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Title: K-On!
Author: Kakifly
Number of Volumes: 4
My Rating: 3.5/5

K-On! is a four-panel manga about four girls (later five) who are members of their school's pop music club. It's cute and very slashy, but for all that it's a four-panel manga, it's not actually that funny. A lot of the strips don't really end on a joke. So that was rather disappointing. I kept comparing it to Azumanga Daioh and there is really no comparison. But it's cute and fun and I wouldn't mind writing fic for just about any combination of the girls (including Yui/Ui, or at least one-sided Ui->Yui), but I was glad it was only four volumes, because it got old by the end. I had downloaded the anime to watch, too, but I ended up deleting it without watching because I didn't feel like I needed to experience K-On! a second time through. :p

Apparently it's only just come out in English, so only vol. 1 is available so far.


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