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Naruto: I'm really liking Nagato's story. I can't wait for the next chapter (which I guess is in two weeks because of Golden Week) to see what happened to turn Nagato into Pain (obviously Yahiko dies, but I want to know the details). /spoilers

Bleach: Back to everyone's battles on Earth. Kinda boring. :-/ I'd rather see Ichigo & co. vs. Yammy. /spoilers

Bakuman: Noooooo! I can't believe they got a new editor. I've been worried about it ever since it was brought up a couple chapters ago, but I thought maybe Hattori would just be worrying for nothing. Waah! I love Hattori. This new guy seems okay, but it's not the same. Hattori's been working with them for so long! /spoilers

D.Gray-man: Fuuuuck. Kanda is some sort of superweapon type thing? Does this mean he's not human, period? Or he was a human who was experimented upon? This is not the time to break indefinitely, argh! /spoilers

(Highlight each for spoilers.)

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