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1. Caught up on Bleach now, too. Soon Naruto will follow! I have to say I am kind of meh on Bleach at the moment. I found the ending of the last arc really unsatisfying, and I was actually enjoying it quite a bit before that. (Though seeing the Vizards in Soul Society was cool!) Also, if this final arc does not reveal Isshin's backstory I am going to be pissed. That is really all I am asking for.

2. I signed up for Remix! I ended up dropping out last year, but I am determined not to do that this year. I really, really want to write, and I love remix, so I'm hoping this will be just what I need.

3. So glad the time change is tonight, not tomorrow night. I don't work tomorrow until 1.45, so I have plenty of time to sleep in and won't miss the lost hour, but Monday I have to work in the morning, so I would definitely be feeling it.


Feb. 25th, 2010 02:50 pm
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That's my new word for "Jump happenings".

1. Bleach: Wonderweiss OMG! Yet at the same time, I'm glad he appeared, because I was not down with Yamamoto's plan to kill himself as well as all the captains, lieutenants, and vizards! DDD:

2. Naruto: Okay, so Sakura chickened out on killing Sasuke. I find that totally believable and not something to diss her for. I am just thankful that my fears that she had really joined Sasuke were not confirmed. And we have Naruto to the rescue! Now what will happen? I think Sasuke should die because I'm tired of him. Really, he is just so not interesting anymore.

3. Bakuman: To my surprise, I have been enjoying the recent arc. For one thing, I am always glad when Takagi and Mashiro don't do as well as they think they should, because they annoy me. XD Also it has more Hattori, and more Hattori makes everything better. I am not looking forward to more of Iwase's crush on Hattori, though, because it's not going to go well and it's just going to be used as another example of how stupid girls are.

4. Hunter x Hunter: I don't even really like this series, but I'm translating it, so I have to follow it. One of the things that bugs me is so much of it is just a few illustrations with a shit ton of narration slapped over it. I don't know if this is because the author is ill all the time and this makes it easier for him to keep up with the series rather than taking endless hiatuses or what, but it doesn't really make for a good manga.

5. Psyren: I haven't read this week's chapter yet because I'm not translating it anymore. :( That makes me sad, but the group I was doing it for is dropping it and I certainly don't have time to scanlate a weekly series on my own.

6. One Piece: Hiatus, boo! :( Back next week, yay!

7. Speaking of Bleach, I read yesterday about the plagiarism thing. Kubo responded on Twitter (I squeed that he has a Twitter, I admit), "正直似てるかどうかより、ジーン・シモンズの息子が漫画家ってことのほうが気になる…。" which translates as "To be honest, I'm more concerned with the fact that Gene Simmons' son is a mangaka than whether or not he copied me..." XD I laughed out loud reading that, because that is pretty much just what I was thinking, too.
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1. Had a super delicious lunch of salmon and asparagus and onions and garlic and rice and some sort of Ajipon-based sauce om nom nom. My wife cooks the bestest stuff!

2. Speaking of asparagus, the 99 Cent Store had more of it today! If there's anything I like more than asparagus, it's asparagus that costs $1 a pound. (I also found two more bags of fingerling potatoes. Slap some olive oil and rosemary and garlic on those suckers and stick them in the oven and they will be omgsogood.)

3. Juuuuuump. OMG. This week, what? Spoilery for OP 574, Naruto 482, and Bleach 392 )

And I still have a bunch of chapters of stuff on my HD to read. New D.Gray-man, FMA, Hourou Musuko, Tegaba, Girl Friends, and last week's Reborn! (Still no sign of Reborn!, Psyren, or Bakuman this week, though.)

4. Got my assignment for [ profile] satedan_grabass.

5. I love the second comic here so much. SO MUCH.

6. I have been taking a break from Zelda for a couple days because OW MY ARM. Stupid RSI. Stupid sword slashing. But it's feeling better today, so I think if I go easy on it and just play a little bit per day it will be okay. (Hard not to get sucked in, though.)

7. Hey. Hey. There is a new comm called [ profile] holmesian_recs and it will do what it says on the tin. Also I am going to be a reccer for it, yay. So, you know. That's not too exciting for all of you who already see my recs by reading my journal, but there are a bunch of other reccers, too, so more recs! More yay!
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1. Totally off my regular sleep schedule again, thanks to a nap that turned into a full-length sleep, but at least I got a good night's sleep? After several days of 4-5 hours' sleep this week, it was nice.

2. Rain! I hope it lets up for a while so we can take a walk at some point, but still, I am happy there's rain.

3. Bleach was AWESOME. Shinji! ♥♥♥ Oh my God, those two panels of Shinji were brilliant. I love the longshot of him swinging his zanpakuto and then the closeup of that GRIN OMG. And him and Hitsugaya working together = heartburst! Two of my favorite characters, bweeeeee!
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Naruto: I'm really liking Nagato's story. I can't wait for the next chapter (which I guess is in two weeks because of Golden Week) to see what happened to turn Nagato into Pain (obviously Yahiko dies, but I want to know the details). /spoilers

Bleach: Back to everyone's battles on Earth. Kinda boring. :-/ I'd rather see Ichigo & co. vs. Yammy. /spoilers

Bakuman: Noooooo! I can't believe they got a new editor. I've been worried about it ever since it was brought up a couple chapters ago, but I thought maybe Hattori would just be worrying for nothing. Waah! I love Hattori. This new guy seems okay, but it's not the same. Hattori's been working with them for so long! /spoilers

D.Gray-man: Fuuuuck. Kanda is some sort of superweapon type thing? Does this mean he's not human, period? Or he was a human who was experimented upon? This is not the time to break indefinitely, argh! /spoilers

(Highlight each for spoilers.)


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