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Title: Another
Author: Kiyohara Hiro & Ayatsuji Yukito
Number of Volumes: 4
My Rating: 5/5

Summary: The death of a popular student named Misaki in 1972 became the start of a curse for Yomiyama Middle School's class 3-3, leading to multiple deaths of students and their family members every year. Twenty-six years later, Sakakibara Kouichi goes to live with his grandparents in Yomiyama and finds himself in class 3-3, along with a mysterious girl named Misaki whom no one else seems to see. When classmates start dying, Kouichi must figure out what's going on, and if possible, how to stop it.

Review: This series is based on a novel and has also been turned into an anime and a live-action movie. I enjoyed the story enough that I'm curious to see all the other versions as well (especially the novel, since it seems to be a little different in some aspects).

This was a good blend of supernatural horror and plain old mystery solving, which I like. I am not really that big a fan of horror or supernatural stuff if there's no mystery involved. (Though I was a bit annoyed that in order for the ending to be as big a surprise as it is, a key piece of information has to be withheld from the readers in a kind of unnatural way (that is then lampshaded). Other red herrings were much more natural and kept me guessing in a good way.)

Anyway! Good stuff! In the afterword, the mangaka said he had originally planned for just two volumes, but decided to flesh it out and I think he made the right decision. Two volumes would have felt way too rushed.

Both the manga and novel have been licensed for the US, but are not out yet. The manga has been scanlated (must be a member of the comm to dl), but based on some mistakes in their summary, I'm not sure what the quality is...


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