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First off, waaah, no Ugly Betty tonight. *sadface* At least it's back next week.


Koi no Kiseki
The nice thing about rereading this is that while I remembered the basics (who got with whom, that people had tragic pasts, etc.) I didn't remember much of the specifics. It wasn't quite the same as being surprised the first time round, more like "oh yeah, I remember that", but it wasn't like I totally remembered everything and there was no point in reading it.

I had forgotten just how horrible people were in this. It's not just Yukino and Hijiri who are horrid. Like with Peach Girl, people jump to believe Yukino and hate on Taeko because of Yukino's lies. Or even if they're not hating, it's still really teeth-grindingly annoying how they believe Yukino. Of course that's the whole point, but argh!

Spoilers )

Aside from the cracky soap-opera goodness, there is one thing that really bothers me about this manga and that's the focus on beauty. Even though as the series progresses, Taeko learns that inner beauty is what's important rather than just physical beauty, there is still a lot of emphasis on being beautiful and basically looking pleasing to a man. Hijiri at one point berates Taeko for coming to breakfast without wearing makeup, telling her that's part of the etiquette of being a woman, and this is presented as being the right view, not as something obnoxious!

The thing I did like, though, is that even after losing weight, Taeko was not "beautiful". She was normal-looking, and it was her personality that drew people to her (and she could be pretty with makeup, etc. which is how most people are). A nice touch of realism somewhat unexpected in a shoujo manga, where normally losing weight would make her automatically beautiful. Also she wasn't automatically a good actor. She flubbed her lines and was stiff and wooden and only after working really hard at it did she begin to get good. So I liked that there was some realism (unexpected!) amidst the over-the-top soapness.

Anyway, I'm definitely glad to have had a chance to read this again and see that I liked it as much as I did the first time round.


Random links to stuff I have found interesting and/or amusing lately:

[ profile] rachelmanija's A User's Guide to PTSD is a great resource for anyone writing characters who have been traumatised. It's also just good reading.

This comic is so true. Sadly.

This is why I love Penny Arcade.

"Maybe if they had gone to church, God wouldn't have smited them with Dino AIDS" is my new favorite phrase. I even made an icon.

I wish we had some potted kitties!


The other day I reached the final level on Luxor (13-10, assuming there aren't more hidden levels after it) and damn, it's crazy. It's a double path, with both paths looping around and around so it's really hard to tell where things are coming and going. I reached it twice, but the past few days, I've been dying consistently on level 13-1 or 13-2 and I don't know why!


I uploaded U;Nee's first two albums, too, for anyone who's interested.

Passion and Pure

Next week I should have the next in the alphabet series up.

I've also got my to-listen playlist whittled down to just two bands. Of course one of those is Bad Religion, and I have pretty much their entire discography to listen to, but still. I feel productive! After this, I need to go through the random songs and see what I want to keep or not, but I only have about 200 songs there to go through.


All I have to say about the newest LJ thing is that I won't be flagging anything and whether other people do or not doesn't affect me, since I am both over 18 and never surf LJ logged out, so I really don't care.

Also, there are many legitimate complaints to be made about this; "oh noes, the lack of information in the cut tag means I might see fic with pairings I don't like or that has my squicks in it!!!" is not one of them. I have seen this everywhere, but it's ridiculous. The headers will still be there. All it means is that you have to click the cut to see them. If you click the cut, see the headers, and decide not to read the fic, you've wasted two seconds. It's not going to force you to read fics with your squicks in them, people. Be intelligent.

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