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Title: Kindaichi Shounen no Jikenbo Short Story Collections 1-6
Author: Amagi Seimaru, Kanari Youzaburou, & Satou Fumiya
My Rating: 3.5/5

These six volumes of short stories are really only necessary to read if you're a hardcore Kindaichi completist (which I am). There's some really good stuff in there, but there are also a few duds, and I just don't think the short-story format works quite as well for these.

It was interesting to me to read them because they're fairly old and thus have characters who have since sort of dropped away and been forgotten about. Hajime's cousin Fumi is a major character in many of them (and even has one or two where she is the detective), as are Kindaichi's classmates, who have not featured in the new series at all, but who showed up more in the old series. There were also several Akechi-centric stories that were then compiled in Akechi Keishi no Yuuga Naru Jikenbo and Akechi Shounen no Karei Naru Jikenbo.

I did like that the first three volumes had a text short story as well as manga, though for some reason that didn't continue through the whole series. I also liked that the art was closer to the new series than to the old. (There were some encyclopedia type pages at the back of several of these, with pics from early volumes and damn, I'd forgotten how bad the art was then. Satou Fumiya has really improved over the course of this manga (not surprising, since Kindaichi's been running almost twenty years).

Title: Akechi Keishi no Yuuga Naru Jikenbo
Author: Amagi Seimaru & Satou Fumiya
My Rating: 3.5/5

This has four short mysteries starring Superintendent Akechi from Kindaichi Shonen no Jikenbo. The first two are reprints from the Kindaichi short story collections and the other two are brand new. All are framed by Akechi telling Kindaichi & co. the stories, which was pretty unnecessary, but I guess they wanted to make sure Kindaichi himself actually showed up in all of them.

The stories themselves were all enjoyable (and I especially liked the poker one), though I really do prefer full-length mysteries to these mini ones. I also prefer Kindaichi & co. to Akechi, who gets on my nerves.

Really only necessary to read if you love Akechi or are a Kindaichi completist.

Title: Akechi Shounen no Karei Naru Jikenbo
Author: Amagi Seimaru & Satou Fumiya
My Rating: 3/5

This had three short mysteries set when Akechi was in high school (one of which was previously printed in the Kindaichi short story collections). Like the collection of adult!Akechi stories, these are all framed with him telling Hajime and Miyuki what happened (which doesn't really add to the story, IMO). They were all okay, but I think at this point maybe I was just tired of mystery short stories. :p (I didn't think such a thing was possible, but this was eight ~250-page volumes in a row.)


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