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Reading more one-shots! These are all by Nakahara Aya, author of Lovely Complex, which I still haven't read yet (but I have read a couple of her earlier short series). All of these have been scanlated.

Title: Seishun no Tamago
Author: Nakahara Aya
My Rating: 1.5/5

This had six short stories, and honestly I wasn't that thrilled with any of them.

The first is about a girl whose family runs a boarding house, and she has a crush on one of the college boys who lives there.

The second is about a girl who has a crush on a boy in her class whose father is a dentist. She purposely gives herself cavities in order to have a reason to see him outside of class.

The third is about a girl who has a bit of a complex about her pretty older sister. One day one of her sister's friends sees her and falls in love with her at first sight. She's not that into him at first, and then just when she's realising she's falling for him, she starts to worry that he's only using her to be near her sister. This is the one I liked the best, mainly because of the guy, who was cute and cheerful and happy-go-lucky.

The fourth is about a girl who's in love with her childhood friend, but can't seem to figure out how to go from friends to something more.

The fifth is about a boy who has a complex because his girlfriend is taller than him.

The last one is a very short story about a boy who dies and comes back as a ghost, but the only person who can see him is his (female) best friend, not the girl he had a crush on.

I have liked stuff by Nakahara Aya in the past, but these just didn't grab me at all. One thing that bugged me was that all the girls cried constantly.

Title: Tokimeki Gakuen Ouji Gumi
Author: Nakahara Aya
My Rating: 4/5

This has four stories set in the same school and tied together with the themes of student council and the upcoming school festival. I wasn't sure how much I was going to like this at first, because it starts off looking really cracky. The school is named Tokimeki Academy (like, Heart-Racing Academy) and later a student transfers from Yakimochi Academy (Jealousy Academy), and instead of having class numbers, they're like Rose Class, Lily Class, Sunflower Class, etc. which might be appropriate for kindergartners, but is ridiculous otherwise.

So because of those elements, I was figuring it would be too over-the-top for my tastes, but as it turned out, the stories themselves were pretty standard fare. Each one is about a girl who ends up with a boy who is called something-something Prince (one was the Honey Prince because he was so cute and sweet, one was the Festival Prince because he loved school festivals, etc). I enjoyed them all, though the last one had a trope I dislike, the "boy shows girl how to have fun in life because he knows better" trope. (Though that's somewhat balanced out because one of the other stories was a girl showing a boy how to have fun in life.)

Title: Himitsu Kichi
Author: Nakahara Aya
My Rating: 4.5/5

This is a collection of four short stories all centered around secrets (the title means "secret base"). All of these were really cute.

The first is about a 10th grade girl who likes this boy she sees at a cafe, and after hanging around for a while, asks him out. It's only after he says yes that she finds out that he's not in college like she thinks, but in 6th grade. XD

The second is about a boyish girl and a girlish boy. Her secret is that she has a crush on another boy at their school, but doesn't feel like she can tell him because she's such a tomboy no one would like her. I would have really, really liked this one except that it ended with the girl determined to learn to be more feminine from the boy, and him determined to learn to be more masculine from her. Ugh. They were cute how they were! And made an adorable couple! :(

The third is about a girl who is very plain but is really good at makeup and looks like a totally different person with it on. I liked this because in the end she decided to stop wearing makeup and just be herself.

The last one was about a boy who's embarrassed by his father, who is a really bad comedian.


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