different magazine and no one bothered to up the raws anywhere.)


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