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Yesterday and today I have been catching up on a ton of monthly and weekly chapters I let slide for a while, whee! Anyway, I have to say that Shirahoshi stuffed inside Megalo is pretty much the best thing ever. Especially this page. XD
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1. Alexander came over this afternoon and we hung out and had delicious grilled chicken with brown rice, broccoli, and edamame.

2. I finally finished watching all of the 2005 Mythbusters. Only five years left to go! XD I am finding that I generally enjoy the Grant & Tory & Kari segments more than the Adam & Jamie stuff. Which is not to say I don't like Adam and Jamie. I just like the others more.

3. One Piece! Spoilers )

Daily Happysong:

Moritaka Chisato - 17 Sai
Very catchy, bouncy '80s pop.
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I don't know if this particularly bad case of tonsil stones was a prelude to tonsilitis or if I'm just coincidentally coming down with a cold at the same time, but I've had a sore throat all day. :( I'm drinking (fake) Emergen-C in case it's a cold and hoping it's not tonsilitis, because if it is, that means taking the bus (while sick!) to the one CVS I know that has a clinic in it. (Though at least I have that option now, as I think that's only $60 compared to $100+ for the Santa Monica Bay Physicians clinic.)

Also Carla has had an upset stomach all day today and we're not sure if it's something she ate, a touch of the flu, or if it's her new meds she started today.

Anyone read this week's One Piece yet? Interesting developments! I was really hoping that the submarine would be full of the rest of the Straw Hat pirates, though! But maybe Luffy can travel with Law to find them? Now poking at Raw Paradise in hopes that other stuff is posted soon (both because I'm feeling blah and want to read Jump and because I'd like to get the translating out of the way early as I'm probably going to get sicker, whether it's a cold or tonsilitis).
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1. Had a super delicious lunch of salmon and asparagus and onions and garlic and rice and some sort of Ajipon-based sauce om nom nom. My wife cooks the bestest stuff!

2. Speaking of asparagus, the 99 Cent Store had more of it today! If there's anything I like more than asparagus, it's asparagus that costs $1 a pound. (I also found two more bags of fingerling potatoes. Slap some olive oil and rosemary and garlic on those suckers and stick them in the oven and they will be omgsogood.)

3. Juuuuuump. OMG. This week, what? Spoilery for OP 574, Naruto 482, and Bleach 392 )

And I still have a bunch of chapters of stuff on my HD to read. New D.Gray-man, FMA, Hourou Musuko, Tegaba, Girl Friends, and last week's Reborn! (Still no sign of Reborn!, Psyren, or Bakuman this week, though.)

4. Got my assignment for [ profile] satedan_grabass.

5. I love the second comic here so much. SO MUCH.

6. I have been taking a break from Zelda for a couple days because OW MY ARM. Stupid RSI. Stupid sword slashing. But it's feeling better today, so I think if I go easy on it and just play a little bit per day it will be okay. (Hard not to get sucked in, though.)

7. Hey. Hey. There is a new comm called [ profile] holmesian_recs and it will do what it says on the tin. Also I am going to be a reccer for it, yay. So, you know. That's not too exciting for all of you who already see my recs by reading my journal, but there are a bunch of other reccers, too, so more recs! More yay!

One Piece

Mar. 1st, 2009 09:00 am
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I just got caught up with One Piece. spoilers )


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